Social media (of which FB is just one) is a great way for people to stay in touch with friends and family who may be in another country. It can be a useful tool in many ways as long as anyone posting remembers once something is committed to the internet, it is there to stay.
The negative side of it as most of us are aware, is that some people feel they have a right to comment on another persons lifestyle/looks/gender/religion or something else.

One important thing many people forget is that at the end of the day, the person posting, is just an anonymous profile few of us have met in person. This is for many different reasons - distance, ability and affordability to travel etc.

Also when you are commenting to another based on something you may not agree with - how they look, how they live their lives, the differences they have to you - you have no idea of their own personal story or how your comments may impact on them.

I am a fat person. It's who I am as I have arthritis and some mobility issues. If someone talks about my weight, they don't know any of this, unless they are personal friends and family and as such, would never be ignorant enough to make such comments.

Its very easy to post funny comments, share funny pictures based on someone's weight, looks, gender or non-gender, religion, way of dressing, but until you have lived a day in someone else's shoes, it's always worth re-looking at the comments you want to make or share, and put yourself in that persons place and ask, would the comment hurt you if it referred to something you are uncomfortable about yourself.

Remember, we are all reflections of each other...mirrors for another person. Usually what upsets or irritates us about something, may be something about ourselves we don't necessarily want to address or acknowledge at this moment in our own personal growth.

Get upset at social injustices. Get angry at animal abuse. Get angry at the lack of basic human rights people have across this planet. Get upset over rape - both male and female rape. Get hurt that two people who love eachother are unable to marry just because they are the same gender. Get compassionate because someone you love has cancer and you feel helpless to help them.

Think before you speak or write for you truly do not know another persons story. 
Just saying........

~by L Love

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Comment by Grigori Rho Gharveyn on May 20, 2016 at 10:17am

We avoid our facebook account.  It's painful.  Family and friends do not share our interests.  No one initiates contact with us; when we contact them we are given terse, thoughtless replies at best.

Of course, our friends and family behave this way in real life as well as in social media.  Social media just gives us more opportunities for painful disappointments from people we love.


Erm, to be fair, if we make the 1500 mile journey to visit our family they manage to feign some interest, but their interest disappears about as quickly as we cross their horizons to return home.


Comment by Rosey on May 19, 2016 at 6:58pm

Outstanding! FB is trippy at times and I have come to believe (my opinion) that the friendship we make online can impact our lives just as one in my physical reaction-depending on how I treat myself and them. Thank you LInda for posting.

ty L Love (for so much-you are a special person with much wisdom)

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