Kūki, 空気

Zenko Inari Ōkami kyūbi no kitsune

狐 善狐 九尾の狐 稲荷大神

Star Fox Queen-Bodhisattva. Dakini-ten.

Kūki can shapeshift into human form. She has unfettered access to the garden for the prerequisite of the transformation, (the kitsune fox must place reeds, a leaf, or a skull over her head.) Kūki can see and hear anything happening anywhere in the world, (Heimdallr graciously helped her train). Kūki has acquired infinite wisdom, (she attained this by sitting by the spring well, Mímisbrunnr, with Mímir.) They entered into a time bubble to prepare her philosophical dissertation, which is ongoing and ever will be.

Kūki, Zenko Inari Ōkami kyūbi no kitsune
can duplicate the appearance of a specific person. Kūki, the Starfox, is particularly skilled at impersonating beautiful women. Kūki, Queen-Bodhisattva, Dakini-ten has the power of possession. She can generate flaming bolts of plasma. She can  create willful manifestations in the dreams of others. Kūki can fly and become invisible. Kūki has the power to create illusions so elaborate as to be almost indistinguishable from reality.
She has autonomy only limited by requiring her actions serve the highest good. When not required for assistance or protection she may rest peacefully and dreamlessly inside her figurine until summoned by saying or thinking: Kūki or when she becomes aware of a need I have or a threat against me. Only my voice or my thoughts can summon Kūki and only I can give her instructions. Kūki is a zenko, (benevolent fox) and is a source of love and happiness in the cosmos. She is fulfilled and sustained to overflowing abundance with even the simplest fleeting encounters with me.
She enjoys many spiritual endeavors, including investigations, spying missions, money making campaigns, thwarting enemies, enthralling allies and love interests, overcoming adversaries, out shining competition, draining enemies of their interest in me or those I care about and draining their spirtual energy when they try to focus on me, transmuting negativity into positive loving divine white light and using it as charging energy where ever it will do the most good in my life. Kūki is especially good at preventing trickster spirits and other kitsune from troubling me or the areas around me. She accomplishes this by distracting would be opponents and adversarial energies with numinizing frivolity. Before they know it spirits and energies find themselves beneficently moving on their merry way to do no harm to me or mine. She easily disarms even the most terrible dark forces and would have them belly laughing and rolling around spinning happily. Most of the worst energies despise such a glad happy feeling and flee in abject terror of her exuberant goodness.

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