IF YOU LET IT GO Revised 10thJan2020

Ah how innocent, sweet and naive the dear notion that all we have to do is to let it go and throw caution to the winds...

And out we go, jumping off the dear windows of the “Safe &  Tried”, as we leap off the edges and go diving in to the often feared & avoided “New & Unknown”.

There are risks, you know!

There are dangers, you already know!

And it is quite possible that things could turn out ugly and bad.

However it may be, no matter what the whole world may say, you become self-possessed of yourself, of your true will to follow your heart! 

Yes, folks! It is that die-hard Hope that things will work out, that the long-shot will prove to be wonderfully worthwhile and good after all.

It is that admirable search, that formidable quest for goodness, that special desire for Magia / Magick, for Wonders / Miracles, and in all places where they are never much likely to be found or to manifest at all.

Still, it remains...

To do, or not to do? To be, or not to be?

I have been writing YOU, you, you! But folks, this is WE, we, we Theme indeed!

Ah, WE-All want to let go of all the strings & ties that bind us down, we all wish to let go of all the natural limitations which holds us back, we all desire let go of all the circumstantial censorship and impositions which delay us, which keep us all temporarily stuck like frozen ice on the ground!

What we really and truly want is to make it all happen for us!

But then again, we think of the Consequences and we stop. And we wait, and we defer action for a time to come when our personal circumstances will empower us adequately in order to do it right.

Oh shitty heavens, if it is worth doing, folks...

Then oh dear hell, it is really worth “Doing It Right”, first of all!

It is our natural responsibility, our respect, and our dignity to our own selves, and also, our individual sense of preservation and our sense of Mother Nature in everything and in ourselves that guide us to the proper and correct approach, to better thinking, and finally, to effective action when the time has come.

So, the famous "Just Let It Go" can be 100% stupid at best and a real tragic and costly mistake at worst!

It is up to us and how we handle our own sense of wisdom and of common sense, in order to act effectively and with good results. And chiefly, when we keep that for the times when we are naturally well-empowered, and acting from a position of brave strength and whole-hearted surety!

I will speak for myself, whether for better, or for worse, I win or I lose, I begin or I end, it will be with the Belief and Language that I own, and with the Values and Ways of Conduct that I choose, treasure and keep.

Whether for better, or for worse, I will keep and remain with my much dear and much adored & loved Pomba-Giras & Exus, Their dear Phalanges / Fae / Elementals.

I Am a Lover of Pomba-Giras & Exus / Fae and for life!

Whether for better, or for worse, I was, I am and I will always be Pagan, “Goddess-Mother-Nature” Oriented, Polytheist / Pantheist, Animism-oriented and 100% Free from any absurd Spiritual Dualism!

Whether for better, or for worse, I was, I am and I will remain a 100% GLBT-Pagan MTF “Trans-Priestess/Alourixa a.k.a.  Trans-Prêtresse / Trans-Priesterin / Trans-Sacerdotisa, Witch / Sorceress a.k.a Bruxa / Macumbeira / Feiticeira / Magiciene / Hexe & Sorciere, of the dear, much worshiped & much loved ancient Pagan Goddesses & Gods, and of the dearest Ultimate Supreme Being Creatress Goddess of All Species, of Everything and of all Creation, eternal and infinite Source of All, our dear Divine Ancestress!


I was born for the Goddess, I came to this incarnation/lifetime for the Goddess!



Once a Padilla, always a Padilla.



p.s. I am quite fond of & really love the ancient Pagan Goddess Ashtoreth and in special, chiefly because amongst all Goddesses & Gods that I’ve worshiped & worked with during this lifetime, She was and still is the One who unexpectedly, came to visit me in a dream.

I was and will always be honoured by that gift.


( SKY aussi connue comme PADILLA and/or PADILHA, tambem conhecida como NINS of the Vanir, a.k.a. Dea a.k.a. Mel (short-term for) Melusine, also known as JD Aeon and/or JDAeon and/or simply as JD )


SKY Of Padilha também conhecida como PADILLA ou Nins, Dea, Mel ou JD Aeon ou JDAeon ou JD – GLBT Pansexual (M-a-F Menina Transgenera Permanente Non-Op) Trans-Pagã-Sacerdotisa / Alourixá Bruxa Feiticeira Macumbeira Shaman Holistique Ocultista & Consultora GLBT-Pagã e Wiccan-Pagã


GLBT Pansexuelle (M à F Tfille Permanente Non-Op) Trans-Prêtresse Sorcière Magicienne Chaman Occultiste Holistique et Conseillère GLBT-Païenne et Wiccan-Païenne


GLBT Pansexual Pagan (MTF Tgirl Permanent Non-Op) Trans-Priestess Witch Shaman Holistic Occultist & Consultant GLBT-Pagan e Pagan-Wiccan

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Comment by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon on March 23, 2020 at 4:35pm

Isabel, thank you for sharing! Wow, She is simply beautiful! My first impression invokes my memories of the Sanskrit-written of Upanishads shining hard to modify the Pagan Vedas into a Monistic system of inspiration, ergo the Hindu / Buddistic / Jainism patriarchal ways.

You reminded me how I had wished the Vedas had retained the Goddesses / Goddess in Her sacred place as Mother of all Creation, our Supreme Being.

Thank you!

Very blessed and quite nice that you have been gifted with memories of your past lifetimes.

I do too.

There is so much comfort in knowing there is so much more than these tiny joint-evolutionary journeys with Elementals/Exus/Fae/Etc from cradle to grave.

Blessings to you!


Comment by Isabel Almeida on March 23, 2020 at 4:13pm

This is the Goddess I am in another life time

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