As the yearly Autumn Equinox passes, as dear Mabon follows its magical course, its tour of our lives, we can sense the Changes in the weather, in the sunsets and dawns...

We can also feel mighty Samhain / Halloween firmly heading our way in the far distance of late October.

And we are called again to consider the Blessings of all Changes which define us, everything, all life & all existence.

Hard to let go, but Seasons do and so do we, in the end.

Pity, the larger-than-life view of the big picture of every existence, it still remains...

Yes, for our Species, relationships are always like birth and death, folks.
It is always bloody hell, hard and unpleasant to be born, babies enter the world screaming, kicking and crying...

And well, the same it can be said of when we die, of when we must let go.

We do like, we love the temporary hiding places which simplicity, stubborn obstinacy, wilful ignorance & intellectual dishonesty have to offer. We hold on to our dear versions of what/who it was.

We refuse to release, as if we really had any control over life and death, over Mother Nature Herself and Her gift/blessing of infinite/eternal Evolution via all the Changes that We All and Everything/All Life & Existence are really & truly made of.

Look around, nothing is for keeps.

Our temporary definitions during the journeys from cradle to grave, they fade as we evolve beyond the proverbial apron strings & security blankets of our past experiences.

Temporary is the only word that applies to all and everything in this world, in these time-bands, in these journeys from cradle to grave!
The only radical constant has always been and still is that what we are made of - CHANGE.

As we evolve, we free to change as we change to free.


Sky também conhecida como JD Aeon – Trans-Pagã-Sacerdotisa Alourixá Bruxa Feiticeira Macumbeira Shaman Ocultista Consultora GLBT-Pagã e Wiccan-Pagã

Sky aussi connue comme JD Aeon – Trans-Prêtresse Sorcière Magicienne Chaman Occultiste Conseillère GLBT-Païenne et Wiccan-Païenne

Sky also known as JD Aeon – Pagan Trans-Priestess Witch Shaman Occultist Consultant GLBT-Pagan e Pagan-Wiccan

Hail Goddess Yemanja !

Hail all Fae / Exus & Pomba-Giras / Elementals !

Viva Salve Laroye Cheers

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Comment by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon on September 29, 2019 at 4:41pm

Bravo Mystic Wolf ! Different hearts have different wishes!

We all like to follow our hearts! I mean it as in the old saying: "true home & true-will, they are where one's heart is."

Back in the 1980's I did plenty of the Coven / Covens bit and I had my good share of that.

Lots of fun and personal satisfaction indeed...

But also, at once, plenty of responsibility because unbeknownst to me at the time, I found out, people can be so unexpected in their actions, choices and decisions! And in the end, they affect everything connected to them, that means the coven / covens and all the magickal work, etc.

As far as the Astral Ritual Online, without getting into details of Major Stars and their influence, but simply in general, if it were myself, as an Astrologer, I'd consider Saturn's presence in Capricorn and I would wait for the arrival of Greater Fortune/Blessing a.k.a. Jupiter in Capricorn.

At the other hand, none of that applies when we feel it feels right and we can do it.

Best wishes again, hoping a Merry Samhain ritual to you and yours!

Comment by Mystic Wolf on September 29, 2019 at 4:14pm
Yes I do. I try to enjoy each and every day to the fullest. I celebrate each and every ritual and Esbat. Most of the time I am a Solitaire Witch but I have recently done a Mabon ritual for eight Witches and will do one for Samhain. I miss celebrating rituals with people of like minded. It would be nice to perform an astral ritual online too sometime for an Esbat. Thanks for replying back.
Comment by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon on September 29, 2019 at 4:07pm

Very well said! Yes I agree! You too, best wishes!!! Thank you for the meaningful comment! Do live life to the fullest and be happy and be healthy.

Comment by Mystic Wolf on September 29, 2019 at 2:37pm
This is so true Sky a.k.a. when I was in my teenage years I could do anything.. especially the dangerous things like drinking and driving and always thought I would be healthy and live forever. As I grew older I now realize how crazy and dangerous I was. In 1980 I was in the back seat of a car with other friends and a big Pontiac car come flying around the bend and T boned the car. All I recall was headlights coming straight at me. I remember spitting blood and thinking I must have bit my tongue. Well I had a ruptured spleen and died on the operating table. I was revived, and ever since then I know how precious life is and how easy you can lose it. I do worry about dying so I now take each and everyday for granted because you never know that tonight or tomorrow may be your last day here. So live life to the fullest and be happy and healthy.

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