Healing, The National Rainbow Gathering, USA, 2008, and Beyond...

Healing, The National Rainbow Gathering, USA, 2008, and Beyond...


We have been blessed by many sacred experiences in life, however,

events that transpired within and subsequent to attending our first

National Rainbow Gathering were so extra-ordinary, that we have

urgently wanted to tell this tale for all of our friends and family.


Our tale may be far from over now, but we have gained some time and

pespective on events that helps make everything clearer to us now.


We fell in love in November or December of 2006 while drying off in

the sun and cool breeze from the Pacific Ocean... 

We were in the habit of swimming off of Ocean Beach in San Francisco

nearly every day then, having necessarily given up our gym

membership; swimming and walking along the beach and sea-wall were

our new exercise routines.

Megan, the young girl we suddenly fell in love with while walking

along the sea-wall, immediately invited us 'home' to meet her mom.

We quickly became best friends with Megan's parents and family; a

welcome presence among all of their friends.

Megan loves us to this day, but at the time she was far too young to

court as a lover, we became good friends instead.

Megan's mother Pat became our very best friend for nearly 3 years.

Pat owned a 'magick bus' a wonderful blue schoolbus in the old hippy

tradition; Pat's bus was her workshop and a vending venue for her

tie-dye shirts and other clothing, towels, etc...

Pat's beautiful tie-dyes were hung in rows from end to end outside

the bus so that the bus would sometimes seem to fly in the breeze

with a hundred brilliantly colored wings...

In June of 2008 Pat's family and friends were discussing their hopes

to go to the Rainbow Gathering planned for the Forth of July in


We were reluctant to go, particularly when it appeared that no one

else was able to make the journey.

Pat convinced us we must go, that it would help heal us.

After some confusion, we agreed to go; we took Pat's older daughter,

Megan's sister Erin, and Erin's boyfriend Nanook along with us.

We were far more out-of-shape than we anticipated, Nanook turned out

to be a huge help, acting as a sherpa; a guide and a bearer of our


We made camp in a somewhat secluded area at the head of a trail that

met the main trail at the edge of the gathering's more public areas.

We made the rounds of various camps the next day, in agony from

having tried to carry our burdens on our own for too long.

Our first stop was nearly immediately outside our camp only 150

yards away...

This was a trade circle.

We observed various traders displaying a wide assortment of

minerals, gems, jewelry, and craft products.

We had brought our pamphlets with us and meant to give these away in

trade or for free, we would return here later to set up 'shop'.

We discoverd several areas set aside for specific spiritual

communities.  Buddhists, Hindus, and Christians of several sorts

were all well represented.

We stopped at the Krishna temple to observe; we observed they were

busier than we cared to intrude upon then, so we walked further on

to a larger camp of Christians.

At this remote Christian camp they were inviting anyone in need of

healing to attend free healings.

In spite of lingering prejudices regarding Christians, we decided to

accept their offer and learn more about them.

We love playing cultural anthropologist!

We could see that the people beneath the trappings of their religion

were glowing, strong, healthy, happy people.  We might not agree

with some of their culture, but we found the people themselves very

agreeable, they were models of the very best Christian virtues, they

did not prosletyze, they simply cared, they cared very deeply.

There is power in a community like that that goes deeper than the

sum of the members, a synergistic power that connects people more

firmly to their own godheads regardless of their cultures or their


We could see the evidence of this sort of power here in this


We accepted their healing and blessings.

We did not feel any different, but miracles were on their way...

We also attended the Krisna camp to listen to their theosophical and

metaphysical discourses, we refrained form sharing our own views and

tried to listen instead to what was being said.

We love Hinduism, we particularly valued what we were learning about

our chakras, auras, and kundalini; we listened intently. 

The more we listened the more we understood that Christ and Krisna

might be equal aspects of a common Divinity.

Most Hindus might disagree with us, as well as most Christians, we

have met many of both sorts who cannot tolerate their Divines being

equated with any other Divines, each group seems to rely on

believing their own Divines are the only supreme Divines.

C'este la vie...

We went on to attend some Tibetan yoga classes in spite of being

unfit to participate very actively, as we would always be able to

apply anything we learned there on our own later.

