The protection symbols presented in this section have long been used both for protection and for receiving the Divine blessing. The principles of working with them are very unusual because any symbolism is like codes, through which you can directly communicate with the Divine mind.
It is quite difficult for people to recognize and use magical energy in its pure form, therefore symbols are used to express intent and which set our energies to achieve certain magical goals.

Symbolic magic uses symbols that we create ourselves, and symbols that have a divine origin. Most protective symbols are considered embodiments of the sacred geometry of life. These are the distinctive signs of gods, goddesses and various divine powers. Their carrying with us means our request for protection.
It is worth noting one amazing feature of the symbols: over time their power only increases. If the same symbol is used again and again with the same intention, then, in the end, it will represent a powerful magical "charge". For centuries people have invested in symbols their energy and intention; their faith, will, and purposefulness play a significant role in symbolic magic.

Many people including believers wear such protective symbols. However, it seems to me that this is not so practical, or rather not always convenient. There is a way to put the symbols on you and they will always be with you. Yes, I'm talking about tattoos. Recently I was interested in this subject both as art and as a way of expressing my worldview.

But before starting to do a tattoo, you need to clarify for yourself a few questions. They are divided into two aspects. Let's call them conditionally physical and energy. Physical refers to safety, the choice of a quality salon and a master, courting a tattoo. Necessary physical conditions:

  1. Before the procedure is not recommended the use of alcohol, prescription and  non-prescription drugs
  2. Make sure that there is equipment for sterilization of all instruments in the cabin: sterile needles, tattoo machines and disposable gloves of the master
  3. After applying the tattoo, take care of the tattoo

Now let's talk about the energy aspect.

Symbols help to cope with doubts. The fact is that when we ask the divine forces for something by words, prayer or spell, we very often cling too much to our desire, and therefore we can not release the energy necessary for its magical incarnation. Sometimes this attachment to desire is expressed in the form of fear or doubt. And then, no matter how many times we repeat our intention, our doubts will interfere with the realization of the desired. The symbols help to distance themselves from internal doubts and act more efficiently.

Therefore, you need to understand to concentrate which energy specifically and for what purpose you need to use the symbol.

  1. The symbol of the pentagram in the Western world is covered with a huge amount of prejudice. He is often associated with Satanism. In fact, the pentagram has an ancient origin; she appeared much earlier than the notion of the Devil. Its five ends symbolize the five elements, the five senses, and also the body of the man. This sacred geometric figure is a symbol of protection, a sacred shield. Pentagrams allow you to open portals (entrances) leading to new types of energy and spirits, or, conversely, close the door between worlds and expel unwanted energy.
  2. The crossis a very powerful symbol of protection. In our society, most often it is used by Christians as a symbol of religion and faith in Jesus Christ. I know a lot of Christian witches and other Christian mages who practice ritual magic, using in their ceremonies a cross and a crucifix for protection and blessing. Pagans usually prefer the Celtic cross - an elongated cross with a circle associated with the early Celtic Christian church.
  3. The hexagram is called a six-pointed star; it is often found in different esoteric systems. In Judaism, it is called the Star of David. Its symbolism has a multitude of interpretations: four elements, four sides of the world, top and bottom.
  4. Runes is a Scandinavian magic symbol system that is used for predictions and spells. Runes are usually carved on tools, weapons, and talismans, blessing them. The images of the runes shown in this book can be used for protection.
  5. For magical protection also use different types of triple nodes and three-pointed symbols

Unfortunately, I will not be on time and I just can not describe all the symbols here, but I can wait if you are interested in this topic.
Sorry if the post turned out to be too big. I tried to describe the topic chosen by me as briefly as possible and thank you for your attention!

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Comment by Amy on June 11, 2018 at 4:32am

Thanks u all guys))) Its very pleasure to me ))

Comment by Noita on June 8, 2018 at 4:41pm

 I really enjoyed this. Thank you and for me, you could have written loads more because you've tackled a useful, informative and intriguing topic.

Comment by Mystic Wolf on June 3, 2018 at 5:06pm

Thanks Amy and Kitt.

Comment by Mystic Wolf on June 3, 2018 at 5:05pm

This is great information here on the natureon energy and the symbols.Thank you for posting this! 

Comment by Kitt on June 1, 2018 at 5:38pm

I enjoy open forums when given a good topic to discuss.........

Allow me to share my thoughts on the subject. 

Firstly, let us begin with the nature of energy... There is the balance of personal energy to acquaint with, foremost.. it has a reactive chemistry that is as unique as our astrological formula it is comprised of.... now granted.. it  all has a similar base composite of lightpatterns, which to their core, are either bright or faded... but the coordination of our stars, and the places they occupy, give us the uniue hues and tones that we inhibit as part of our conscious life form..... the we are a reactive formula of an energy composite equation.... that is expanding in sequence....... 
Balancing that... is a matter of how well we synchronize or... alter our evolution through our actions... and in this........ we undertake the disciplines found in mystic sciences as a means to balance our ever changing energies....................... 

That said .... we move on to the use of symbols a means to co-notate  our system of balance and connection with the external energies... (Elements, Stars, Life Forms, Ether, Spirits, Totems) ........ which certainly gets into a lengthy topic because of the way each category encompasses a school of magick to be familiar at .... and before any of this.. there must first establish familiarity with one's sensory to process energy with ..... Yet at the core of this too... we must first simplify symblogy by the sequence it follows.. before it becomes laden with cryptic meanings and ancient covenants.... 

The sequence of numbers, their references and geometry^ 


0 -
Voidness / Blank / Nihilism

I -
Singularity / Oneness / Dot / Pantheism

II -
Duality / Yin-Yang / Line, Parallel / Taoism

Outside, Inside, Otherside / Angle / Platonism

VI -
Earth Air FIre Water / North South East West / Balance / Intersection /  Cross

V -

Creation / Binary multiple / Pentacle* /  

IV -
Being / Hexagram * 

Magick / Heptagram*

Cycle / Mobius Continuum / Octogram

Evolution / Spiral / Enneagram

X -
Transcendence / Decagram

XI -
Duplication / Mirror / Endekagram

Merkaba / Arcana / Hendecagram


* These will embody a more indepth review due to their diverse interpretations

Comment by Linda M. on May 24, 2018 at 10:27am

You can join the gorups and post discussions in there, also.

Comment by Amy on May 24, 2018 at 5:29am

I did not see such an opportunity

Comment by Linda M. on May 23, 2018 at 7:25pm

You should post this in some of our witchy groups.

☽ Witchcraft ☾

Wicca For Beginners

Here is the link to our Group Index, for even more groups and ideas. 



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