Listen to your inner Jedi Master: Jedi Seer Meditation Technique

This meditation is designed to help you center in the things that you do not like about yourself and to help you weed out those

traits and to help with sowing the seeds of who you want to be, and helping you manifest that ideal image.


To begin this meditation find a quiet place to sit for 5-10 minutes or longer if needed.


Start by relaxing and keeping your attention on your breath, do not try to breathe deeply, just breath as you normally would.

keep your attention on your breath but do not think about your breath, just feel your breath.

Next, begin from the base of your spine and working your way up, begin to feel your body relaxing and becoming heavy

imagine that you are like the hot wax of a tapered candle just letting all of your worries and stresses just melt away and

let it just drip off of you.


Once you are completely relaxed feel the ground beneath you, close your eyes and visualize a place that is elevated high with a view that you can see for miles and miles.


Now when you have this place in your mind and it is a stable image visualize something to yourself that represent emotional neutrality this can be anything for you want it to be, now if your mind keeps jumping around go back to the first image that appeared in your mind. This will represent both your emotional neutrality and your guide. 


Keep this image in your mind and place the object at the center of your vantage point representing the balance.


now reach out with your mind and feelings and to your left visualize an object that represents the limited self, or in other words, something that blocks you from being all that you can be, this can be a person, place, or thing. Remember that there is no wrong or right thing to imagine but you should always stick to the first thing that pops into view.


Now reaching out again with your mind visualize to your right something to you that represents the unlimited self, like the step before this can also be a person, place or thing.


Now that you have these images held in your mind begin to visualize a set of energetic hands rising out of your physical hands, picture these hands holding onto the hilt "Handle" of a lightsaber feel the power of the energy hands and the lightsaber, take in how that power makes you feel. 


Feel the environment around you take in all senses that you feel, smell, see etc. 


Once you are comfortable with this power visualize going to your left and cutting down the limited self, piece by piece if need be.


Once this image has been eliminated now bring the unlimited self-image into focus with your emotional neutrality image.


Let your energy hands do away with the lightsaber and now begin to visualize your unlimited self-image merge with your emotional

neutrality and let the energy hands begin to mold a new image, an image of the ideal self, once this image is formed hold on to this image

every day and let it be a manifestation focal point and a goal to work toward.


May the Force be with you always!

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