Each group of people and every individual we met shared healing

energy with us, however our pain was so severe we tried to hide it

so as not to brind down the festive atmosphere.

We returned to the trading circle in early afternoon and set out our

trade goods, mostly our brochures, with a few shells, gemstones and

other trinkets and a sign advertising tarot readings...

We were nearly exhausted, our pain was greater than ever before, and

that was saying something, as we had already gone through several

excruciating surgeries with inneffective anesthesia; general

anesthesias and morphine do not work well for us.

About an hour in we had made only a few small trades, mostly giving

things away to children for whatever treasures they brought us from

their journeys through the woods and fields around us.

We heard a loud exclamation in front of us that roused us from our

dissociative state, our shelter from our pain.

Two young men were leaping up and down together embracing fervently

while a third looked on, dosing them both with a bottle of liquid


We jumped up and asked to be included.

We were given a dose so small that the third fellow gave us the

entire bottle and invited us to clean it out.


Heat stroke followed just as we began to trip.

Our distress was eventually discovered and a medic appeared to give

us water laced with homeopathic remedies for our dehydration,

asthma, and pain.

It was now nightfall, our trip was coming on very strong...

We spent a long night screaming in agony, we were sorry to disturb

everyone's peace but our pain was beyond our endurance, the

screaming helped on many deep levels.

Our pain of losing Alina so many years earlier finally came out in

full flower and we spent the night dealing with that as well.

We remembered we had programmed a sequence of meta-cognitive

adaptations for ourselves that we intended to impliment with our

next LSD or other psychedelic experience, so we focused on getting

that done for awhile.

We were programming new meta-cognitive toolsets; attempting some

minor self-programming.

We opened up many doors within ourselves that night, exploring many

of these new places within ourselves deeply.

We wandered into the Medic station around 3AM in a very suicidal

state of mind.  Our intimate time with Alina that evening had made

us want to die to visit her again, as well as to end our pain.

We sat by the fire at the medic station, enjoying the flying embers

lighting on our skin.

We wondered whether these burning embers would be any worse than the

mosquitos that had stung us for hours, imparting secret knowledge to

help us with every sting.

We enjoyed merging with the fire, becoming one with it, however the

medics were afraid we would set ourselves ablaze and drew us aside

to a cot with blankets, upwind from the fire.

We gathered ourselves back together as the sun rose and went on to

see what the new day would have to offer us.

We returned to the Tibetan yoga site because this had been our

favorite place the previous day, it was well shaded and had many

wonderful warm people to enjoy.

We were still in too much pain to participate in more than a very

rudimentary fashion, so we sat outside, off the mats to give more

space for the others who were clearly much more serious students of

the art than ourselves.

We shared their guided meditations as they pushed themselves through

rigorous yogas at a much slower pace than the classes in our gym had


We were encouraged to participate but not criticised for holding


We wandered back to the trading circle but had no heart for it after

yesterday's experiences with heat stroke, the area lacked sufficient

shade for us.

Unsure of our steps at this point we headed off in the direction of

the Tibetan Group again, stopping along the way at the Medicine


The Medicine Pool sat in the center of a huge field, sometimes

circumscribed auming circles or by circles of people at mealtimes

being visited by food servers.

The field was empty at the moment.

We had not heard about the medicine pole, but we saw many devotional

offerings spread around the base of the pole on all sides including

offerings to dead family and friends.

We made an offering to Alina.

We were too tired to complete the walk to the Tibetan site; we

backtracked 60 yards to a large boulder where several other smaller

boulders created a quiet empty space.

We sat there and just watched everything.

We could see the information area and the Krishna area from here as

well as the Tibetan yoga area and several of the universally free


One of the Christian sites was in disarray, perhaps someone had

vandalised them last night...

We were not the only ones in distress last night.

One fellow was duct-taped to a tree for beating their partner and

holding her hostage.

Other ruckuses could be heard that night that we never heard any

explanations for...

We watched a fellow who seemed to be walking past us as he veered

unexpectedly, surprised where his own footsteps were now taking him.

He tried to walk past us several times but was always drawn in our

direction by his own uncooperative feet.

