Most people who DO experience remembering past reincarnations a.k.a. Past-Lives-Regression, most people who find themselves remembering past lives, their past / reincarnations, they all are very much quite surprised by their newly found awareness / consciousness, their newly found perception of themselves, or that special part / portion of theirs not known previously within this present lifetime, not until recently.

I have found in my experience that in general, most people will keep that information, that special perception to themselves.

First, you the reader, you have to imagine that you, out of nowhere, you begin to remember that you were some "Joe or Jane" who lived in some other town, in some other state, perhaps in some other country... And of course, in some other time.
Then, in full possession of your newly gained perception, awareness, past life memory & remembrance, you do take a trip to that actual place / location.
And you begin to confirm the information which returned to your awareness.
And at some point, you visit the cemetery where you were buried.
And you find and see everything as you've remembered.

It is, it becomes ONE of most mysterious and sharpest scenes / horizon-events & quantum evolutionary steps of your life.

After that, I will assure you, or anybody, you will "Not" need to find Proof / Justifications & Validation any longer from/of your friends, relatives and family.
You also will "Not" need to find Proof / Justifications & Validation any longer from/of the pool of "socio-religio-politico-commercial" mainstream (invented by this Species) "Belief and Language", nor from/of their associated (invented by this Species) "Values and Ways of Conduct".

Because, you know who you are and "were", you know what you felt and you know what you found out, what you've experienced all of that both inside and outside of yourself.

There are not any way out of this newly found perception, consciousness & awareness!
And of course, by now, you know very well - "NOBODY CAN UNRING THAT BELL!"

The question of Validation, it always begins with oneself first.

And since you have remembered your past lives and you've confirmed it all yourself.
You need no convincing from anything, nor from anybody else on earth.

Ergo, I doubt that there would be people out there very eager to share, and madly to try to validate, to prove and to justify whatever it is that they've experienced as far as their own experience of past reincarnation, past lives regressions.

Family members, different (concerned) people belonging to the actual present Family, now connected to you via your memory/recall of your past incarnation / past-life regression, and for various reasons ranging from jealousy, fear, pettiness and wilful ignorance, to blatant, wilful intellectual dishonesty... They often will sometimes out in the open or covertly, actively attempt to change family surnames, middle names, important dates and other important associated information/details regarding the member of their family, the person who you were, who you have remembered and claim to have been.
They do this and all in order to discredit you, your memory of that past life / incarnation, your connection to that family.

Of course, none of that matters or means anything to you, because you've remembered who you were and you know more than they know, you do not need them, their approval, in fact. you need nothing from them at all.
You are satisfied to own your experience and you do not to need to prove anything to anybody at all and you have nothing to gain nor to lose.
However, you own your past / your old/ancient past and the information which it freely and willingly offered you Au-natural! You trust and you know it to be real and true and indeed, you need nothing more.

In the end, it is something of Personal Value, of Personal Meaning and indeed, it needs not any further Validation, Justification for the actual person who really and truly experiences such a blessing, such a gift of remembering Past Lifetimes, past incarnations.

There are many lifetimes, many time-bands and this is not the only elemental Earth, not the only Elemental realm, time or Species in this, and amongst many other Universes, amidst many other Galaxies and in infinite many other Cosmos, etc!

I know this from my very own experience with past-lives regressions / remembering past incarnations.
I am quite pleased with my memories of past lives of mine and I've shared in the spirit to affirming to other people out there, it is O.K.
You can own your past life memories / perception and awareness and that is all you need.

Also, it is not a competition, there are no prizes...
You can only own the past, if you do remember it! And after that, nothing & nobody on earth, can rob you from that.

Best wishes!


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

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