Revised - 2020

I am including here a list of the GRIMOIRES that I've read along the years and tested.
And I am offering/sharing a bit of what I've found out.



After some inquiring emails from readers, just the same as when I had published it on Facebook, just the same when I did it on Paganspace.

Yes, I had in part, been influenced in the making of my choices for/of the list of books / grimoires, after the work of Owen Davis: Grimoires: A History of Magickal Books.


I also could have employed a different list of grimoires, I could've chosen different other books /grimoires in my own list such as:

The Book Of Wonders


The Book of Abramelin

La Poule Noire a.k.a. The Black Pullet

And just to name a few.


However, any of all those & these Grimoires / Books, the narratives of the possible Places/Locations of their Origins, the Academically accepted Assumptions of who the actual Originators/Writers might’ve been, also the possible Jewish / Christian Mythological influences, etc, they are of public nature / of a World Public Domain and not of any writer’s exclusivity as attested by many different books which equally hold the very same references / information over and over again!

The references are there however only as informational courtesy!

My willful sharing part was simply to write my view, my opinion, my personal take on the Books / Grimoires.

And of course, based upon my own experience with them, and I mean all the Grimoires that I listed.

And that I did.



Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon a.k.a. PADILLA a.k.a. Padilla of Astaroth, of Ashtoreth, of Astarte, of Baal a.k.a. Mayoral Baphomet a.k.a. Mayoral Belzebu

GLBTQ+ Pagan Trans-Priestess / Hps / Lalorixa' / Olorisha - Witch Hexe Sorciere Feiticeira Macumbeira Bruxa Sorceress Shaman - Pagan Holistic Occultist / Consultant GLBT-Pagan / Wiccan & Pagan Quimbandist


1. The SIXTH AND SEVENTH BOOKS OF MOSES – a manuscript of the 18th century, Germany, USA and Dutch Pennsylvania, US. This work has syncretized in the general belief by Christian African Americans.
Fraught with Judeo (Jewish/ Hebraic and Christian Mythological symbols, belief and language, values and ways of conduct.

Abrahamic poop!
Copycat re-writings/stuffing style as Jewish and Christian Mythologies, a very Dualistic / Zoroastrian ( Personification of a Holy War between personified Good and Bad) approach to anything and everything.
Ideal for "Control-by-Fear of/for Primitive People, it was a founding text of Rastafarianism and other religious movements in West Africa and also in Germany.


The Grand-Mother of most Grimoires, "allegedly/said-to-be" authored by King Solomon himself.
Eastern Mediterranean in the early centuries AD.
However around the 15th century, Western Academia and mainstream rich and big Religions such as ( Jewish and Christian Dualistic/Zoroastrian Mythologies ), they began doing some “Save-face/Damage-control” Campaign, claiming the Solomon’s Texts to be false and wrong.
Actually, in my very own opinion & experience, I find the Clavicule of Solomon quite workable and real.
However, only, only after being stripped off clean of all the pure rubbish and bullshit, that it is, minus all of the Jewish and Christian Mythologies and their absurd Mythological characters, and finally minus the Arab Zoroaster’s invented “Spiritual Dualism”.
Magick never needed any Religion at all, in order to exist and in order to manifest and to work.
Those who have worked the Pagan Version of the Clavicule will find out that the absurdities of primitive power-hungry and greedy bastards of the past and their belief and language of Judeo / Christian Mythologies, they are "Not" necessary at all, and will agree!


The "Little Albert", (Tiny Bertie) 18th century, France and its overseas French Colonies. Another eclectic collection of allegedly Magickal Ways, however the true content of it is deeply buried underneath the primitive rubbish of Dualistic, Zoroastrian-influenced Jewish and Christian Mythologies and their Mythological Characters.


Mainstream big and rich Jewish / Christian Religions have a long, long History of attempting to rob Pagan Holidays, to rob very Ancient Pagan Goddesses and to rob very Ancient Pagan Gods and then, to re-invent them under a Jewish / Christian Mythological Make-up Versions.
There are too many of such tricks throughout the world, whether their mythological Characters, or Rites and Ritual Occasions.

In my opinion, there was a fabulous Pagan Cyprian with a Happy Ending, however just like they did many times with others as St Briget, or also with ancient Pagan Rites and Ritual Occasions such as Spring, Autumn, Summer, Winter, Yule, also with Samhain, also with others yet as St Patrick, with St George and etc, etc, ad nauseum.

