So needless to say the last few months of my life have been, well...Illuminating.

I have always been a sort of magnet for the unusual and strange and these last 6 months have been no different. 
I have been made very aware that there is more to the reality in which we live in than I could have ever imagined. 

There really are what some would call "angels" or my favorite term "guardians" all around us. Yes our friends and people in our daily lives can be seen as guardians even if they do hide in the background and direct them in a gentle and loving way without our awareness. 

Have you ever felt there was some force or energy that works on your behalf, if your intentions are benevolent? I do, and these last six months have been crazy. The time frame where I became aware that something really changed for me was during this last Solar eclipse. This occurred Aug. 21, 2017...

Now if your spiritually inclined like I have been luckily by the grace of the energy that hides in the shadows of our lives to be, you will also remember this time frame. Maybe you too had a shift. As a matter of fact if your a real witchy woman you know exactly what I am talking about..

Here is what I learned about this certain eclipse from a very well trusted Ukrainian Astrologer named Lada. She said that in certain Eastern European cultures, Magicians where always aware of the energies given off by all eclipses. Because with the proper knowledge of the Astrology you can place yourself in a different reality and state due to the lack of, or return of the Sun light shining to not on you at that exact time the eclipse occurs and also, depending on your sex...

Lada also said that if you where a woman in 2017 and you where exposed to this last eclipse, meaning you where outside and let the light of the eclipse set on you, you would attain powerful and magical powers and more or less be undefeatable for the next six months.

IF you where a Man? and where exposed to the light diminishing on the eclipse you would


In a sense and you would fall from grace publicly and magically because Leo was involved with the solar eclipse in 2017. And Leo for our Male Eclipse revelers said bye bye, and now woman are in control...

She said than when an alignment like this occurs, "the magician" in the Eastern European tradition if he where a male would have RUN AND HID during this last eclipse...

Because if he where exposed to the ray of lights from the ECLIPSING LIGHT OF THE SUN, the man who wittnessed this would lose all his greatness the Sun had offered him in either petitions or Solar workings designed to attain the light he may have tried to perform in the prior workings so to speak...

If you where a man and you witnessed this last eclipses and where outside, your energies of LEO are depleted at this stage of your enlightenment. So a restoration of your power and control will be very difficult and your workings have been and will continue to be at their weakest until the end of 2018.

At the time of this writing Mars is conjunct Kato, Kato? Yes

"Scattered Ketu's weak psychic boundaries = disperses the *generation* of coherent independent thought.

Ketu's ultimate performance in bhava-5 depends considerably upon the characteristics of His ruler. Yet despite the possibility of a strong ruler creating a unique and charming natural intelligence, Ketu interrupts the flow of intelligence from the heart with considerable gaps in creative ideation.

Often Ketu-5 appears as a paragon of good intentions producing little positive effect.

Genius incomplete; comes unglued at the moment of glory.

  • The political career of POTUS-15 Oregon Treaty 1791-1868 James Buchanan began at his age 23 in the Pennsylvania State Assembly. The career continued via an unbroken chain of political promotions into his 60's: from Congress to Senate, ambassador to Britain and Russia, Secretary of State, and finally - somewhat reluctantly - POTUS-15 from 1857 until 1861 . Buchanan had served under several previous presidents; he was seen to have political multi-talents = rulers of 9, 5, 12, 7, and 10 in politics-5. As a career diplomat yuvatipathi-7 Budha-5, he was expected to be a war-avoiding peace-maker. However he simply accepted the complexity (Ketu) saying "there is nothing I can do".

Why is this important to know?

From June 8th until July 6th, Venus has exited and gone away; she will return on July 6th. What is going to come from this setup?, Venus is the goddess of love she gives us certain gifts and allows peace and harmony to reign in our lives.

But she is now gone and now the energies are attracting all sorts of non Venusian effects. Lots of sad news lately these are before Venus has gone away and the caution is for the Men.

Women mostly who are strong and witchy they can handle this naturally and if you where a Solar witch and worked outside during these last solar eclipses you scored BIG and will continue to ATTRACT for sometime.

Even if your astrological or Bazi charts are messed up, you have a huge cushion. That doesn't mean you get lazy, use these energies women to continue the work of the women for the last 24 months they have been working on for equality and love for all people and non discriminatory practices and disparages in pay, etc...

On a mass global scale MEN ARE LOSING THEIR POWERS if they where outside during the eclipse...

Our president was outside during the eclipse and there where photos of this on the news...

In closing pay attention and you will notice who is losing power and is a man, this is just really starting to pick up...

You may ask what was I doing during the eclipse? I hid my ass in my office in the basement and locked myself up and hid from the light but I will rise as they say, I did leave my water bucket outside and got that powerful eclipse water and watered my plants. They are doing well thank you for asking!

What did I attain and how did I attract it? Well thats probably a book or a movie in the future, but it would include contact with otherworldly beings documented and seen by my followers also... Being shown the reality of the world we live in and seeing how manipulation of humanity occurs. And being a gift and key to help break the bonds of our "enslavement".

Men dont be upset, this energy ends around the end of next year fully and you will be able to restore your lost power.

until next time my enlightened friends...


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Comment by MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA on June 18, 2018 at 6:44pm

Thank you for sharing.

Comment by Elspeth on June 12, 2018 at 11:17am

Pity the poor uninformed men...but with luck they'll have support to overcome the problems they've gained. 

It'll help our Brothers to know that this phase isn't for too much longer.

Comment by Helela on June 11, 2018 at 10:26pm

I hadn't either and this article is something to think on and to ponder for sure. Thank you Fbin for sharing. I'm still mind blown. I really need to think and study more on this one. 

Comment by Linda M. on June 9, 2018 at 9:39am

  I never thought of an eclipse quite that way, in this specific instance where men lose power.

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