Revised 20th Aug 2019
There have been many works on the Runes.
Different people have explored different Ways of Working with the Runes.
Because of the mainstream empirical "Socio-Religio-Politico-Commercial" Patriarchy of our World And Times, many, many people have extolled the virtues of the Runes via the Aesir...
Some of the very best writers of our times and from the past.
At the other hand...
Some people who know and prefer the Matriarchal Path of the Ultimate Supreme Being Creatress Goddess, have chosen to approach the dear Runes via the dear Vanir, just alike as myself who prefers a Matriarchal / "Goddesses and Gods" Ways ( "Belief & Language" with associated "Values" & "Ways of Conduct" ), which is 100% Pagan ( 100% Non-Spiritual-Dualistic / 100% Animistic & 100% Polytheist/Pantheistic ), and 100% Centred/founded upon the Ultimate Supreme Creatress-Goddess Source Of All Creation, Of All Existence, & Divine Ancestress.
Let's face it, Germania, Scandinavia, Europe and in short, the dear North, the Teutonic Mythology, the Norse Myths, the Prose Edda, the Poetic Edda, folks, they all can only take you or anybody so far... And then you are really on your own!
I do admire, I actually love the wealth of ideas, gems & potentials in the dear works of Guido Von List, Edred Thorsson, Nigel Pennick, Freya Aswynn, Stephen E Flowers, D J Cooper, Donald Tyson, Frank Joseph, Edgar Polome, Lisa Peschel, Horik Svensson, D J Conway, James M Peterson, Kveldulf Gundarsson, Kenneth Meadows, R I Page, Michael Howard, Deon Dolphin, etc, etc.
Still, from my part, I propose what has worked for me and in my experience with the Runes.
To me, it is O.K. to discover the Elemental Associations of the Runes, whether it be, the Four Directions, the Four Elements, the Astrological Signs, Astrological Planets / Asteroids, the Major Stars, the Constellations, the Mansions of the Moon, or the associated Fae / the Fae Kingdoms, the associated ancient Pagan Goddesses and Gods, the associated Numbers, Colours, Trees, Locations/Geography, etc, etc.
But after all said and done, to me, I insist in a very personal relationship with each of the Runes, the fact is, one must really get to know the runes and to allow the runes to get to know you too! One will make mistakes, but learn from them, and to to raise and arise to perfect trust and to perfect love to the dear Runes.
They will reciprocate, they will return what they receive in kind.
Mutual love and trust must be the only bonds between you and the Runes!
When it comes to the Runes...
It takes to work with each one of them, it takes trust, love, dedication and the real open-mindedness to learn, to forge ahead into the untried, the unknown, the new insights, new directions, new ways, new everything which will always work out for YOU, time after time, after time.
All the written public & available stuff/stuffing of the books, they may be nice and o.k.
But they will pale away into the mist of new dawn which comes upon you and your runes.
All the Goddesses and Gods and Fae associations may be beautiful, sacred and wonderful, however, you are working with the RUNES, not with their associated Fae, not with their associated Goddesses and Gods.
It is relationship of you and the runes and with all common and expected ups and downs which relationships do offer in order to teach character, bonding, mutuality, dignity, affection, love, respect and trust.
Ergo, as you can may have gathered by now, the runes can take you much further than the stuff of the books and out in their own gift and blessing of their relationship to you during your journey from cradle to grave.
Once you travel with them, they will come back to you each new lifetime, each new journey and slowly remind you that they have been with you longer, much longer than this tiny limited and censored perception / awareness of one-lifetime-at-a-time allowance offers you.
Fear only knows how to hurt, so lose it, will you?
Now you're ready!
Good luck and best wishes!
P.S. If/Should you wish, you may indulge yourself to have an Ancestry-Oriented DNA Test and find your true (present-lifetime/incarnation)  (Location-Oriented)Elemental Connection on/to this present Place/Earth of this Now and Here / present Time-band.
However, regardless of all different Cultures / Colours / Races / Locations, this is solely / only One Species which we call Human Beings and on One Planet which we call Earth.
Don't get caught and stuck in the labels, wilful ignorance and/or wilful intellectual dishonesty of the invented "socio-religio-politico-commercial" Hatred/Hate for/of All Differences.
Remember, the very Foundation of all Meaningful / Empowered FREEDOM on Earth for/of this Species, is factually / truly centred & founded and made of our Mutual Respect Of/For All Differences.
The Runes know no boundaries, no limitations, no censorship, no human being invented prejudices and biases.
Superior, Better and Higher, we all get to be sometime...
As there are many, many lifetimes / incarnations and no exceptions, we all get to come back either as the bat, or the ball.
So be good to one another, will you?
List Of 33 Pagan Runes & Their Divination-Oriented Meaning -
REVISED 18th August 2019

