I had seen this interesting & wonderful film called “Professor Marston and the Wonder Women”…

The film sheds light and inspiration on the Theme of successful and long-lasting Poly-Amorous Relationships and their Ups and Downs, along with the different meaningful Variables/Ways of Compliance and Domination, and also, of course, coupled with the Virtues & Ways of Inducement and Submission.

Inspired by the Film itself, after a few considerations of the many the finer Whistles and Bells of any greatly successful and satisfying Sexual Relationships, it becomes quite obvious and very clear the very fact that Mutual Honesty/Sincerity, and chiefly, coupled with Mutual Love, such is the Natural Formula for Mutual Happiness in any Relationships.

Regardless of all Genders (Male, Female, Trans & Non-Binary), and regardless of all Preferences (Lesbian, Gay, Bi/Queer/Pansexual and/or Hetero), regardless of whether Poly-Amorous and/or Monogamous, when it comes to relationships that will last, ah they all require, they all need and they all call for Mutual Love, Mutual Honesty along with Freely Open Communications between All Members of such Relationships.

Sexual Elements/Portions of mild/lite mild Bondage along with mild/lite Sado-Masochism (deriving Sexual Pleasure/Gratification from mild mutually willed/agreed-upon/induced Acts of Receiving and/or Giving mild/lite Pain/Hurting and coupled with Tabooed Sexual Surrender such as a Mutual-Trust-based "Total-Submission" which can be seen/interpreted/perceived as also a form of mild/lite Abuse/Humiliation)... And they all can surely light up the bonfires of wild passion and wonderful love-making.
But as surely expected and as any lifetime will prove, the real and true Bonds between people who are meaningful to each other, true and real Bonds are those of Mutual Love, of Mutual Trust which are always required to be fully based upon 100% Mutual Honesty/Sincerity coupled with Total 100% Open-Mindedness to Oneself first, and then equally to "Mutually Meaningful Others" who offer us the very same.

And it is "Not" all simple and easy at all, folks!
And that, that really it is because real, true & meaningful Trust comes with Proper Experience which also requires Time and Total 100% Honesty/Truthfulness to Oneself first...

And in most cases, in this very difficult Species, World and Culture who are either willfully-ignorant or simply intellectually dishonest to Itself, total Honesty to Oneself first, coupled with total Trust to/upon Oneself first, such often it has, it needs and it must be learned and lived first.
The awful Problem is, there are "Not" many Teachers/Professors everywhere to teach that to the world.

Inducement must be felt first.

Submission must start & come from the heart first and to Oneself first and only then to meaningfully Mutual Others.

Our most difficult, abusive and painful War and Battles are to our own Selves, our longest and biggest Lifetime Challenge, it comes from Our own Selves alone individually, and to our very own Selves.

And it is to everybody on earth the same, it is always the Fears/Limitations/Censorship planted in all of us by the many, many (Invented-By-This-Species) collections of "Belief-And-Language" and as always, coupled with their many associated (Invented-By-This-Species) collections of Values and of Ways of Conduct.
Each Human Being has the sacred Capacity To Be and To Make Happy/Content, however such is and it has always been hidden/buried under the "belief and language, values and ways of conduct" of Others.
This Species has succeeded in creating the illusion that Submission is Inferior and Domination is Superior, in order to take away the birthrights and power of Women and of LGBT in general.
And that's how Women & LGBT were made "Not" to be Real Citizens, Real People with Equal Rights to Vote and to Equal Pay in the world workforce.

By the way, whenever this Species ( that it is, the 1% Elite of the World Population) needs to impose their invented/self-serving Rubbish (to the Other 99% of the world Population), they do so by employing Big World Religions, their Version of the Supreme Being, usually a hateful, vengeful, ignorant/certified-Asshole-type, Patriarchal (anti-Women & anti-LGBT) petty and stupid God... And always coupled with many, many dumb-ass Stories/Mythologies-Turned-into-Religions of "-Oh, God said so!" It is usually some invented invisible Man in the sky that promises Everything to you but for only after you die, and expected, delivers Nothing while you're alive, in other word, just pure bullshit!

Domination and Compliance must always be of an All-Pleasure-Oriented Nature and Mutually Well-meant and of Mutual Free-will/Willingness/Agreement.

Mind you, watch out!

Because in this world, usually, primitive, small-minded and willfully ignorant, and/or Intellectually Dishonest People, oh yes, they will attempt to use "Domination and Compliance", but out of their benign and sacred Context/Meaning, and they will employ them in malefic/harmful ways, in order to use and to abuse Other People and then, later to junk them after they've spent out all that they could offer.
Lamentable indeed, but only for the Uninformed!

In our modern times, our so-called Modern Society, it many times chooses/opts for whatever spells the comfort of great wealth and super success, however, wealth and success can be quite empty, also meaningless and a real waste, if/when without mutual honesty and mutual love to oneself first and equally to meaningfully mutual Others.

Mutual Love is the only real and true BOND which defies and goes much beyond birth, life and death.
It is a BOND that is larger than our many finite journeys from cradle to grave.

Mutual Trust cannot be born, it cannot truly exist without the sacred Virtues of Natural/Mutual Love& Mutual Honesty to ourselves individually and equally to each other, to meaningfully mutual Others.

In our modern times, our society places too much Importance on Domination and Compliance, chiefly within their mutual exchanges, because everything becomes the expected - "Nothing personal, OK? It is just Business!"
But in relationships, in our personal meaningful relationships, it is not Business as usual, it is us, it is our capacity to be and to make ourselves and others happy and content/satisfied.
Such calls for much more than our societal/invented business wisdom, it calls for Life Wisdom, something larger than this Life Herself...
Yes, I call Life: a Woman, a Lady, a Goddess and in its full-force All-Feminine, because folks, the Masculine has been too full of shit for too long for being taken serious!

As a result, we have to learn to know our own selves individually first and to master our own capacity to be and to remain honest and true to our own selves first and regardless of the inventions of this Species, whether it be religions, academia, politics and etc.

Or, we have this world of Today and its hurting and too many foibles to be counted.

Evolution is the only direction to all and everything that exist. In fact, eternal and infinite Evolution is the only way anywhere and everywhere at all times.


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

p.s. An inspiring film, superb indeed!

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Comment by Charles R on April 14, 2018 at 3:15pm

Well written and in total agreement.

Comment by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon on April 12, 2018 at 12:10pm

Well-said, Linda! I just loved your "( Didn't know how to put that, this is the main page.)"

Despite all Evolution, Progress and What-nots of our Modern World, we all still feel somewhat that we ought to walk on "proverbial egg-shells" when we address Sex/Sexuality and the dear Virtues of Its Delicious Menu of Differences when it comes to Pleasure and Fun for Human Beings. Religions & Traditions have ruined it badly for the longest time for this Species and its Bed-Happiness, LOL.

And yes, Honesty first to oneself and to meaningful Mutual Others, and only then, secondly, Trust, mutual Trust,  after factual Mutual Honesty is fully established.

Not all Differences are for all people everywhere and at all times. There are many lifetimes and we get to play all parts, whether sooner or later, but surely! I think it is fun.

Comment by Linda M. on April 12, 2018 at 10:28am

I agree, Sky, all of it needs mutual trust and honesty. You can't force someone to love just as you can't or shouldn't force someone to try consensual 'bondage/kinky/or what have you sex.  (Didn't know how to put that, this is the main page.)

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