"Selling Your Soul" The Illuminated Path

This is from my own experience dealing with the Ethereal Realm... Bear with me.

This past year I got an idea of why I was on this path, and this was the last thing I'd ever thought of gettimy initiated into. And no, I didn't go to any sort of "lodge."

My point is this, I ran into the right people at the right time. Mostly in the Ethereal and the internet. It's funny because I was talking to a friend online about the Illuminati. Someone then entered the chat room and said to me, "You should think of joining." This completely went over my head because I had thought the guy was trolling me. The thing is, is that he probably was, but that's not the point... He planted the seed into my head. He then said, "All you gotta do is prick your finger and there some perks that come along with it." I was like, "rigghht."

A few weeks after that in October, I had a walk in scenario, more like an abduction. The exact date was October 24th, 2010. I was sitting at my computer that night and something lodged into my throat chakra. Yup, a UFO, that's the best way I can describe it. Anyways, when it lodged into my throat I was holding the energy in place, I then let go. And BOOM, I saw a white light in my third eye, it was blinding. I then got control of the energy and held it in place in my throat. After a few minutes, I walked upstairs to lay down and listen to music. After about fifteen minutes, the UFO left my throat chakra. I then went and looked outside my window. It was literally a UFO, kinda like Ezekiel' s Wheel from the Bible. It wasn't metallic or made of any sort of metal, but it was a bright red energy that was dancing back and forth. I then asked it to do something in my head. I saw a hand come up and it moved its index finger. My body went from left to right.

"So the spirit lifted me up, and took me away, and I went in bitterness, in the heat of my spirit; but the hand of the LORD was strong upon me,"

(Ezekiel 3:14).

And then I thought, I just got abducted!

It was interesting after that because I ran into an angel afterwards that ignited my Kundalini, specifically the angel Ariel. That's a topic for another day. But yes, I was thinking of that guy mentioning the Illuminati on a day to day basis, the whole experience stuck with me. Weeks later in November I got a job as a waiter at an Italian restaurant. It was a struggle because I was scattered brain, never really in the moment.

I was slicing bread and then bam, I sliced my finger and I was gushing blood. The first thing I thought was, "Wow, they got me."

This is when things got weird...

Later that night, I was working the wine testing for guests. The bleeding had stopped hours ago but this eighteen year old kid took notice and yes, he said some interesting things and to this day I don't know if I hallucinated this or I literally came in contact with a Jinn, or for better, an interdimensional being.

The eighteen year old walked by me and said this,

"You know the Nagas built the pyramids?"

I looked at him dumbfounded and as he was walking by he then said this,

"The Illuminati is taking over in 2012,"

and he smiled.

Mmhmm, and I'm thinking, a dude that age who goes to my High school knows nothing of the nagas! There was no way!

Anyways, this would take at least a day to write about my experiences that I've had the past eight years but I'll get to my point.

I consider myself a psychic and medium. I do have a Dragon Guardian and a number of guides including a couple of angels. I find that when you're on this path, you become a "think tank" for those associated with the Illuminated Ones that use your energy for whatever purpose. I guess the best way to explain this is when I was struggling seeing myself ad worthless because I was unemployed at the time. The Archangel Michael then said,

"Christian you do work, you work for God."

I definitely needed to hear this. I also understood yesterday that there are perks. I had exchanged in the Ethereal Realm with currency that could be used for ethereal implants. This is where the Mark of The Beast comes from. But yes, this currency accumulates overtime because of what I do on a day to day basis that could be as simple as learning something new from a book and applying it to my everyday life. I receive these sorts of messages in my crown and waking life and through dreams.

Just recently I had a dream where I exchanged for my higher self. An Imdugud, Half Eagle/Half Lion, aka a Cherubim with a Seraphic energy overseeing me. This is who I was before incarnating onto this Earth. And in my own opinion, when you become enlightened, you don't sell your soul but you buy it back after you go through certain intiations at different stages in different star systems. In the dream I saw both my mom and dad which to me represents God. I then saw a group of people leave my house with suitcases of cash.

Later on when I woke up, these words were said to me,

"This is why I don't explain this to the average person. We've been doing this to the Illuminated Ones because not everyone is capable of going through these intiations."

In other words, I didn't sell my soul but I bought it back and found my place back in the stars. And you know what? It was well worth it, because I'm enjoying myself now. That's why I don't subscribe to these theories in which when you are illuminated your soul is then sold to Satan. In my own opinion, it's much more than that, and more complicated.

But like I said, this was all experienced in the Ethereal for the past eight years. And because my eyes were opened, I felt like I had a say in this Ethereal Intiation. And when I asked in God's name, he/she blessed me tenfold. At around that time, my Guardian said that I reached the Phoenix grade or degree. Like I said, this is all in the Ethereal Realm.

I hope that made sense.

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Comment by Quingu on November 27, 2018 at 2:44pm

I have Native American in my blood, to be specefic, the Cherokee. Cherokee is from the Iroqoui Indians. This group traveled from the Iberian Penisula and the Gobi desert. Hence the Asian concept of Naga. I just found this all out this year.

Comment by SL on November 27, 2018 at 2:39pm

Depends if the person heeds the call yes.

It is quite fascinating to have all that memory to a person like me who is simple in memory. I know I am an ancient soul not been here before or if I have eons ago.

I knew I did not want to be here but ended up here since a child, live by the idea there are no mistakes and or coincidences. So here I am.

