In order to to shed some understanding of the content and context in re of the subject of Hell / Inferno / Lower Astral, etc, I write a bit about the foundation of the subject before covering subject itself.

Long time ago when the New Religions had arrived, they had their own New Mythologies and also their very own invented and brand-new Religious a.k.a. Mythological Motifs and Directions.

Such had encompassed/borrowed and in "copy-cat" style, the employment and application of concepts of Spiritual DUALISM also known as an invention of ancient Persian Zoroaster...

Also the employment of men-invented Patriarchal / Men-oriented / Father-oriented / Patristic concepts which denied the graces and virtues of any form of FEMININITY.

Therefore, actively and openly denying all Women, their own Birth-Rights of Equality, of Citizenship, of Social Equal Rights in any Society and via the same miserable doors...While very busy at this abomination of their own, they had also taken the time to vilify and malign all Women and equally all GLBTQ+ of the world.


Via the newly invented concept of ONE ONLY MALE / FATHER-ORIENTED DEITY/GOD and at once, of course, denying All Others, both Goddesses and Gods. They invented the Monistic Approach of the Modern Religions.

In order to discredit, in order to vilify, in order to malign and to turn, to change, to transform all the past "LOVABLE & KIND" Pagan Goddesses and Pagan Gods into FEARED and HATED Characters that should not be called nor trusted...

They had carefully invented Mythological Realities/Tales which would portray the ONE GOD as all loving and all good, and the rest of the other Goddesses and Gods as BAD and EVIL.

They took the time to make sure that they would add and insert plenty of FEAR into RELIGION by making their own ONE GOD a very miserable and very vengeful BULLY GOD and by the way, arrogantly also full of shit!

Imagine, just a tiny village god, a tiny tribe god, a low-frequency, small and very unimportant god, then to turn into some BIG GOD for BIG RELIGION.

And all of that, for sake of socio-religio-politico-commercial Control / Power over the Populations on this planet, in order to control their Thinking, in order control over their Freedom of Expression, in order to control over Their Ways of Conduct, in order to control over Their Values, in order to control their "belief and language" and so forth.

Via that door, they introduced a 1% World Minority Elite's own brand of "DO AS I TELL YOU" & Don't Do As I MYSELF Do!

Or rather, "Never Mind the As I do! And Do As I Tell You!!!"

They've shielded themselves and they've hidden behind their invented Mythology, behind Country and Flag, behind JOBS, Behind "WE'RE HERE FOR THE POOR".... And of course, Behind Children.

And how annoying, arrogantly waiving around their massive weight of pure rubbish / bullshit also known as their Mythologies also known as their Holy Books, and of course, claiming to have the Word and the Will of the SUPREME BEING also known as GOD, that it is, their own invented/men-made mythological stupid & absurd God and its associated (Invented/me-made) Mythological bullshit a.k.a. a collection of bankrupt "belief and language", with primitive, anti-humanity, anti-freedom, anti-women, anti-GLBTQ+, wilful ignorant and wilful "intellectually dishonest" Values and Ways of Conduct.

And folks, that's how men-made/invented, anti-Nature, anti-Arts, anti-Sciences, anti-Academia and the Anti-Humanity, anti-Human-Being "PURITANISM AND ITS ASSOCIATED RUBBISH" & Prejudices entered the world big picture and the lives of many, of the ordinary folks all over the world.

Amidst this whole HOLY RUBBISH & Bullshit, and their campaign for introducing FEAR into the relationship of/between people/population and the Supreme Being, they invented, promoted and imposed their INFERNOs, Their HELL and ad nauseum.

Inferno / Hell was their way to introduce MORE FEAR / INTIMIDATION and to Threaten the people / population in line To OBEY blindly to their arrogant mythological absurdities.

The lower of the lowest ASTRAL WORLD / LEVEL / Frequency / Dimension / REALM of any Cosmos, of any Universes and of any Species and of any Time / Time-bands...
None of them have ever been HELL or the invented INFERNOs of the NEW RELIGIONS and their invented/men-made MYTHOLOGIES.

Because, what they were, still are and will always be, are  "MYTHOLOGIES" invented/men-made by this Species !

The Astral Worlds will always try to adapt to the Expectation and Sense of Imagination of the Species which arrives in it.

The Astral Worlds / Realms / Umbrals, they all will always attempt as best as they can to offer the arriving Soul, whatever the natural evolution of that particle of that soul can handle and benefit from.