He approached us shyly, offering us healing, explaining his guides

or perhaps his empathy or energy awareness were insisting he stop

here for us.

We explained what was going on with us on all levels, physically,

psychically, emotionally, etc...

He was a master of Reiki and two other energy healing disciplines.

When he could not find an open massage table to work on us he

invited us back to his tent where he worked on us very deeply.

We had recently taken an online chakra test with results that

closely agreed with our own observations, results in which the first

two chakras were nearly entirely closed down and our energy was

coming in almost directly to the third chakra, over-amping it.

Our new friend made a nearly identical diagnosis to our self-

diagnosis and our online diagnosis.

He got a little too involved in his work as he helped us re-open our

root and second chakras...

The rush of energy into these chakras as he cleared them for us was

incredible, he was instantly strongly attracted to us and we found

him very appealing too.

We made love.

We spent several more days with our new friend who was having a bit

of a mental breakdown.  He new he was bi, he presumed we did not

know we were bi.  He felt very guilty about his lack of professional

conduct.  Eventually, we parted friends, but we could see how upset

he was with himself and were sorry we could only remind him of his

transgression of his own ethics, as he saw it.

c'este la vie...

We were now in very good shape, still in pain but much more


The Gathering was coming to an end; Nanook had found an old friend

who needed a ride back to San Francisco.

We agreed to take Nanook's friend to San Francisco, however, when he

explained he needed to get there in time to get a bus to northern

California for a dental appointment we volunteered to drive him home


This was a most fortuitous decision, a decision guided by our higher

spirit, our empathy, our love, and our compassion.

We shall skip over a remarkable event on this journey in which we

escape the law with only a speeding ticket after being busted on

four felonies, possibly five or six felonies if it were discovered

Erin was a minor crossing interstate lines without parental

provison, drinking, smoking, and tripping with us...

We'll tell that tale another time, that is a tale about power, this

is a tale about healing...

In northern California we were guided by our new friend Justin to a

local free campground where we spent a lovely night socialising with

the people across the way from us around their campfire.

They solemnly introduced us to their cat, Osirus.

We understood immediately that Osirrus was named for the God Osirus

because he was a Divine Channel of that Being.

In the morning Osiris consulted us and we left with the assurance

that we would find Alina reincarnated.

We had tried many times to resurrect Alina, a new incarnation would

be very welcome.

Problemetic, ethically, perhaps, but definitely welcome.

Our host, Justin, took us to visit the local swimming hole, a

remarkable place called 'Hole-in-the-Wall'.

A sacred site, a Divine playground...

We pulled off the highway onto a broad field considerably longer and

somewhat narrower than a footbal field that ended in a steep drop

into a broad, shallow, well-forested ravine.

Descending the steep slope through a half-formed chimney, a water

spillway during storms, we had to reach further than was safe with

our left food forward to stretch for a large boulder opposite our

position and lower.

We knew there was a risk we might fall but a voice told us to accept

our risk and to go for it; we over-extended our reach and fell

facing the sky so that we landed on our back on the point of a large

boulder, precisely where we had been injured in a fall from our

trapeze back in 1982 or 83 or so...

Well we broke our back of course, but it instantly healed with our

immediate resurrection leaving us very sore for two weeks but the

sometimes crippling old injury from our trapeze fall was gone,

erased by our fall.

Our Chiropractor was amazed by this and one other related spinal

healing we will get to shortly...

Our grandfather and father were both chiropractors, our dad had been

a very capable chiropractor who could not fix our back.

Our current chiropractor was, perhaps, a better chiropractor than

our father, he had gotten us to a much better state but could not

make the pain stop, the permanent kink in our spine could not be

guided back into natural alignment; he could only help us function

better with the pain.

That rock pushed it hard enough...

But this was the first time we could remember being healed of an old

existing wound by dying and resurrecting...

We enjoyed a beautiful morning and early afternoon swimming in the

Hole in the Wall swimming hole.

The hole in the wall was a hole perhaps some 15 or 18 yards wide

that completely and perfectly perpendicularly perforated the broad

side of a huge nearly perfectly rectangular piece of stone, possibly

granite, about 23 yards thick and perhaps 38 yards high and perhaps

80 yards long...

