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One Example of Pagan Quimbanda Mayoral to me, in my own Experience and Practice, it is the Pagan Quimbandic Mayoral Queen ASTARTE of the 7 Crossing who is a Manifestation and Aspects of the ancient All-Pagan (Pre-Abrahamic) Goddess ASHTORETH.


The other Example is the Pagan Quimbandic Mayoral (GLBTQ+) TRANS both Queen and King ASTAROTH of the 7 Crossings, who is

also a Manifestation and Aspects of the ancient All-Pagan (Pre-Abrahamic) Goddess ASHTORETH.


The other Example is the Pagan Quimbandic Mayoral Horned One a.k.a. Baphomet a.k.a. the Quimbandic Mayoral Belzebu, who are a a Manifestation and Aspects of the ancient All-Pagan (Pre-Abrahamic) Horned God BAAL, God-Consort of ASHTORETH.


The other thing is, to clarify, the dear Quimbandic Mayoral Exu Lucifer never was and IS NOT the Abrahamic ( Judaic / Christian / Islamic ) Mythological Character of their Religion.



Without the Culture, without the Experience, without the Information and the appropriate Belief and Language, plus associated Values and Ways of Conduct, it becomes very difficult for anybody to sail through the vast seas of misinformation which keep the majority of population hostage to the old myths and slaves of their mythologies.


It is more than to read a book or what I have written, you have to experience the information first, before you can own it, before you can really call it your own.


That it is the great Mystery of the Initiations between You and the Pomba-Giras and Exus, between you and the Mayorals, between you and the dear ancient Pagan Goddesses and Gods, between You and the primordial, eternal, infinite source of all, origin of all CREATRESS GODDESS of all Existence, of all LIFE.


Another clarification is, there is no WHITE MAGICK, no WHITE WITCH.

We are all a MIX of DARKNESS and LIGHT, we all are WORKS-in-PROGRESS.

IF WE did not NEED TO LEARN Anything, we would not be in this Now & Here!

ALL MAGICK is at once White, Black and Red.

ALL Magick depends upon WORK & Exchanges between us and the Other Side, the Other Realms.

All Witches are at once WHITE, BLACK & RED as I AM and quite pleased and proud of it.

The BAD/EVIL or GOOD qualifications, we've made them up, we invented them up for us in order to separate what we like and what we don't.

We get to choose what we call bad or good, but it is just us and our qualifications and their adjectives.

For instance, there is no GOOD time to die, there is no Good Time to get ill, there is hardly any departure / separation which is welcome by all people, there is always this bias and prejudice against the NIGHT and this favoritism towards the DAY.

Accidents, Endings and Death are all deemed BAD.

We can kill other Species (IT IS GOOD) such as Animals / Birds / Fish, etc that we eat, but They kill us, it is deemed BAD/EVIL, in general.

In the end, it is all a big bullshit story that we've made up and tell ourselves in order to feel good about ourselves, folks.


But we as a Species, we are still BRUTAL and our standards are biased and shitty as expected.

For instance, this Species, us, when we do not like something, we change its name so that we can use a softer word which will make us feel better and happy, although it does not change what it is, at all, at all!

Somebody asked me... OK, I get it, but WHY are you still smiling and laughing?

How do you do it?

I said, it is quite easy!

- I have lowered my expectations!

But folks, this is not all about Negativity or Darkness, so let's get back to my dear Pagan Quimbanda and the Mayorals!




Outside of this "Here and Now", outside of the journeys from cradle to grave, outside the many (Invented-by-this-Species) Belief and Language and their associated (Invented-by-this-Species) Values & Ways of Conduct, outside of this elemental realm, I know that Eternal & Infinite Evolution rules all the Changes which We-All, Everything, All Existence / All Life & All Creation are made of.


When a person finds Quimbanda, it all depends upon that person's own evolutionary place in the scheme of all things, as to how and what that person can take from Quimbanda and/or what that person can give to Quimbanda.


Sometime ago, I had read some of the works of Danilo Coppini, Nicholaj De Mattos Frisvold, Zaydan Alkimin, Carlos Montenegro, Malgorzata Oleszkiewicz-Peralba, Yvonne Daniel, Carlos Evandro Mendonça, Mambo Chita Tann, Peter Grey, Antonio De Bourbon  Galdiano-Montenegro, Aleister Crowley, Gerald B Gardner, Doreen Valiente and others, etc...


It saddens me to see the dear Exus & Pomba-Giras and their many Systems being held hostage, imprisoned to primitive Monistic, wilful ignorant and/or intellectually dishonest, prejudiced, biased  Abrahamic ("Judaic/Christian/Islamic") Mythologies, which are brutal, obsolete, Anti-Humanity, Patriarchal, Anti-Women, Anti-GLBTQ+, Anti-Freedom, Anti-Equal-Rights-For-All, Anti-Self-Sufficiency, Anti-Academia, Anti-Arts, Anti-Sciences, Anti-Pleasure, Anti-Sex, Anti-Free-Thinking, Anti-Freedom-of-Expression and Anti-Evolution!