If you're expecting Fire & Brimstone, Pain and Noise, you will get a good dose of that in order to satisfy your individual need at the time of arrival, however you will slowly evolve beyond all of that.

Sooner enough, it sheds all the Invented Rubbish & Bullshit off and out, chiefly once Evolution sets in and begins to happen to any member of any Species in the Astral.

Do you remember when Big & Rich Mainstream RELIGION in bed with Government and in bed with Big Business, when they together did put people "in prison" for saying the WORLD WAS ROUND?
Because their religious a.k.a. mythological books told differently.

Do you remember when RELIGION murdered many, many Women, many Children and a few Men in the NAME of their One God of Love?

And simply because they happen to pray to different Invisible "Man" in the sky.

Folks, I also had some emails in re of Pomba-Gira Queen MARIA PADILLA (PADILHA).

They were about the fact that some folks had been very concerned because Maria Padilla, the Pomba-Gira, she has been said, written and taught to be the Queen of Hell. And even, she has been claimed by some to be the Wife / Lover-Consort of some mainstream rich, BIG RELIGION invented/made-up Mythological (Dualistic/Patristic-Oriented) Character which is supposed to personify "All that is Evil and Bad in the World."

And at the time, I recall, I had replied back in no uncertain way.

I said, that in the "invented/made-up sense" of the modern Dualistic/Patristic & Puritanical (Rich & Big) mainstream RELIGIONS and their moronic/absurd Mythologies, that the fact is, folks - THERE IS NO HELL, NOT ONE, NONE!

Facts, there is no Hell, there are not any Devils, no devils at all, not one! There is no Antagonist/Adversary/Satan, there is no Lucifer, except for the Bearers of Light, such as Stars/Planets, as dear Morning Star/Planet Venus for instance!!!

I assure you all, there are not any Hells, nor any DEVILS/Enemies, nor any LUCIFERS!

And of course, this I say and affirm, chiefly in the context of that Persian (made-up/invented) Zoroastrian sense/way a.k.a. mythological spiritual-Dualism-oriented sense/way, such as employed by the big and rich mainstream Religions and their men-made/invented absurd Mythologies!!!

By the way, “Lucifer” is not a Name at all, and good culture in Ancient Academia, it will clearly display that in fact, it is a Title which simply means Bearer of LIGHT / Morning Star. And it was once employed and commonly used to mean, to signify the well-known morning planet VENUS also known as a Star in ancient times.

It was EVE all along! It was LILITH all along!

It was Her, it was none other than Venus Herself all along, it was Her Title as the SHINING GODDESS of LIGHT in the ancient sky, chiefly in very ancient times, the dearest Star of Dawn.

Ergo, Lucifer in that particular sense of being a Bright Light / a Bearer of Light, a Shining Star, We all could be Lucifers, chiefly by the nature of our Soul's original Species, as for instance, being of the "LIGHT" Species.

We all could be called and/or titled Lucifers, as bearers of our own Light in this life, chiefly when we shine via our accomplishments and successes, etc.

Therefore, I would not rule out some Soul and/or Souls of this Species, or of another Species such as Fae, etc, who may have fancied to carry on, with such a word/term as Title and perhaps just for fun.

In some way, We All are Lucifers, because we all are Bearers of Light, it is only a question of whether sooner or later, Evolution comes to all, to everything, to everybody and to every Species.

But folks, when I say Lucifer, I do not say it as the vilified version, I do not say it as the maligned name and I do not say it as the mis-portrayed (invented dualistic/patristic) nasty and absurd Mythological Character of the invented (dualistic/patristic) Mythologies of the rich and big popular Modern Religions.

Big Religions have used their absurd inventions in order to promote their control of world populations, via fear, via lack of humanity, via horrifying biases, via plain harm and via too many absurdities.

There are not any stupid/absurd Battles or Wars between invented / personified Good and invented / personified Bad, as new religions want you to believe because/for their Zoroastrian styled pure bullshit / rubbish mythological concepts.

It is all inventions of this miserable Species and arrogant/pure rubbish !!!

If people choose to believe in certain things - then the real things will dress themselves accordingly in order to play what people can handle, in order to play what people the expect. 

If people choose to believe in certain things - then the real things will play the scripts, fill the stages and wear costumes in order to reach for these people somehow and in order to teach them to embrace EVOLUTION.

