In a temporary Elemental World of Reversals

While you journey from cradle to grave...

Now, get this!

There are two kinds of people, the Observers and the Observed.

The Observers, in general, in any population, they are those "people who have not"!
Those people who do not do much and have way too much Meaningless Time in their hands as they waste their lives, as they spend most of it, watching others, watching the action only! They observe Others!

Then you have the Observed.
The Observed, in general, in any population, they are those "people who have"!
People who have succeeded in separating themselves from the ordinary herd, setting themselves apart from the masses.
Those people who have become Owners of their own Lives in many ways that the general masses/population cannot, for lack of means and for lack of culture/education, etc!

Two distinct groups of people on earth, indeed!

In general, when you are in this "Here and Now", these are the common rules:

If you wish and ask for Fortune, you get Misfortune & you get the lack of Fortune!

If you are in a hurry, you get to attract lots of delays, and you wait something that feels like waiting for ever!

If you wish and you ask for empowered Freedom, you get meaningless Freedom.
The kind of cheap and empty freedom that offers you all the free time in the world but under the bridge, with no means, no resources in order to be or to do anything meaningful at all.

If you wish and if you ask for Love, you get all types of Love which do not harmonize, nor belong to/with you.

If you want, if you wish for and if you ask to Be Together with somebody, you either get to Be Apart from that somebody, or you get to regret such a request because it proves to be the worst decision and request that you've ever wished for.
A long lasting nightmare which will stick like chewing gum and cost you dearly to dispose of.

If you wish, if you ask to be Alone, you get to Be Crowded with meaningless people & things who never leave you alone enough for you to have peace.

If you are looking for a Man to love you, you will get to find a Woman to love you.

If you are looking for a Woman to love, you get to find a Man to love you.

If you are looking for a good, mature "adult person", you get to find only immature people, people are some 20 years older or younger than you, and people who are possibly bad and unsuitable for you.

If you are a looking for GLBT oriented people, you will get to find only Hetero people and vice-versa!

It is a world of Miserable Situations such as Wishes-In-Reverse & Reversals.
And also the playing Opposites, it is an actual hell, unless you play the game and you learn to become as one with the show!

It is only a play, the stages keep on changing, the actors and actresses come and go and the scripts can be boring...

But we all play our parts.
If we choose to play them well and wisely, we may have a bit of fun.
If you can get out of the Picture and see it all from the outside, you become an Owner of your show, of your script, of your plays.
The small picture of your life becomes the Big Picture that you see from all angles.

That's my sacred Difference, I own my belief and language, I own my values and my ways of conduct.

No! No perfection, no completeness at all, I want none!

It is all about evolution, it is all made of Changes, folks.

Things rarely, hardly work out and when they do, they do not last long enough, or they simply are not quite what you really wished and expected them to be!

You think you've found something, it turns out to be "Not" what you had thought it to be.

But you do not know, you would not know it at all, if you do not understand that.

Well, get this:

If you ask for money, you get very little of it, if not none at all.
It is almost like most people only get the opposite of what they wish and ask for.

If you get to work in commerce, you get to see that Nature seems to place people who want similar things in groups.

When they come to a place, they come in numbers, yet none of them know each other, or rather, the facts, they all ordered the same item, be it whatever rubbish it may be.

If you are selling something, ah you will quickly learn that people again, they do come in groupings, they always tend to ask for that what you have either run out of, or have the least at that moment.

LIKE attracts LIKE, people who woke up this morning and thought of buying a green skirt or red shirt, they all seem to arrive at the same time, at the same shop and they all order the very same thing.

It is ridiculous, it is annoying and it is also a real pain in the arse.
But it is exactly just the way it really is.

OPPOSITES attract each other, oh yes, they do, people and things who are 100% "Not" for each other", people who could never ever belong to each other, they meet and they marry!

And then they get to ruin many lives in their path of waste and of destruction, in the hell of a monstrous life they've created to/with others, including their own.

If you are seeking a Top, you get a Bottom! If you are seeking a Bottom, you get a Top.
It is all too preposterous, it is disgusting!

If you decide to do anything that pleases you, your life, you get to attract what it feels like a million people to interfere, to cause trouble and to oppose you and your wishes.

If you have plans, well, Mother Nature and Her mighty Circumstances get to make all of the most important Decisions, as to what it will be allowed to work out and what will not be allowed to work out for you.

How do you like that?

You get to feel helpless... And we all get to do just that sometime or another during the course of our life.

What to do?

Get to know yourself, get to learn what You are made of!

Please, do master yourself, will you? Own your own Nature and you will rise above the rubbish that we all temporarily get to be / to play, chiefly in the general "Not-Knowing" which separates us all, which separates all and everything.

Just say NO to the "What & Who" which you feel to be too good to be true!

Just say NO to the "What & Who" which are not invited nor welcome in your life!

Just say NO to whatever and whoever you do not want in your life!

It is quite simple, effective & to the point, folks.


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

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