There come times, of greater awareness of the world around us, that sometimes are so vast in scope that I feel almost on the verge of madness, or that my head or the whole world will split open with the force of it.

Moving .. thought.. into places beyond the scope of language and symbols my mind has for it, but instinctively knows are there, hidden beneath the specific illusions of the senses we create in order to experience and manifest our environments.. which are really one and the same thing, the experience and the manifestation thereof.

It's odd to write about.. It's deconstruction, and writing is a process of construction of more metaphor.. it's exploring something through it's opposite to try to decry it in words.

We are all so much more than we can ever 'know' for 'knowing' itself becomes limitation.. we have limited ourselves specifically so we can 'know' ourselves, and ironically this process also hides us from ourselves.. we simultaneously experience ourselves in infinite facets, discretely held and observed, because it is the very observation that creates them, and in order to create observation, we must create focus, and in order to create focus, we must narrow our view upon a thing, and deliberately exclude other things that are not immediately relevant to us.

The irony is to be divine infinite experiencing itself, the divine infinite must experience itself in infinite finite ways.. we only see this is 'paradox' and oppositional because we have constrained our focus.

As I explore the unseen, I realize the fragility of the seen.. that the opening of certain doors of the mind and seeing what we have hidden ourselves, will mean a necessary shift of focus from the seen world that we are constantly creating in our observation/experience/manifestation of it. As soon as I allow mind to truly go beyond that point then a necessary disillusion of the seen world happens. Reality as my current limited construct of memory and experience knows it would be blown wide open.

If one stands on the precipice.. one feels it, and even fears it, for the creation of that greater awareness becomes the destruction of our current one. The world falls away revealing itself to be as in Wonderland, just a deck of cards, a hand we have dealt ourselves, a little game we are playing.. and nothing more.

What lies beyond.. is everything, and therefore nothing.. It cannot be transcribed here, or anywhere, there is no condensing it in the focus of symbol.. there is only dissolving into the reality of it as our eternal infinite selves.

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Comment by Leila Raven on October 16, 2011 at 9:15am

Nigel, you've hit the nail on the head. That is what many masters of mindfulness speak of. It's why the buddhists speak also of a period that happens when one practices deep meditation regularly where we start to spontaneously observe 'supernatural phenomena' or experience 'enhanced perception' or what appears to be 'extrasensory' perception, and that it's important not to be distracted by this process, but continue on one's practice. In many ways 'greater reality' is also just 'greater illusion'.. if we buy into the new experiences as even more concrete than the illusions we left behind, we're simply accepting a new paradigm of illusions.

We are co-creating all of our reality via our attention, and inattention.. mind boggling.. so leave mind behind! :)

Easier said than done.. I don't practice hard, or worry about escaping illusion much. If I'm creating it, if its happening, it serves a purpose, and so I'll just attend to what happens as it happens. 

Comment by Leila Raven on October 12, 2011 at 1:08pm
Beautiful metaphoric imagery H, thank you.. :)
Comment by Leila Raven on October 11, 2011 at 11:13am

RaibearT Just like we do not see the colour ultraviolet because we do not harvest pollen and nectar from flowers, but since it is relevant to the existance of bees and birds.. they do. We experience only what is relevant to our own existence. There is far more out there though, than just visual light spectrums we can't see like ultraviolet and infrared. Our world is many layers richer than this, with many dimensions and elements far beyond our perception. The hidden world is all around us. Our very senses and sensory organs, our very physicality creates our reality in that it defines it's perception of it based on what is necessary for survival of the organism we are.

My mind is full and busy, yet still and deep and quiet.. an ocean, right now, it's swimming.. I'm swooning. I should take a nap and let some other parts of consciousness indulge awhile. Stretched in two directions, wanting more, and wanting less..

Comment by Cougar Martin on October 11, 2011 at 10:55am

Deep and thought provokin' ,  thanks for sharin'.


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