Big & Rich Pop Religions have done more damage, more harm to this Species than any other thing ever, and since the beginning of time.


Because of their miserable, biased, anti-Life, anti-Humanity, anti-Women, Anti-GLBTQ+, anti-Autonomy, anti-Academia, anti-Sciences, anti-Arts, Anti-Equality, anti-People Mythologies.

Absurd (made-up/invented) Mythologies a.k.a. their holy books which they sell and impose as the word and will of their invented version of the Invisible Man In The Sky a.k.a. their version of God.

When in fact, it has always been and still is, the only word and the will of this Species or rather, of the 1% World Minority Elite, and only for the consumption of the other Stupid 99% of the population bred to follow and to obey these connards.

The invented Mythological Characters of the New Religions are only mere Thought-Forms of this Species.
There are artificial THOUGHT-FORMS of these CLOWNS created by collective stupidity of Young Souls.

But Thought-Forms are not the real thing at all and they will not stand up the heat or anything when it comes to true and real Archetypal Forces, the real thing, the Power/Might of the Ultimate Source of All Existence/LIFE, the Supreme Being HERSELF - The Creatress Goddess of All... She Who is inside of all Her Creation and at once also Her Creation is inside of Her, as in the "AS ABOVE SO IS BELOW".

However, to show I am a good sport, I shall say that if I believed in any stupid Hell at all, I would still say that I 100% would rather RULE in HELL than to serve in some stupid and boring puritanical HEAVEN.

So, I am 100% with Maria Padilla!!! And to be quite honest, Her (Elemental) Fire is, my fire too.

And, I am very happy that I am of Fae blood.

I would not want to have it any other way!

Salve Dona Maria Padilla - Salve Todas As Padilhas / Padillas dos Mundos!

Salve Todas as Falanges & Linhas de Padilha / Padilla!

Salve Maria Padilha, Pomba Gira Rainha do Fogo Elemental Eterno e Muito Amada por mim & from the heart.



Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon a.k.a. PADILLA a.k.a. Padilla of Ashtoreth, of Astarte, of Astaroth, of Baal a.k.a. Mayoral Baphomet a.k.a. Mayoral Belzebu, of Quimbandic Exu Lucifer, etc...

GLBTQ+ Pagan Trans-Priestess / Hps / Yaya' / Yalorixa' / Olorisha - Witch Hexe Sorciere Feiticeira Macumbeira Bruxa Sorceress Shaman - Pagan Holistic Occultist / Consultant GLBT-Pagan / Wiccan & Pagan Quimbandeira


I will always Defend my Exu-Femmes / Pomba Giras / Fae / Elementals !!!

They were not and They are NOT the wide-spread “mis-information / dis-information” of the Media Spinners of/from the rich and big mainstream Religions!

What I mean is, the men-made/invented bullshit, the invented rubbish that these Rich & Big popular RELIGIONS fib, lie and pretend to the world that they-the-Pomba-Giras & Exus are.

HELL & INFERNO are words/terms and inventions of the NEW RELIGIONS with their invented Spiritual-Dualistic/Zoroastrian Rubbish a.k.a. their Mythologies, their Belief and Language, their invented Values and Their invented Ways of Conduct.




What do I mean by Non-Dualistic / Non-Zoroastrian?

Actually it is my Pleasure to let you all know!

Non-Dualistic - Pertaining to the people and their chosen moral / ethical codes ( a.k.a. Codes/Ways of Conduct & Codes/Ways/Collection of Values ) which did not and do not embrace nor subscribe to the invention / concept of the Personification of Good & Bad which became later called Moral Dualism, Spiritual Dualism.

It is basically / usually an invented Patriarchal/Patristic a.k.a. Men/Father&God-oriented tale / made-up story a.k.a. Mythology of Two Idiots, that it is, two stupid / pathetic Deities / Gods being the source of all Opposites, of all Good & of all Bad, while Fighting / Warring / Battling Each Other as in Good Versus Evil.

One of them always being made to be the Only One God a.k.a. (Monistic Way)!
All of it, simply invented/made up and created by the Ancient Persian Zoroaster also known as Zarathustra (Estimated dates of his birth may range from 6000 BC to 100 BCE)

Jewish / Christian Mythologies and Their invented Morals, their invented Codes of Conduct / of Values, they all have heavily borrowed / copied from the Zoroastrian Inventions!

