This Species can be something else! Indeed!

Anything but themselves, their own Selves — Human Beings!

Well, the journey from cradle to grave teaches us all in no uncertain way the wisest basics of ourselves as a Species, we all are born BABIES, brand-new, innocent and not-knowing anything at all of this Species’ many, many invented / men-made “Belief and Language” and their associated (equally invented / men-made) many, many Values and Ways of Conduct.

As Babies we are born clean, new and without all of the harmful RUBBISH that we have invented/created, the very much POLUTION of our many Socio-Religio-Politico-Commercial-oriented Belief and Language, their Values & Ways of Conduct.

It is during our trip from cradle to grave that we do pick up all the harmful rubbish that poisons us, cripples our senses, censors minds, limits our actions, imprisons our thinking, controls our choices…

As a result, in general as a world population, most of us, we go through life without a bloody clue of the fact that we are NOT living, we are only surviving in a hurried and meaningless runaround of empty tasks and choices, instant everything and quickies, collections of mediocrity-oriented "get this, take that".

And such a meaningless & unenlightened existence.

To be HUMAN again, to learn to have some HUMANITY towards Others, we must first learn to have some of that towards our own selves individually first!

However, how can we?

How can we find any Humanity in our own selves, if our force-fed to us from cradle to grave, “Belief and Language, associated its Values and Ways of Conduct”, they all are devoid of it, empty of any Humanity?

Humanity is really missing in our Learning and Teaching, in our mainstream socio-religio-politico-commercially oriented Academia.

When we Learn To Question Everything with "empowered" Freedom with Wisdom, then, only then, we will really & truly find and equally own our Humanity Again!!!

And perhaps we will also be gracefully dignified enough To Share It with Others, with our small Local World... And who knows, maybe with whole wide World / the Earth.


Sky a.k.a.JD Aeon

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Comment by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon on June 1, 2018 at 7:13am

Thank you, dear Rosey!

Comment by Rosey on June 1, 2018 at 7:02am

Wonderful wisdom dear Sky!! Thank you!

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