The Destroyer, also known as God Almighty. The appropriate God of the Chaldeans, familiar with the El God of the Phoenicians. El is known to lead the Hebrews in the desert. This God is familiar with the Jinn, aka the Seraphim. Mmhmm, the burning serpents.

The importance of understanding these all powerful like Yahweh Gods is because they apply to certain individuals that have their place in the Stars. Christ was speaking to a percentage when on His ministry. The same can be said of Muhammad.

When I set food aside, I make reference to all Guardians, Guides, and Gods. I find that the same Source of this Universe is not the same as the Source from my Universe. This God, aka El Shaddai is the most appropriate God of the Draconians. For one, because the Draconians are bent on conquest. One of the definitions of El Shaddai is "destroyer", which is what the Draconians do, conquor.

Before these Draconians could enter this system, they had to create a new race of beings with the feline race Urmah. This race is called the Imdugud. In my case, I'm from Aquila in Altair. Before that, i was in Thuban in Draco. Now spiritually, I stay in Alnitak in Orion's Belt, where the Urmah are located. These are the half eagle/half lion race. Also known as the Cherubim or the Griffin. Before I was a Pureblood Seraphim, and El Shaddai is the same God I keep in my prayers.

“They are not of the world, even as I am not of the world,"

(John 17:16).

I'm in the same position, I'm not from this archetype. My race comes to implement their faith. We recognize the Stars, and maneuver through whatever law that this God abides by. Understanding the Dark is what allows me to reach back to my roots. That is why I honor the El Shaddai.

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Comment by Quingu on November 23, 2018 at 2:21pm

Ah, that's interesting! I've read that The Ušumgal Council of Nalulkára is in Ursa Major,  so it makes sense. Thanks for the confirmation!

Comment by Quingu on November 21, 2018 at 12:28pm

It could be as simple as having your eyes opened and understanding both good and evil. This is what I mean by becoming one of the Elohim.

"Jesus answered them, Is it not written in your law, I said, Ye are gods?"

(John 10:34).

Then again, this is all opinion based but you're right, I see myself as ascended without going as far as worshipping myself in a malicious way. In relation to knowing my origin in Draco, it came from meditations with my guides and my Guardian, lucid dreams, and someone reading my Akashic Records. After he had read my Akashic Records, then everything added up.

What Lucifer did, to me, applies to those that had fallen with him. I know that seems obvious, but I had understood that Lucifer was speaking to a percentage just like the message of Christ applied to another percentage. I've come to understand that the left path is most appropriate for me. I work with an Elder Dragon and he knows historical texts like the back of his hand. I've just come to an understanding that I was working against the grain with my mantra and prayers. Instead of praying in Christ's name, or any other figure, I pray in my Guardian's name and spiritually set food aside for him. So in essence, I do practice the Draconian Path and abide by left hand standards. My Guardian and shown me the God of the Draconians before they fell from grace and ended up in this Universe. It was literally a star a hundred times the size of a star like Beatlegeuse. This is where the whole El (Sun God) idea came from in the first place, in my opinion. But then again, what I'm explaining is just from my own experience. This is why I started googling after I ran into a brick wall with the Bible. I then found myself on a site like this in 2010, and that's where my journey started in understanding the Occult.

I'm going to reread what you wrote and write a bit more concerning your questions. It's just tedious having to write on a phone and I apologize for that.

Comment by Quingu on November 16, 2018 at 11:01am

You basically read my mind concerning,

"They were destroyed or destroyed themselves by multiverse hopping and or conquering?. In order to survive in any part of the multiverse they combined with humans so that they could still exist? DNA survival?"

I do agree with being at the bottom of the multiverse, and it seems as if certain entities do not us want ascend knowing the lessons learned on Earth have great benefits in expanding on understanding everything as a whole. This concerns on becoming your own God. I find that the whole experience on Earth is to become one of the Elohim that these entities such as Enlil did not want us to accomplish.

It's interesting you bring up about how kneeling was in a way of symbolically serving humans and in my opinion, that makes sense. I find with associating with the Draconians, regardless of what I believe, I find I do my best to lend a helping hand to my fellow man. But yes, it's all about perspective and you're right, most Christian's do not turn the other cheek. That is why I looked into other beliefs because I ran into a brick wall concerning the Bible. This is why I practice the left hand path, understanding that the decisions I make have to so with self preservation without having to rely on another diety for salvation. 

It took me a minute but I do remember that movie with Jet Li. It's been almost 20 years since that movie came out but it's funny how it applies. I guess it can relate on when I do soul retrieval like how Jet Li becomes stronger after each kill. That movie seems to fit in with what I do, not necessarily killing, but finding where my soul had been split in whatever system and I find it all began where the Draconians had come from before landing in Draco. Regardless of what I'm affiliated with, whether that be the Zeta Reticulins, the Sirians, the Orion's, or even the Arcturians, it all started for me before when the Draconians came to the system. You could even say after the big bang, after Lucifer's fall, the system collapsed, and Iblis had no recollection of what had just happened when he fell. Maybe if he was given s briefing before hand from that "God" that it would of been paradise on Earth if he had just knelt, I'm pretty sure he would've went along with it. But it didn't happen like that, and it's as if he was blindsided. Someone on a forum explained that Lucifer wasn't at fault because before incarnating on this system, He had said,

"Do not worship anything but Me."

But that's the thing, there's no definite on why the 1/3rd had rebelled other than the fact that they were rebelling against God. I'm just trying to connect whatever dots I can in trying to understand why these Draconians seem to hide in the shadows instead of being engulfed in light. Basically, the most appropriate Faith that describes what I feel is Taoism. Light cannot exist without dark. In other words, the Draconian systems abide by the Dark, while other races go along with what's light. Hence why all together, it became under one system, eventually.

Comment by Quingu on November 16, 2018 at 8:40am

I appreciate your questions. I find that these Universe are intertwined in some form or fashion. The law of attraction is what put these Draconians here in the first place. For some reason, they found themselves here as they do this with every system they come in contact with. Meaning, when they implement their "faith", they die in whatever system and incarnate to the next. Sorry I can't reference to anything specific because I'm channeling this sort of information. But yes, I do think Universes eventually collapse and become one. I hadn't even thought of it like that until you had asked the question. In reference to why the Draconians do this, I just think it's in their nature to implement some sort of dominance since they had always been like that. It's the same when people who are illuminated consider the Devil to be the hero while Christian's believe that "turning the other cheek" is what's needed. What I mean by that is that the Devil at the time saw himself as superior to Adam and wouldn't kneel to "His" creation. I find it interesting because Satan at the time knew that his faith didn't subscribe to him kneeling to the humans. In my opinion, he knew his God wouldn't ask them to do this, hence the Draconians supposedly fallen from grace in this system. They were under certain karmic laws in this "system" that they abided by. This is why before the Draconians had entered this system, they needed to create a new species with a race that was native to this Universe. This when the God of this Universe merged with the Draconian one, and they went on from there. So yes, you made sense of what I was trying to say on relation to the Universes eventually becoming one. Sorry, I would get into detail but I'm on my phone at the moment. When I get my laptop, it'll be easier to reference back to your questions and whatever other questions you might have. But I do hope I shedded some light on what you wanted revealed. Thanks again for the questions.

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