WYRD - BLANK - Destiny, The Unknown, Temporarily Hidden For The Present, Secret
FEHU - CATTLE - Prosperity, Money/Wealth, fulfillment, Successful Work, To Be Interested in
URUZ - OX - Raw Energy, Strength, Wild, Big Change, Sexual Vitality, Power, Advancement
THURISAZ - THURS - GATEWAY - HAMMER OF THE GOD THOR - THE DEFENSIVE THORN (As those of Rose branches) - True-Will, A Big chance, Great Luck or Formidable Obstacle, Sudden Big Change, Reactive Power, The Sacrifice that New information may require, Discipline, Self-Control, Initiation, Protection but only if-when such is supported by Divine Wisdom.
ANSUZ - OZ-ASH-MOUTH - Info, Empowerment, Strength of Information, Growth of Means, Good Advice, Follow Your Instinct, Thought, Mind, Self, Conversation, Email, Letter, Telephone-call, Information, Movement, The New & Untried, Communications, Liberation, Release, Learning, Teaching, Freedom with Wisdom, The Spoken or Written Authority of a God/Goddess, Power, Divinely connected.
RAIDHRAIDHO - RIDE- Travel, Journey, Change, Action On Its Way To You, That What It's Right, Reason, Motion, Movement Relocation, Justified, Just, Fair, Riding
CEN - KENAZ - TORCH - Fire, Flame, Illuminated, An Opening-Up, Shaping-Up, A valuable Offer, Of dignity, of Value, Honorable, The Arts, Good, Benign, Well-Being & Integrity
GIFU - GIFT - Love-, Wedding, Marriage, Gifts Exchange, A Windfall, A Partnership, Sexual Union, Pleasantries & Niceties
WUNJO - WYNN - JOY - Happy, Yes, "Wish comes true", Pleasure, Success, Harmony, Contentment, Happiness & Well-Being
HAGAL - HAGALAZ - HAIL - Rain, Storm, On Mother Nature's Hands/Terms, Big change, Interruption, Primordial Forces, Being in harmony and peace with Mother Nature spells "Good Luck & Fortune", Protected by Mother Nature spells "Good Luck & Fortune", Protected by Mother Nature Herself
NAUTHIZ - NYD - NEED - Need-Fire, Bonfires, Need, Necessity, Testing, Delay, "Wait & Be Patient", Friction, Self-Reliance, Shadow
ISA - ICE - Reflection, Rest, Freeze, Frozen, Self-Control, Be Still, Be Silent, "Stop & Wait!", A Temporary "NO" For the Now & Here
JERA - YEAR - HARVEST - Waiting for the right time, Gestation, Proper Action, Justified Outcome, Justice, Fair Result, "Wait For Now", A Justified-Win, A Season, Higher Justice from Above, Justified Success, Cosmic Guidance
EIWAZ - YEW - Death, Endings, turning Point, Transformation, Change, Obstacles Are Removed, A Lucky Delay, to Be Protected For Now.
PERDHO - PEORTH - CASTING LOTS BAG - THE DICE CUP - The Unknown, A Secret for now, Occult Abilities, Revelation of a Secret, A Surprise, Good Luck, Good Fortune, Abundance, Finding that what was lost, The Unexpected, Winning in games of chance, Lucky Winning
AX - Friends, Friendship, Visible Movement, Blockages are removed, Guided by Divine Guidance & Intervention, Very Well Protected, Guided By The Gods, Follow-Your-Intuition, Blessed, Lucky, Sanctuary, Connected to the Goddesses, Of Fae-Blood
SOWELO -SIGEL - SOL - Sun, Sunshine, Sunny, Energy, Success, Victory, Good Health, Good Healing, Guided Goal, Good Fortune, Good Luck, Power, Force
TEIWAZ - TIW - PHALLUS - ARROW-UP - Justified Victory, Winning, Truth, Good Health, Loyalty, Trust, Bravery, Good Sex, Manly, Manhood
BERKANA – BEORC - BIRCH - BREASTS - BIRTH - In the Belly, Home, Women's Mysteries, Mother, Motherly Womanhood, A New Beginning, Birth, Liberation, Release, "Home Where One's true Heart really is", Pregnant, Magick, To Be Pregnant, A New Starting Point
EHWAZ - HORSE - STEED - STALLION - Moving, Relocation, Travel, Journey, Mutual Trust, Partnerships of all kinds, Speed, Tem-work, The Conformation Rune which attests to the runs coming before itself, Mutual Loyalty, Mutual Caring, LGBTQ Sexual Unions, LGBTQ Marriage, Spouses, Lovers, new Home, New Goals, Androgyny, Third Gender Trans, Adjustment, Shape-shifter, Telepathic links, Continuity, Self-Transformation, "Think Positive & Have a Good Attitude Shall Work Wonders for You" is the advice of this rune.
MANNAZ - MAN - Men, Mankind, Humanity, Joint Efforts, Cooperation, Help from Others, Other people's attitude towards You, Potential, Self & Family, Relationships, Join Pursuits, Social order, Husband, Male Influence in Life, A Direction, Willingness to change, Inventions, Creations.
LAGUZ - LAKE - WATER - RIVER - Wife, Lady, Women, Female, Feminine, Girl, Lover, Successful Woman, Success, Arts, Life Force, Hidden Movement, Hidden Progress, Being Filled, Good Sex, Real Magick, Just-like-a-Woman, "Follow Your Intuition", Healing, being Psychic, Follow your feelings!
INGUZ - SEE BAD - SCROTUM - KIN ING - Successful Outcome, Fixed Desirable Results, Good victory, Family, Completion, Coming To a Full Circle, Spouse, Husband, Resting, The Sealing Rune for Happy Outcomes, A Happy Ending, Benefits from Family, The Fire Within, Astral Vessel, Magickally grounded, Good Sex, Progression, Creating Life-Force.