I do think underworld hell or whatever anyone wants to call it is exactly like the Tibetan Book of The Dead.

Everyone is responsible for their own soul what they see in afterlife is their own accumulation of unresolved issues. The soul depending on work done while on Earth experiences and confronts their own demons, skeletons and hallucinations.

I always say I am not coming back, then again that could be what happened the last time. If I do come back hopefully the Earth will be a better place because humans made it so.

The Naga consciousness the Asian concept? Serpent beings? Naga even means serpent in sanskrit.  There is Chinese Goddess of Creation called Nukua which is half serpent.

Comment by Quingu on November 27, 2018 at 9:42am

It all depends whether that person heeds the call. In relation to Satan, a little birdie had told me that he was "fair" with what he was doing in Sheol. Of course, that's coming from my Guardian and Guides, but still, it shows that not everything we have learned growing up is as simple as being black and white. 

Christ had said that he was going to baptize with fire. I find it interesting that the Moloch Intiation through Saturn is basically the same as a fire baptism, as kids were sacrificed to him. Because of going through these things I feel like I have solidified my own salvation, and that was going through my hierarchy through the Naga Consciousness. And that is when I "skywalked" to Alnitak in Orion's Belt. From what I channeled, this initiation was about immortality which, to me, is kinda like salvation. Only difference is that is not through Christ. Instead my soul really abides by the angel Samael, who some people see as Satan. What I went through was no different when Osiris went to the Underworld when initiated. I've also gone through the Zeta Reticulins and Sirians initiation. The Sirians had supposedly taught the Nommos about the star system of Sirius. Ever since I had been "enlightened" I went through these things. It's nice to know that I have a say about my salvation instead of relying on a figure that's foreign to me, spiritually speaking.

It's interesting because I'm originally from Orion. I've been in situations where my magic had been going overboard and I was stung in the foot like the Hunter. I bring this up because I've noticed that because of what I've been through, I had been endowed with spiritual gifts, particularly from my Guardian. From my own understanding, I find that because of what I learned on Earth, I'll be able to return to Orion because I passed all my tests after my eyes had been open. And because I balanced my karma, I'll be able to incarnate back on Earth and choose what I go through to live a better life without suffering so much like I did in this life. This is where the whole "contract" deal comes into play. I have no sources to back that up but this is what I got when channeling with my Guardian, Guides, and Ang(EL)s.

Comment by SL on November 27, 2018 at 9:11am

Mentioned the poem Invictus here just yesterday. Received an email just now from astrology site, giving a brief analysis on my personality as invitation to buy full report..

Surprising sync today.. This part:

For you, there is no such thing as a blameless victim, because, as the poet William Ernest Henley once wrote: "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." And if a person seems to be unable to take charge of his or her life, well, then, in your estimation,[...]

To mention more in depth, in my understanding.. everyone is born with a soul seed or spark, not everyone will do any work or receive help to have the soul seed evolve and flourish.. Not necessarily alchemy at first for some..

A seed symbolized as lead  that is containing unlimited potential essence of dark and light, in which we nurture and use alchemy to transmute and blossom soul into gold. 

If say the soul has been developed into lead  as in a very dark , material place , then alchemy would be applied, never too late to do alchemy.

For you to do your own work and receive help from guide/s is a blessing.

Soul-less people are actually just people who have not done anything to develop their soul "seed". Which is why no one actually sells their soul, only in the sense that they freely hand over ownership (like celebrities),never have been in drivers seat of the soul. and or just coasting along.
Really what the hell does Satan need to buy souls for? In the faith those that end up in hell it is of their own doing.
Maybe Satan's real job was baby sitting the immature and evil souls. And it is just not cool for Satan to be called the nanny or babysitter.

Comment by Quingu on November 26, 2018 at 12:35pm

"Actual illumination or awakening ,would be from guides working with the higher soul for it's highest good."

After eight years of research, I came to this conclusion. It literally is alchemy, turning the soul from lead to gold.

Thanks for reading SL.

Comment by SL on November 26, 2018 at 12:14pm

I have received invitations from fake illuminati.am website. Promises of riches, fame and other material stuff. That is how I know it is fake. My first followers on social media from that group. 

Many celebrities have said themselves they sold their souls in exchange for fame and fortune. You can tell which ones have. Always in the headlines with drama, have mental breakdowns, addictions, wealth , superficial nonsense and so on.

Any real illumination would be alchemy of the soul, turning soul from lead to gold. Sell is be in exchange for something equivalent.

Sounds like you are using the word sell for lack of better term.To buy back would again be for something equivalent.  Maybe the word is lend or offer? Not important anyway.

Actual illumination or awakening ,would be from guides working with the higher soul for it's highest good. 

I agree that the soul is not sold to Satan, not even by celebrities, it is just a way of saying they are no longer in control of their soul's fate.  Everything they do and say is dictated by their controllers and it goes all the way up to a sinister hierarchy. Sell control of soul's fate in exchange for fame and fortune.

In your case as stated, it is staying in charge of your own soul, so it is a positive.

The INVICTUS poem by William Ernest Henley is good one about the soul.

Comment by Quingu on October 24, 2018 at 1:58am

Thanks, I'm glad it did.

Comment by lee s. on October 24, 2018 at 1:55am

made sense.

Comment by Quingu on October 22, 2018 at 2:55am

Thanks for reading Helela. :)

Comment by Helela on October 21, 2018 at 8:27pm

This was an interesting story Quingu. Good reading :)

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