Also equally so did the later Egyptian Dynasties as their mythologies were modified as well in order to reflect made-up Battles / Wars of / between Good and Bad, however personified at this time by their Egyptian Gods and Goddesses, of course, inventing/placing God Seth a.k.a. Set as playing the bad fellow God!

When I feel, write and affirm that I am 100% Non-Spiritual-Dualism-Oriented a.k.a. Non-Dualistic, I mean that I do not believe nor subscribe to / in any men-made / invented Personified Battles / Wars between men-made / invented Personifications of Good and of Bad at all!
And again, I do mean NONE AT ALL!!!

There was a Matristic Time / Matriarchal Time, a Goddess Oriented Time, a Supreme Being Goddess Creatress Oriented Time !!!
Yes, there was.

When God was a Woman!

There was also a time when Hebrew / Jewish & the so-called body of oral teachings which became known as Torah reflected more of the original Ancient Tribes than what is taught in schools & mainstream Academia of our modern times.

And a Creatress Goddess and Her created and sacred Goddesses and Gods were the Foundation of all Belief & Language, of all Codes of Value & of Conduct.

There were No Battles and No Wars between any Good and Bad at all, as each and every human being took responsibility / accountability for his / her own actions / reactions and consequences.

Codes of Conduct and Codes of Values, they reflected a firm Respect for All Differences because back then the People knew their meaningfully empowered Freedom depended upon the virtues of All Mutual Respect For All Differences.

There were not any Fear-driven Patristic/Patriarchal Controls / Abuses imposed upon this Species' many collections of "Belief and Language" by a 1% Minority Elite in order to oppress, to loot and to control, to censor and to abuse the other 99% of the populations.

As a 100% Pagan + Pagan Wiccan for life, a loyal Worshiper of the Pagan Goddesses and Gods, Lover of Fae, Pomba-Giras & Exus, and "who can call and have It coming", who performs the Pagan Rites & Rituals of a my own Pagan Tradition & Religion and equally as a happily proud Founder of my own Pagan Wiccan Magick Tradition, I do not believe nor subscribe to any Modern Dualistic Patristic Hebrew / Jewish & Christian Bodies of Teachings, nor to any of Their Mythologies and/or to any of all Mythological Characters thereof, nor to any of Their Codes of Values and / or of Conduct!

Because, I do have my own and I do prefer my own for myself and for my own life and time!
Which, by the way, it is Something which actually reflects the sacred fact / truth, that Mutual Respect for / of All Differences was, is and will always be the Intelligent, Wise and Sacred Foundation of all empowered Freedom on earth.
Something with more Humanity as "Freedom With Wisdom Is The Law Above & Beyond All Other Laws!"

I respect the choices of other human beings for their own selves as long as they respect mine for myself!

And no, I do not believe nor subscribe to any Bible, to any Torah, nor to any of all their mythologies and mythological Characters / Stories / Etc!

As a rule I 100% do not believe nor subscribe to any other Patristic / Patriarchal, Spiritual Dualistic / Zoroastrian-Oriented Mainstream Religions, whether it is Hinduism a.k.a. Bhagavad-Gītā/Vedas, or whether it is Mohammedanism/Muslim/Islam a.k.a. Quran, or Buddhism a.k.a. Tripitaka, etc, and so forth.

But I do 100% subscribe to, and I do worship, adore and believe 100% in the Ancient Ultimate Supreme Being Creatress Goddess, Womb, Fountain, Nature & Source of All Existence/Life, and also equally in Her Ancient Pagan Goddesses & Ancient Pagan Gods and in Her Creation to which we all are a part of!
Eternal and Infinite EVOLUTION comes from Her and to all of us, to everything, to all existence/life.

And my love for Her is forever!

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon



The Other Realms / Dimensions / Frequencies / Worlds in the Astral / Lower, Mid and Higher Umbrals, they all will "naturally" & "temporarily" accommodate the soul's most recent Incarnation's adopted temporary "belief and language" by offering as much as possible that what the soul is expecting/counting on to find, feel, hear and see when it arrives to the Other Side after death.

However eternal and infinite Evolution takes over all and everything.

Because, then, slowly, the soul begins to remember all temporarily forgotten parts of itself, that it is, all of other incarnations, all the information which the soul has gathered to date.