DAGAZ - DAY - DAYLIGHT - A Change From Night-To-Day, Catalyst, Sudden or Gradual Sweeping Change, Almost there, Day-break, Soon, Almost there, To render Invisible, "Success but only if you seize the moment with wisdom", Invisibility, Synthesis, The In-Between Moment Just Before an Event, the Ideal, new Awareness, The Untried, "Think Positive!", Sudden Realization, Transmission, Initiation, Attraction between two people.
OTHALAZ - OTHEL - HOME- FAMILY WEALTH - ANCESTRY - House, One's Home, Family, Well-Being, Ancestral Fortunes, Ancestral Values, Family Ties, Nobility, Dignity, Non-Movable Assets, Great Wealth, "Old Money", Tangibility, Empowerment & Means, Group Success, "Be Practical & Patient", Old/Ancient, Group Wisdom, Retreating, Temporary Separation, To back off temporarily, Help from older friends, To be practical Cooperation, Sacred Enclosure, Possessions, Centering, Focus, Mutual Stability, Protection of possessions, A down-to-earth attitude.
AC -OAK - Stability, Commitment, Nourishment, Teacher, Provided by Natural Divine Providence, Initiation, Evolution.
YR - YEW BOW - Mastery, Domination, Control over, Skills & Knowledge combined, the Empowerment of Information plus Daring, A Symbol and/or Ornament which evokes one's Will-Power to do one's part, Security & Well-Being, Pride in one's works, To overcome obstacles, the "Never" give up rune.
EAR - EA - EARTH - GRAVE- HUMAN NECESSITIES - Endings, Grave, Death, Completion, New Beginnings, "Well-Lived Victory with Longevity", Male Lust, "Leaving of/Ending of the Old whist making room/space for the Beginning of the new to enter", Outside human Control and in the hands of Mother Nature.
IOR - IO - SERPENT/SNAKE - The Pain and Sacrifice of Evolution, of Having To Learn and Having To change in order to experience Life, Emergence, Death, Endings, Rebirth, Protection by Magickal Powers & Magickal Works, Concentrated Magickal Wisdom & Power, this Rune Symbol overcomes all of the other Runes & Symbols, provided the fact that the user knows its Meaning by Experience, by Blood and by Wisdom and absolutely "not" by Knowledge and Information alone.
The Ancient (Pagan Matristic Pantheistic Non-Dualistic) Egyptian Magick Tradition Uraeus of Cosmic Wisdom and of Real Power of a Magickal Nature is the very equivalent of IOR.
CALC - CHALICE - CUP - the rune that says - "A major wish will come true soon", Blessings, Material Well-Being, Completion, endings, Via this Rune/symbol, the "ideal manifests and materializes" when one's focus is well-dedicated to it for a season.
CWEORTH - CUTTING TOOL - FIRESTICK - The Magickal Pagan Apple of Infinite & Eternal Wisdom, "A Human made Perfect by Evolution Wisdom, "A Human made Perfect by Evolution of that person's Soul mandated by the Ultimate Supreme Being Mother Source of All & Everything that exist and supported by all Her Creation everywhere for eternity", Flame, Fire, "Transformation which comes from New Information", Cutting away the Old, Replacing the Old with the New, the Power to Vanquish, the Ability to hold on to one's Victories, Attracting Long & well-lived Successes.
STAN - STONE - shelter, Resistance of change, Shield, Protection, Firm, Hard, Reliable, It turns away and blocks any would-assailants/baddies, this rune is used to connect the human realm with the divine realms, used to connect this Species and the Goddesses and Gods.
GA – GAR - SPEAR - Goal, aim, Target, Royalty Symbol, Scepter, Sent Energy, Raised and Directed Power, Directed energy, Carrier of Spells, Vessel of Willed-For-A-Purpose-Energy, "Energy sent will find its mark and return", the "Send and Receive Info rune", That what it is Sent & Returned info and with Results.
Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon a.k.a. PADILLA a.k.a. Padilla of Ashtoreth, of Astarte, of Astaroth, of Baal a.k.a. Mayoral Baphomet a.k.a. Mayoral Belzebu, of Quimbandic Exu Lucifer, etc...
Sky also known as JD Aeon – Pagan Trans-Priestess Hps Yaya' Yalorixa' Olorisha - Witch Shaman Occultist Consultant GLBTQ+ Pagan / Wiccan & Pagan Quimbandist
Sky também conhecida como JD Aeon – Trans-Pagã-Sacerdotisa / Hps / Yaya' /  Yalorixá / Olorisha Bruxa Feiticeira Macumbeira Shaman Ocultista Consultora GLBTQ+ Pagã / Wiccan & Quimbandeira Pagã
Sky aussi connue comme JD Aeon – Trans-Prêtresse / Hps / Yalorixa / Yaya' / Olorisha - Sorcière Hexe Magicienne Chaman - Occultiste - Conseillère GLBTQ+ Païenne / Wiccan & Quimbandiste Païenne
Well, the extra rune is a composite rune version of CALC / Cup compounded into more protected format as Calc written with a (K) KALC.


