Say NO to drugs, legalize Cannabis!

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Comment by Zephonith Serpent Woman on February 27, 2015 at 7:27am

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Comment by Zephonith Serpent Woman on February 26, 2015 at 10:29am

Drugs again, Zep? lol

Yes and no - allow me to elaborate.

I am pleased to say that my long habit of smoking cannabis came to an end a while ago.

I have found that the Love of Goddess has made me realize that we don't need any substance to make alternate realities open up as if by magic.

As Cannabis is still unfortunately illegal and punishable by law in most places around the world, one would think that I shouldn't be advertizing this sacred herb at all nowadays.

Yet the fact is that Cannabis is not really a 'drug' per se- that is, it hasn't any harmful effects on a moderate user, even after many years of using it, and cannot be compared in effect to unnatural substances which harm the mind and body..

Cannabis can absolutely assist in all manner of spiritual works and as we all are aware, has been used in ritual and for spiritual reasons by various Traditions and Religions since the dawning of human civilization, which is at last count some 1.5 million years in the making.

Cannabis should be legalized in my opinion, for a number of very good reasons.

First, it would clear up the jails and save the tax-payer a lot of money which could be used more constructively.

Second, it would reduce crime dramatically and allow the police to nail all of the dealers in synthetic hard drugs which kill the youth in particular.

Third, legalizing cannabis would protect the rights of Religions such as Rastafarian Faith and Shintoism to name only two, to freely practice their spirituality of choice without restrictions..

Fourth, it would increase the revenues of governments substantially should cannabis be regulated and taxed.

Fifth, it would cut down dramatically on alcohol misuse and abuse, which leads to all manner of social dis-eases

Sixth, it would reduce the number of addicted people. People who are addicted to alcohol and prescription drugs. Cannabis in itself is not physically addictive, this is a psychological addiction only and therefore a person with willpower can give it up or alternatively decide to use cannabis resonsibly and in moderation without the problems associated with addiction and not be dependent on anything.

Seventh, it would severely undermine the aims of the Illuminati/Babylon who do not want cannabis to be legalized because it has so many tangible health benefits and more importantly it open the consciousness to a more receptive state for spiritual advancement.

This state of altered consciousness can be reached through hard exersize and hours of dancing. Yet Cannabis can make this easier to attain and is thus of benefit to those who have not the physical ability to undertake long hours of intensive exersize.

Love is the most powerful of all drugs, and nothing can replace it. Spirit knows no restrictions or limitations, and the very best of spiritual experience comes without any drugs at all.  

Yet people must be allowed to make their own decisions without interferences when it comes to Religious and Spiritual choices and traditional customs.

So perhaps then every now and again on special occasions and for specific spiritually centered goals, I may even be tempted to partake of this wonderful elixir of the plant kingdom, the herb with so many real and tangible health benefits, again. Who knows? 

As with all things in Nature, everything is potentially toxic if ingested in large enough quantities, from water to even Cannabis ~ though one would then need to smoke approximately a ton-full to die from an overdose.

Pills can do that in a swallow or two... so my 'advice' to prospective or current users of Cannabis aside from having to duck the law for the meanwhile is to leave alcohol and any other unnatural substances and use it in moderation. Not every day, or three or five times a day. Anything in excess is harmful to your health.

So, legalize Cannabis,

and wipe out crime, alcoholism (there's no headaches with cannabis:), and the abuse of pharmaceuticals. That's it!

Oh and a last little thing. When cannabis or any other substance is abused or used at all by people who are physically immature and whose bodies and minds are not developed fully, it can cause psychological problems later in life. Cannabis should thus be illegal for under 18's and of course the hard drugs and dealers of this death, should be removed from society and rehabilitated in prison for the time being; until we have no need for prisons or police at all one fine day in the future... when poverty is no longer the reason people need to warm themselves up inside for lack of proper nutrition and the neglect of the youth by uncaring and unsympathetic governments who would rather tow the Illuminati/Babylon line and fill the jails with otherwise perfectly law-abiding citizens who smoke a little herb every now and again.

One day, maybe. Maybe one day, governments will listen to the will of the people, and trust people again. 

With no trust, and repressive laws which inhibit personal freedoms and the transgress the rights of spiritual people in using Cannabis for spiritual purposes, people become mistrustful of the law and end up seeing the law as unfair, restrictive and uninterested in the overall well-being of society.

So aside from wanting to support the insurance claims companies and thus pushing poisons such as alcohol on people, the only other reason for governments to continue criminalizing Cannabis is to lick the shoes of the Illuminati/ Babylon bosses who would rather keep people unenlightened and slaves to their will for reasons of fear-based control..

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