So if one expects Hell and Brimstone, one may "temporarily" get some of that, so they can feel comfortable within their temporarily adopted belief and language.

Again, but afterwards, Evolution always comes to all, everybody and everything.

No religion on this earth, or any other earth, also no book ever written, none are larger than eternal and infinite Evolution.

They all bow down to Evolution.

So the mythological characters of all world mythologies, their mythological worlds, their stories, their belief and language, they all can "temporarily" be found and "temporarily" experienced after death, however only for the sake of evolution, of learning, of rising ourselves above them as we recall other more ancient belonging pieces/parts of ourselves, other lifetimes / incarnations.

We all are much more than this temporarily formed (joint-Elemental vehicle) journeys from cradle to grave.

We're Lights, we're Souls, as above so below, we're contained in the ALL and the ALL is contained in us all. The mystery of all mysteries, the infinite and eternal Source of All Existence/Life is within all of us and we also are within the Ultimate Supreme Being Source Herself.

That is what I trust it to be and do know it to be from my experience. However, to each their own conclusions and ideas!



Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon a.k.a. PADILLA a.k.a. Padilla of Astaroth, of Ashtoreth, of Astarte, of Baal a.k.a. Mayoral Baphomet a.k.a. Mayoral Belzebu

GLBTQ+ Pagan Trans-Priestess / Hps / Yaya' / Ialorixa' / Olorisha - Witch Hexe Sorciere Feiticeira Macumbeira Bruxa Sorceress Shaman - Pagan Holistic Occultist / Consultant GLBTQ+ Pagan / Wiccan & Pagan Quimbandeira


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Comment by Mystic Wolf on October 1, 2019 at 7:15pm

Thanks Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

Comment by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon on October 1, 2019 at 5:08pm

Thank you for the comment.

I've read your words... I will say this, when it comes to real world, in real time, real life, we all come to a point that we are forced to realize that we must find a way to get and keep "Empowered Freedom with Wisdom", in order to become able to buy our own homes, in order to pay for our own comfortable upkeep/living, in order to keep our home and all we have until we leave the world.

In other words, we all get to that point of the road, that we must work, we begin to feel the natural need to get our own place and "have our thing" and of course, "be and do our own way"! We must first find a way to be successful in what we do so that we may secure the means, the resources, the wealth which it takes to get there and live well and comfortably as Kings and Queens of our own Castles.

When we are children, parents take care of us, but they have us to be and to do all their way. Because they are "Paying" for it all.

When we get older and we find a lover, a wife or a husband, we marry and then we share the burden of "Paying for it all" at the cost of compromising a bit what/how/who we really are and do at times.

Finally, we outgrow all of that, we are older, we still want to be and to do our way, but by now, we know, there are not any free lunches, if/when we are ever to be free, we must empower that freedom with plenty of means, of resources, of wealth / money, so that we may afford to have our own place, our own way and do our own thing.

So in the end, it is all a matter of empowerment of one's freedom, so that it can be successfully employed in meaningful ways for us and our lives.

In this Species, we're human-beings, people are what and who they are, because nobody taught them any better at at time when they could've learned.

The only way to be free and I do mean effectively free, meaning, is with empowered freedom.

Value is Meaning and there is none in the abusive limitations and censorship of Poverty and Dependence.

Self-sufficiency, autonomy are the answer for this Species, for all the desire to be free, for the desire of being empowered to express ourselves in our castles and be always the final word, the "My way or the Highway" tenet of the house.

It does not come easy. Beatle Ring Starr once had a song with a line "Got to pay your dues, if you want to sing the blues, and you know it don't come easy!"

Best wishes! Good luck!


Comment by Mystic Wolf on October 1, 2019 at 2:13pm

This is a wonderful and important read Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon. 

All I hear with my family is that I call myself a witch and I should know very wekkthat my soul will be burned in eternal damnation in Hell. They always pray for me and even want me to talk to a Priestor two. I just cannot believe that this "Hell" is so inbredded in them all. I use to place my pumpkins out with my witchy lights in the front for all to see but they always get smashed and the lights torn down. So I started placing my pumpkins, pentagram, witchy lights in the back porch by the woods. In this location no one doesn't do anything to them but it is a damn shame that I cannot place what I love and follow in the front due to the 'good ole Christians' than live in my area. It does bother me a lot but I continue in my faith and enjoy what I put up. Every year I find spit on the front of my windows. Such wonderful Christians I must say.

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