This stone rested at a slight angle, perhaps 3 yards off level from

end to end, cater-corner.

The small stream flowing through the center fell several yards into

a pool that had several deep areas and many boulders within.

Atop the wall of stone the Egyptian Gods were partying.  We saw Ra,

Thoth, Isis, Nuit, and several others there...

We communed with the Gods and Goddesses most of that time, swimming

naked beneath their warm loving gazes.

It was a good death and resurrection, our best ever, at least, in

the memories of this iteration of this incarnation, anyways...

We must skip ahead to the next most remarkable part of this story...

We lost our friend Bear, and his son Dylan, Megan's brother in a

shipwreck in November 2009. 

In January Bear's on-again-off-again exwife, our best freind, Pat

was living with us, and with Tina, Tina's hubby, hubby's girlfriend,

and with Pat's remaining family, Erin, Nanook, Megan, and Scarlett,

Megan's niece, an infant daughter whom Nanook and Erin conceived at

the Rainbow Gathering in spite of Erin using Depoprovera, an

ordinarily effective form of birth control.

In March, a week or so before Easter we experienced a second


We were facing a war within our home.

Many people were unhappy, some might be regarded as 'thieves'.

Pat and Tina were locked in a war, both were cursing us, our

household, and everyone within it.

Curses are miserably dangerous affairs around any wide-open chaos

well, we had only three days between any given curse and its


The pressure of all these curses could only be erased by by killing

ourselves again to absorb all the curses into ourselves, away form

all of our loved ones...

We were responsible for our chaos well; this makes us responsible

for all curses spoken in its presence.

We were getting killed very frequently in quiet ways, by strokes and

seizures we mostly kept hidden from our friends.

We needed to end this cursing quickly, we were trying to explain the

way these curses were affecting us to no avail.

Things came to a head, we backed Tina up against the front door

berating her loudly for cursing our friends.

Pat was not our partner, we had no 'right' to treat a guest in this

manner, however Tina was our partner we expected more support from


Tina and Pat were shocked, no one had ever really seen us angry

before.  However everyone was deeply offensively and defensively

engaged in their reactive behaviors...

When we backed Tina up against the door her hubby came in swinging

for us, hammer-fisted, from behind.

We were expecting this.

Hubby was a very violent man trying to work up the courage to murder


A few days later hubby would try to kill us and fail but that is

another tale of power not fit for this tale of healing...

Hubby saw this as an opportunity to see how far he might go.

We moved subtly as we watched from behind ourselves.

Our shadow was playing with hubby's shadow for all they were worth

to help us.

We took each of hubby's blows precisely were we needed them, two to

the back of our head and two to our upper spine...

We collapsed a moment, seriously injured, accepting our death from

the brain rattling seizures that followed...

We recovered resurrected, our neck injuries and brain injuries

healed; neck injuries our chiropractors had all refused to work on

because it would take too much force and might kill us; brain

injuries our neurologists were unable to fathom or to relieve.

We have almost no neck pain anymore, we owe part of our neck healing

to a beloved friend from Netherlands, Oconowasha.

Our seizures have nearly stopped.  They are far less frequent than


Ta da!

The next day Justin walks in to our home unannounced and we share an

initiation ceremony with him acknowledging his sainthood.

Justin had been present for both miracles as we saw it.

Justin is an emmisary of the same higher powers we serve now.

Ahmen Ra appeared in our home and helped us restore order.

We eventually cleared our house of everyone but Tina, being madly in

love with one cursing witch was enough, our new roomate Sid is not

prone to ever curse, a quality for which we are very, very grateful.

Megan may return this summer, Tina and Megan love each other and get

along splendidly, planning many pleasant entertainments and

diversions for our amusement...




Blessed be...


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Comment by Grigori Rho Gharveyn on April 25, 2011 at 5:45pm

Hi Nancy,

Rainbow gatherings are held globally, nationally, and regionally, there should be one in your area every year.  Regional gatherings are more like county fair events, with people coming to visit in the daytime and going home or to a motel as camping may not be legal at some sites.

We would like to attend another gathering, but our health isn't up to it at the moment, biophysically, socially, or economically...


C'este la vie...




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