There probably also was some Christian Cyprian too, if there was not, they had to surely invent one, to make one up, as they’ve done before many times when there were no equivalent Jewish / Christian Figures to employ in order to fool primitive people out their ancestral faiths and beliefs, and in order to convert simple people into their rubbish, all of that Dualistic/Zoroastrian styled Jewish / Christian Bullshit of horrible Mythologies and their Mythological Fables and Their Mythological Characters.
The Socio-Politico-Religio "FIXING" was "IN" when Pagan-turned-Christian Cyprian became quite popular in Scandinavia, 18th century.
Also in Spain, and even in Portugal...
In the 20th century, Cyprian began to appear in South, Central and North Americas.
Actually, in my very own opinion, I find the fabulous Pagan Cyprian quite workable, real and true.
However only after being thoroughly cleaned off and fully stripped off all of the rubbish and bullshit, that it is, minus all of the Jewish and Christian Mythologies and their absurd Mythological characters, and finally minus all of the unwelcome Arab Zoroaster’s invented “Spiritual Dualism”...

Because, folks, whether in Paganism, in Pagan Wicca, in Pagan Candomble, in Pagan Voodoo, in Pagan Quimbanda, in Pagan Umbanda...
REAL MAGICK has never ever wanted nor needed any Religions at all, in order to exist, in order to manifest, and in order to work.
Real Magick never needed Dualism of Zoroaster in order to exist and to be effective.
Those people on dear Earth who have experienced Real Magick, they really know, they shall and will always agree 100%!


Red Dragon, 18th century, France, French Colonies in the Caribbean.
A really cheap and copycat version of old Version of the Grand Grimoire, an earlier book.
Again, a collection of allegedly Magickal Ways, however the true content buried deep underneath the rubbish of Spiritual-Dualistic, Zoroastrian-influenced Jewish and Christian Mythologies and their mythological Characters and their bullshit "Belief and Language".


Books allegedly/said-to-be authored by Honorius of Thebes.
Well, as medieval as it could be.
Again, Pagan Honorius lived in Antiquity and the Manuscripts are ascribed to him.
However, this is so-called Pagan Honorius went through a “Make-Over”, because his Texts / Materials are again mostly Spiritual-Dualistic / Zoroastrian styled Jewish & Christian Mythologies and Mythological Characters and the same rubbish, pure bullshit except for a few parts of the material, which after having been very well cleaned-off and stripped off, of all the Jewish / Christian Mythologies and their Mythological Characters and their Zoroastrian personified Good and Bad Absurdities.
Then, only then, I suppose that it could very well be used and with good results.


Cornelius Agrippa, 16th century, Europe.
3 Books on the Occult Sciences and an allegedly Fourth Book, and after Agrippa's death.
Spirits calling and/or, Conjuration.
I do like some of Agrippa’s “Thinking”, I’ve read his works but I am 100% "Not" Christian, I am 100% "Not" Jewish and for my 100% Pagan approach, I would simply clean, strip all his works off, of the Spiritual-Dualistic / Zoroastrian copycat-styled Jewish & Christian Mythologies and Their Mythological Characters and associated (men-made/invented) "Belief & Language" / “Values” and “Ways of Conduct”.
The works of Agrippa are excellent for those people who can clean them off, of all the Mythological Rubbish and strip them off all of the absurd bullshit, biased and stupid Values from primitive people in very benightedly ignorant times.


8. The MAGUS
1801, British Occultist, the accident-prone Balloon Flyer, Francis Barrett.
Barrett kept his book 17th-century mainstream Occultism oriented, very copycat styled after the Fourth Book of Occult Philosophy.
19th century mainstream Occultism & its contemporary Magical Traditions, many people jumped on Barrett’s book, its bandwagon for a ride.
20th century...
A plagiarized/ copycat version of the Magus was produced by an American fellow and it was called The Great Book of Magical Art, Hindu Magic and East Indian Occultism.
It came out in the US and in the Caribbean.


20th-century horror, fiction & fantasy writer HP Lovecraft.

They call HP Lovecraft's work a Fiction, a Fantasy, but equally that way are all of the world Mythologies.



Religions use Them ( the Mythologies ) and they sell them as if they were Real and True.
They attempt to back some Historical tid-bits to their Mythologies, but facts are facts and whether it is Bible, Torah, Tripitaka and/or Gita, it is all Mythology! It is not Literal, it never was. It is figures of speech in which words and/or phrase are applied to object/people/places or action to which they are not Literally ever Applicable. It is indeed material representative or symbolic of Something else, especially something Abstract.


