Most people in this Now & Here of our present times, and to be more specific, Eastern Coast, USA, early in Spring 2020...

Most people are finding very difficult to deal with the Standstill being caused, being imposed by this brutal, sometimes survivable and yet at times fatal onslaught of Corona V19.

From affecting the national economy and business to disrupting the lives of everybody and/or, to threatening all and everything in its way!

It forced upon us a Standstill alike as no other before, and which most of us all, were not really ready for.

Those who are very wealthy and rich are being reminded how fragile their position, their power and their life of wealth really are.

Those who are poor and working-class are being reminded how fragile their situation is, of/for depending on Jobs / Working for Others for survival, and depending on renting their homes and living in other people's properties.

Those who are nothing and have nothing are appreciating to see the rest of the population finally getting to know what they already know, it is all very fragile, all must pass and control is an illusion of short shelf-life.

Suddenly, we have the time to find our personal Meaning, our Value.

Suddenly, we have the time to realize how we take for granted who we really are, what we really have, what we really do...

Suddenly we have time to appreciate Other Meaningful People in our lives, from Family members, to dear Friends, to Lovers. 

Suddenly we get the time to think, to find out what it happened to all of the these years and we get to ask what a hell are we doing with our lives?

Where is my beautiful place?

Who is my beautiful lover?

What is my powerful job?

Do I own anything really?

Is this what we want?

Are we where we want to be?

Who are our real best friends?

Have we come too far that nobody could keep up with us and we're all alone?

There is uncertainty, there is no surety, there are serious doubts!!!

And most people wonder how will they find the means and get sufficient  money in order to pay their bills, in order to pay for their upkeep.

The majority of the population on earth everywhere, they have worked for Others most of their lives, they have rented their homes from Others most of their lives and they have lived with these questions most of their lives.

This standstill, it equalizes everybody on the same mental level of having to stop and to think about what it is happening, the risks, and the prospects for a better tomorrow too.

We all are in the same boat and are we going downstream without a paddle?

Of course, not!

The Gloom, the Darkness, the Negativity, the Most Depressing Times, they require plenty of "Elemental" hard-work behind the scene...

Nothing happens in vain.

There is a reason behind all.

Sometimes we are wise enough to know and to understand, most of the time, we simply are not.

But whether we understand it or not, it does not change anything at all.

We still have to face it and get over it.

We must learn TO LEARN the Lessons of our difficult times, of our Standstill time.

Make the best of the Standstill which life sends you and you will shine.


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

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Comment by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon on March 25, 2020 at 2:20am

Thank you!

As far as dear Crowley's "Love is the Law, Love under will!" However, I am not into Thelema! Crowley's dear law is wonderful but in order to be allowed to be effective, the blood and life of Crowley's dear law is the Law I live by and that I've shared on my works - (Empowered) Freedom with Wisdom is the Highest Law and the one and only Law of All infinite and eternal Evolution. I live by that law. Once people learn freedom with wisdom, they will practice and live Love is the Law, Love under Will!

Ergo, do what you will and try to enjoy the many rides (from cradle to grave) we all volunteer for in these denser Elemental Regions and Time-bands.


Comment by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon on March 24, 2020 at 3:39pm

Thank you, Zanoni! A super comment and I appreciate it very much! Mother Nature is readying us all for the Evolutionary Changes we will experience as a Species collectively and also individually. A great and long lasting Shift in our Perception / Awareness and Consciousness of Our own Selves and how we see Others and the World which surrounds our lives, us.

Yes, it is "Not" About "What Happens" / "What It Will Be Allowed To Happen" to us and to our personal world, it is really About "How We individually & collectively React" to what happens to us and in our world.

Corona V19 will has already come, but it also will surely go.

I liked your upbeat and positive words, thank you for sharing.

There is too much drama, sensationalism and a focus on the horrific, the negative and the very worst, chiefly when it comes to the Press, the many News reporting on telly, etc. Then during the commercials, the Pharma Business & Hospitals peddling their Business a.k.a. their Meds, their Premises, Their Services via bad taste Commercials about Terminal Illnesses and with all Unpleasant associated topics...

In between all of that, the Cemeteries and the Funeral homes peddle their business via morbid Commercials, highlighting their available Space, their Burials, their related Products and Services...

It gets to be All Too Much!

So I instantly change/switch Channels to either Hulu or Netflix, or yet Amazon-Prime.

I consider an unwelcome abuse when all this rubbish comes to people at dinner time via their local News, or at breakfast.

It helps, if one keeps this type of rubbish out of one's view and ears.

It is bad for the mood, for the attitude, for the general disposition of anybody to be bombarded by all the TV News and the commercials.

I keep them off my life, off my breakfast, off my lunch and off my dinner!

And it feels liter, more peaceful without all of that stuffing.

Best wishes!

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

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