For instance, in Brazil, Pomba-Giras & Exus still peddle the Syncretism-oriented Abrahamic ( Christian/Judaic ) Mythologies, its characters and imagery, from their Abrahamic hell to heaven, to other torah-oriented & biblical fear-driven rubbish & bullshit!


I had come across dear Quimbandic Exu Pantera, dear Quimbandic Exu Lucifer and also the many theatrical, pathetic & fear-driven rubbish which were added & appended to Their descriptions, to Their systems and I was saddened by the wilful Ignorance, by the wilful Intellectual Dishonesty of people and of Souls who refuse to evolve, to grow up and to see beyond the same old rubbish / mythological bullshit invented for their consumption.


I adore my Exus and my Pomba-Giras, I do remember, I know and I feel them to be my Family, and that includes Quimbandic Exu Pantera & Quimbandic Exu Lucifer!


And the Astral Realms / Umbrals, they are not a playground for Christian, Jewish & Islamic mythologies, their mythological bullshit and the spoiled children a.k.a. young souls who do not wish to grow up!


Darkness and Light, they are both contained inside of each other!


And just alike as Life and Death are contained within each other, Exus and Pomba-Giras entertain the levels of "evolutionary needs" of the people who travel from cradle to grave in these time-bands and elemental worlds such as this Earth, but they do so to those whom they choose to assist / help and to evolve along with.


Therefore, it has become quite common for the employment of Christian / Jewish & Islamic mythologies and their characters and motifs.


But folks, no, there is no Abrahamic Mythological SATAN, nor DEVIL at all, except inside of the men-made/invented Abrahamic Mythologies of mainstream big and rich Religions.


There are those Exus and Pomba-Giras who see / employ words as Satan & Devil and they use them as Titles in order to work with those who subscribe to those types of Abrahamic Mythologies.


Exus and Pomba-Giras / Fae and in general, Elementals, they may choose to employ Christian / Jewish / Islamic / etc mythological characters Names as Titles, as Nicknames.

And folks, but that it is it!


And that's that and that's all!


Nothing more, and really nothing less!


Amongst the studies of many of Ancient (pre-Christian / pre-Jewish / pre-Islamic) Pagan Goddesses that I work with & that I worship, I've encountered a few dear Goddesses whose names, definitions & attributes were changed / modified in order to be expressed, in maligned / fabricated ways & on purpose, vilified as a either a Abrahamic (Christian / Jewish Mythological) Demon or Satan, or one Devil or as some other similar rubbish/made-up/invented bullshit.


And folks, all of that (invented) horror and simply in order to serve, in order to cater, to their rubbish, to their pure bullshit a.k.a.  their Patriarchal Mythologies & to the shameful Copycats of the Spiritual Dualism invented by the Persian Zoroaster.


I am a GLBTQ+ Pagan Trans-Priestess / Hps / Yalorixa & Yaya' / Olorisha, of the Pagan Goddess and of the Pagan Horned God, of my Quimbandic Pomba-Giras & Exus and of my Pagan Quimbanda Mayorals!


And I do love Pagan Quimbanda as re-developed without the rubbish / bullshit of Spiritual Dualism, and without the wilful intellectual dishonesty, without the wilful ignorance of mainstream Abrahamic Mythologies and their Religions, without their Patriarchal & Spiritual Dualism, and without their Abrahamic Belief and Language, without their associated Values and Ways of Conduct.


I believe a real Pagan Witch / Sorceress, a real Pagan Occultist, a real Pagan Priestess / Hps / Yalorixa & Yaya / Olorisha, she/he is, she/he becomes a belonging Part of the Family of the Exus & Pomba-Giras / of Fae / of Elementals.


She is / becomes able to be, to know, to see:


"AS is ABOVE, SO is BELOW", the ALL is within us all and WE & EVERYTHING are contained equally within the ALL.


Ergo, all Creation can be found within us, and we can be found within all Creation equally.


The ancient Pagan Goddesses & Gods can found in us all and we can be found in Them equally.


That is my Pagan Quimbanda and I love Pagan Quimbanda-Without-Limitations!

And chiefly without the invented Censorship & without the invented Mythological Limitations of/from this Species!

And without that dumb & stupid Fear of/from eternal and infinite EVOLUTION.


I say, fear not that what you and we all / everything are made of: CHANGE.

And remember, all CHANGE only serves one Master: eternal & infinite EVOLUTION.




Salve Viva All Pomba-Giras & Laroye All Exus, Salve All Mayorals!


SKY a.k.a. PADILLA (Padilha) a.k.a. JD Aeon


Sky of Ashtoreth also known as Padilla of Ashtoreth, of Astarte, of Baal, of Baphomet, of Belzebu, of Exu Lucifer, and of ancient Pagan Goddess

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