The Pagan Patriarchal versions link this dear rune to the Norse God Woden / Odin and it claims that it has a staff of Ash Wood, connecting it to the World Tree a.k.a. Yggdrasil.

The Thirty-Third Rune GAR also has no assigned Airt as all the Other Runes do, and it stands solely by Itself.

GAR is a Rune of Empowerment! GAR is sacred to the Ancient Pagan Norse God Ing, under "Matriarchal/Creatress-Goddess-Centred" oriented Pagan Norse Runes Version!

GAR is also the "SEAL THE SPELL/SEAL THE MAGICKAL WORK" Rune, chiefly when drawn / initiated / invoked as the final Act of the Ritual/Rites/Spell...

And in the order format as invoking/forming (First) (Left to Right) GIFU, then centrally covered by, "facing each other" (Second) KENAZ & to finalize (Third) KENAZ REVERSED, facing towards either the North West or North East of the location.








Anexagoras said - "Nothing exists apart, everything has a share of everything else."

Aristotle wrote - "All things are ordered together... And the world is not such that one thing has nothing to do with another, but they are connected."

Empedocles stated - "There is no birth in mortal things, and no end in ruinous death."



Along with writers, Kenneth Meadows and Nigel Pennick, I share the belief that Pagan Shamanism has always been the most ancient form of Spiritual Expression which is known o this Species, with its origins in Prehistoric time, it predates all of the world's religions and their men-made Mythologies.


In this case, as a Pagan NORSE RUNES Shaman! Personally, I believe, the Runes, in its wealth of many different Variations / Versions of Expression, they have been with this Species since the beginning of time.