The collection of "Belief and Language", their associated collection of "Values" and of "Ways of Conduct", they were not, they are not and they will NEVER EVER be the Laws for all the world to follow and to obey.


For most part, all of these Mythologies are clearly and often times:

Anti-Humanity, Anti-Women, Anti-Children, Anti-Family-Unit, Anti-Equality, Anti-Equal-Rights-For-All, Anti-Mutual-Respect-For-All-Differences, Pro-Hatred-For-All-Differences, Anti-Self-Sufficiency, Anti-GLBT/Non-Binaries, Anti-Peace, Anti-Sex, Anti-Pleasure, Anti-Nature, Anti-Common-Sense, Anti-Academia, Anti-Science, Anti-Independence, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Happiness, Anti-People, folks!!!


These mythologies, they often contradict their own contents, they are in conflict with their own statements, they are often denying or asserting the very opposite of what they have stated earlier or later.

Many mythological claims which are absurd, ignorant and stupid for most part.
One has to become intellectually dishonest in order to defend such monstrosities of mythologies.

I've read them all myself and I do know!
But so do other people who have put them to the Academic / Scientific Standards of any mutual respect for Humanity, for Freedom of Expression, for Freedom of Thinking, for Wisdom, for Common Sense, for Decency and Dignity.


I have no usage for any form of the Spiritual Dualism invented by the Persian Zoroaster, nor any Mythologies which use this bullshit and rubbish, in order to personify Qualifications / Adjectives such as “Good and Bad” as two purely absurd idiots fighting each other for eternity and for no reason at all.


I’ve no use for HP Lovecraft’s Mythologies, however if I were to or would re-write his works, I would leave out all of the Dualistic Rubbish and I am sure, it would become something workable and as easy and perhaps as dear as Pokemon...




Modern Wicca – a Pagan Religion ( Non-Dualistic, Pantheism-oriented, Animism-oriented, Matrism / Matriarchal oriented, Ancient Pagan Goddesses and Ancient Pagan Gods oriented ) claimed by Jewish / Christian Academia to have been allegedly invented and founded in the 1940s by a British retired Civil Servant, Folklorist, Pagan Freemason and Pagan Occultist Gerald B Gardner.


Jewish / Christian (religio-socio-politico-commercial) influenced and controlled mainstream Academia has always attempted to silence, to discredit people and their works chiefly if what they have to say, goes against their abusive and arrogant rubbish, the Judeo-Christian Mythologies and its collection of bullshit.

They tried hard to suppress, to discredit Good People, writers like:

Margaret Alice Murray (13th July 1863 – 13th November 1963) who was an Anglo-Indian Egyptologist, Archaeologist, Anthropologist, Historian, and Folklorist, had works such as:

Her 1921 - The Witch-Cult in Western Europe: A Study in Anthropology...
Her 1931 - The God of the Witches...

Margaret A Murray and her works were and still are larger than life and much larger than the censored pea-sized mainstream Academia & Culture of her location and time.

Her 1949 - The Splendour that was Egypt: A General Survey of Egyptian Culture and Civilisation...
Her 1954 - The Divine King of England: A Study in Anthropology.

In May 1957, Margaret A Murray championed the archaeologist T. C. Lethbridge's non-mainstream but valid claims that he had discovered Three Pre-Christian chalk hill Figures on Wandlebury Hill in the Gog Magog Hills, Cambridgeshire, UK.


T C Lethbridge subsequently authored a Book championing Margaret A Murray's witch-cult valid claims in which he sought the cult's origins in Pre-Christian Cultures.


Thomas Charles Lethbridge (23rd March 1901 – 30th September 1971), better known as T. C. Lethbridge, was an English archaeologist, parapsychologist, and explorer.

Late in 1957 and after, he had begun to champion the witch-cult valid claims of Margaret A Murray.


Sir James George Frazer (1 January 1854 – 7th May 1941) was a Scottish social anthropologist and folklorist.
His most famous work:

1890 - The Golden Bough (1890), a Study in Magic and Religion - Details the similarities among magical and religious beliefs all over the world.


Robert von Ranke Graves a.k.a. Robert Graves (One of My Fav Writers) (24th July 1895 – 7th December 1985) was a British poet, historical novelist, critic, and classicist.
His father, Alfred Perceval Graves, a celebrated Irish Poet and figure in the Gaelic revival, both father & son, Celticists and students of Irish mythology.
Graves produced over 140 works. Graves's poems together with his translations and innovative analysis and interpretations of the Greek Myths; his memoir of his early life, including his role in World War I...

