Of Shadows, Masks and Candle Flames...


Imagine your soul burning like a candle flame, glowing with warm soft light radiating away in all directions forever, infinitely...

You are the observer, a single ray shines directly toward you, a nearly zeroeth part of the infinitely radiating light of your candle touches you directly in the root of your being.

Imagine a mask hangs between you and this candle flame of your soul.

The single ray of light that directly enters the very core of your being is your spirit, one of an infinite variety of spirits all radiating from your soul, all manifesting different aspects of your soul in different incarnations.

Some light shines through apertures in your mask for eyes, and perhaps for nostrils, all less directly than that one ray of your spirit in this incarnation that shines through the mouth of the mask directly into the center of your being, deep within your heart.

The mask cannot be seen, only the light shining through the mask can be seen, but the mask casts your shadow, all the ways other beings perceive you differently and all the hidden other parts of yourself your infinte spirits the expressions of your soul.

Your light shines in all directions, fully shining everywhere except around yourself.

You are masked from yourself in your own shadow, a shadow you must illuminate within yourself to see yourself as all others see you, in balance, in peace, because as you connect with yourself through the images of yourself reflected back to you in other people's shadows you are made more whole by their presences, all shining more brightly in your life, always...

In this way you also bring completion to all others.

We may only see each others shadows in the mundus, however, we may always see each other's light in our hearts.


Blessed be...


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