However, mainstream Academia of our modern times, plus all its considerations of appended socio-religio-politico importance, based upon mainstream traditions...

It is possible to find comfort, solace and entertainment in the socially agreed upon conventions of our most imperfect (socio-religio-politico-commercial-biased) chronological systems and their dubious authority.


In such case I should like to recommend:


Wyrdstaves Of The North - by Nigel Pennick 2010 - Lear Books - UK

This book is also known/sold in the US as: "RUNIC LORE & LEGEND" (Wyrdstaves of Old Northhumbia) by Nigel Pennick - Destiny Books - US

It covers the Pagan British Runes also called as the Extra Runes / The English Runes.


Other excellent books on the dear runes that I would recommend:


Rune Magic - Nigel Pennick

Gods of the Runes - Frank Joseph

Taking Up The Runes - Diana L Paxson

Rune Power - Kenneth Meadows

Leaves of Yggdrasil - Freya Aswynn




First of all, it was not meant to be Political and it is NOT a Determinant, nor an Imposition for anybody at all.

It is only SHARING and the virtues of other choices beyond the mainstream perceived scheme of things!

Considering all of the real World's Impositions such as imposed Limitations and "Censorship", I need not to say that I do not respond well to "censorship" of any kind.

I am "Not" a Militant of any kind for any subject and/or cause of any sort!

I have examined my articles, my words and the points, if anything, I simply offered and still offer to the political subjective side of it/them, wise advise!

In our times, it has become very difficult, in fact, quite a challenge To Say Anything about Anything, without being subtracted by simple-minded / stupid Cultural Divisions, and without being Labelled either Political, Religious or Commercial.

It is the most absurd Invention of Corrected-Ness: it is called "Censorship"!

I do not TOLERATE nor entertain that!

Considerations in re of the PEOPLE per se...

The Mediocrity of the Crowds who keep on voting these horrible/monstrous Politicians for office, then they've the gall/nerve to wonder Why are we losing our Civil Rights, why is there Religion intruding into our Bodies & in our Beds, why are we fighting over dumb-ass Mythologies of Fools being passed as Laws?

It is hard to have any sympathy for that.

I've no interest nor any sympathy for the games of Oppressed & Oppressors, nor for the paid mainstream Spinners who keep on peddling their harmful agendas such as changing collective goals, from Solvency to Revenge by manipulating Non-Conformism into Resentment!

The Southern cross, but a figure of speech by the way, went from Solvers to Ideological Slaves to the Politics of Gov, to ideological slaves of Religion, and finally to ideological slaves of Business!

It is all about Money and Control / Power over.

People become the masks that they wear for earning a living as fit into the ideological boxes fabricated for them, in order to control them.

Some like this stuff, some do not even know what it is happening...

Others say no to bullshit! I do!

Whatever the choice one elects, it is fine.

And that's equally fine by me, it is only One-Life-Time-at-a-time and no harm done as we all return and return and return again.

The eternal and infinite Seeds of the NEW are planted, are always being planted  everyday and Evolution is coming, Evolution will come to all and no exceptions at all, whether sooner or later, but it surely will.

We are living at the Conceptual Separation / Separateness!

Nobody is railing against any ORDERS and chiefly the "ones" which were made-to-be Indispensable... LOL

The fact is, there are other Realities, other Choices beyond any ORDERS invented by this primitive Species.

The dear forefathers of this land, they saw that when they founded this beautiful nation.

Yes, there will be trouble, there will be Preferentials, there will be disliked differences but we all have the right to catch a glimpse of the choices which go beyond and past all ORDERS which only serve the Obedient Conformists of any time and place.

It turns out, the Runes have been employed / manipulated in the past amidst Political / Religious / Commercial Causes as European history attests.

Ergo, my humble text is nothing of the sort.

I merely point to Caution for Directions which I would not entertain as a Suggestion! And after all, my writings are not meant as impositions, nor as determinants to anybody at all.

Seeds of new thinking are dangerous if they threaten up the mainstream Status-quo... LOL

I think we have nothing to worry about that neither.

So, I respect my readers' rights to their perspective and position, however if we all are to be free and perhaps friends too, we all must respect each other's perspectives as well! It is a two way road and we are only sharing.

Blessings to all,

SKY a.k.a. Padilla a.k.a. JD Aeon



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