His best work to me was study of poetic inspiration:

1948 - The White Goddess (A book which has never been Out-Of-Print since its first publication)

I also like his work:

1946 - King Jesus
Graves hides behind poetry or as in the case of this book, behind semi-fiction in order to expose what he had found out, in my opinion!

The book is a partially historical Novel which renders Jesus not as the Son of God, but rather as a Philosopher with a legitimate claim to the Judaean throne through Herod the Great, as well as the (King David's) Davidic Monarchy, while exposing numerous Biblical Stories in a non-mainstream way.



A book called "Herodian Messiah: Case for Jesus As Grandson of Herod" by Joseph Raymond (Tower Grove Publishing, 2010)
A work of Non-Fiction which presents very much Evidence and sound Arguments in support of the main claims of Robert Graves' 1946 Book "King Jesus"... (For instance, that Jesus was actually the son of Antipater ben Herod & Mariamne bat Antigonus).


1944 - The Golden Fleece.

And etc, etc...



AND NOW, BACK TO THE SUBJECT (before the long note) BOOK OF SHADOWS...

Amongst Pagans who know Gerald Gardner’s works, they know his Materials were passed to him via his own High-Priestess at his Coven.

A secret group of Pagan Wiccans a.k.a. Witches a.k.a. Pagan Priestesses and Priests , of a line of Pagan Worshipers of an Ancient Pagan Fertility Religion, which he, his Coven and later on, his followers believed had survived centuries of persecution by Christian / Jewish authorities.


Dorothy Clutterbuck, 19 January 1880 – 12 January 1951, wealthy English woman who was named by Gerald Gardner as a leading member of the New Forest coven, a group of Pagan Witches into which Gardner claimed to have been initiated in 1939.

Dorothy Clutterbuck held herself for the public as a practising Anglican Christian, and never publicly identified herself as a Pagan High-Priestess, Witch, etc, except by the evidence / fact of her discovered and well-examined writings, they all seem to strongly suggest that she was rather very Pagan in her own time.


Edith Rose Woodford-Grimes, 1887–1975.
It has been strongly said & proposed that she was the real and actual Initiating High-Priestess of/for Gerald B Gardner into the Pagan Craft of the Wise, into Pagan Witchcraft/Wicca and not dear Dorothy Clutterbuck as claimed by Gerald B Gardner. Apparently he did so in order to keep his Edith a.k.a. Dafo, Dafo’s true identity protected from the public at the time of his published works.

Edith Rose Woodford-Grimes - Edith a.k.a. Dafo, she was the British Pagan Wiccan, member of the New Forest Coven which met during the late 1930s and early 1940s.

With the magickal nickname Dafo, a friend and working partner of Gerald B Gardner, who would go on to become the founder of the Gardnerian Tradition of the Pagan Craft of the Wise a.k.a.Pagan Witchcraft a.k.a. Pagan Wicca and with her help.


The book of Shadows of the Gardnerian Tradition can be a good Pagan foundational point for each person who enters Ancient Paganism and Modern Pagan Witchcraft / Wicca.

But each different Magickal Tradition of Magick, of Paganism / Wicca, they all have created their own Books of Shadows.



To me, The Book Of Shadows, this is the best Book in this list of Books, whichever 100% Pagan Magick Traditions it may be from.

Again, I am 100% Pagan and I adore both Ancient and Modern Paganism and the Ancient Pagan Goddesses and the Ancient Pagan Gods, the sacred Pagan Fae: Enchanted / Non-Enchanted, Exus, Exu-Femmes / Pomba-Giras, Elementals, etc.

And many infinite and eternal Other Beings from Beyond this plan of existence, beyond this Elemental place and much beyond this Elemental time-band.





Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon a.k.a. PADILLA a.k.a. Padilla of Ashtoreth, of Astarte, of Astaroth, of Baal a.k.a. Mayoral Baphomet a.k.a. Mayoral Belzebu, of Quimbandic Exu Lucifer, etc

GLBTQ+ Pagan Trans-Priestess / Hps / Yaya' / Yalorixa' / Olorisha - Witch Hexe Sorciere Feiticeira Macumbeira Bruxa Sorceress Shaman - Pagan Holistic Occultist / Consultant GLBTQ+ Pagan / Wiccan & Pagan Quimbandeira



No offense meant nor intended to anybody and their own belief & language!

What I write is always offered as in Sharing and never as a Determinant to anybody, nor as an Imposition.

I 100% firmly stand by each and every word of that what I choose for myself and for my life!

To each their own choices and all rewards thereof!

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