It is the story of most cultures, take humanity back for humankind, when was the last time that have you seen mainstream big-time religions fighting for better wages for the medium class, for the real poor and disenfranchised.
Probably rare or never!

As a Species, we go after the PAIN instead of wisely going for the actual CAUSES/ORIGINS/SOURCES of the pain and fixing, correcting the What/Who are “Doing/Causing all the Problems/Pain/Harm.

Take for instance the cases of Small Paid Wages and the people who have to say yes to them, instead of finding out the Owners, Shareholders and to hold Them in-public/media-wise “Accountable”, by publishing the huge Revenues of each of their Big Companies / Businesses and have a comparison of possible Overhead Operational Costs, and What They are actually “Paying for Wages in-order-to earn all that big Wealth...

Instead of going back to these mainstream, rich and big world socio-political-commercial “Religions with a fire in their bellies” for fighting for god/their mythologies, let's ask them all to fight for the poor, for the ill-paid working class of the world, for just/fair compensation, fairness in all wages which are 100% justified/dignified by the huge size of Revenues, Profits and Overhead/Operational Costs, etc...

No humanity! None you will find in BUSINESS.
But no wisdom neither! LOL

This is we, this Species at its worst, harming its own members…
And folks, this happens to be the very best we can do up to this present time in this Planet!

We do not deal with the Causes of all of the Trouble, we do not deal with the Originators of most of the world problems… Instead, we employ old and unenlightened Tactics and Strategies aimed at the perceived “Enemies' Front”, the paid-Puppets, the front-line leading people, and we ignore and forget to deal with Puppeteers pulling all the strings behind the scene, the real inventers of the miserable cultures of fear, of corporate criminals and their looting which suffer the world populations to their knees in tears, used, abused and junked as rubbish in the end.

And then, after all, we stop and we wonder why we cannot succeed and to evolve beyond our problems collectively and individually...

Because we must learn to exercise Freedom with Wisdom, but first we must Empower that Freedom with good education, with well-informed Critical Thinking, with fiscal responsibility to ourselves individually and collectively, with good Means, Resources & Recourse.

I too, I do see all the ranting and raving of the world, and I realise it is mostly ineffective and useless noise without a chance for successful rewards & outcomes.

It would be a dream to see big evolutionary steps for those people who are funding everything and the whole damn mess.

You see, so much money and yet the fiscal wisdom of a peanut! The sheer stupidity of campaigns leading nowhere.
When it comes to Evolution, I leave it for Mother Nature for now…
Because what I see happening all around the world is not conducive of any meaningfully desirable results.

Still, I've been planting seeds for a long time. I mean, I share the doors and the entrances of dignified belief and language, of dignified values and ways of conduct...
And I let Mother Nature do Her job!

Evolution does come to everybody, to all and everything, whether sooner or later, whether here or beyond.
But it always comes and we all evolve.

Business is something which could use more Humanity, more Dignity to their work-force.
It would be nice to see more decent and dignified Owners of Businesses/Companies, amidst a new and healthy Culture of Humanity and Dignity for all people, for all their Differences, for all members of this difficult but dear Species!

Let's get rich, but let's do it together and with fair/just collective ways which are dignified to all parties who contribute.
I wrote an article before, it is called "Bring (the word) Value Back To (the word) Work!

I was quite proud of it. Nobody commented on it but still quite a few people privately wrote to me, most of them frightened to in-public agree that it is true, it is real and yes, we need Value brought back to Work, so people can work and see their Wages to afford them to Live Again, rather than this miserable survival as most of the world populations do, they only barely survive on what they’re permitted to earn.

LGBTQ Orgs ought to employ ways to place these socio-religio-politico World Moral Crusaders and their mainstream intrusive Big & Rich Religions, to work and to fight for the POOR, for the ill-paid Working-Class, and to use their Voices, that annoying fire in their bellies to go after the big & rich BUSINESS WORLD of those few people, Owners who make way too much but they offer/pay too little for the very people who work for them, the people who have made them wealthy.

It would and should keep these mainstream big and rich world religions quite busy and for a long, long, long time, folks!
Just my own vision of the scheme of all things!
Just sharing a tiny bit of what I see and know.

Regardless of all, I learned to own my PEACE and I am still happy and I try to enjoy my ride and sail the seas, the good and bad weather times of my life, but in peace, knowing who I am, what I want and like, and as the sole owner of what I know and of myself.


Whether the Direction of our Expression is deemed Positive or Negative, that depends as much on what we express as it does on our audience and its evolution both collectively and individually.

It would help if the Audience could grasp the real Message, if it could really Interpret each and every word, and to understand the power of each sentence as it was intended.

Positive and Negative are only Qualities/Adjectives which our Species created/invented and loosely employ in order to qualify Experience, Things and Others…

However, the actual Meaning of the What/Who are deemed "Positive and/or, Negative", such it does change because it depends upon who you ask, and that person or that group and their own culture and personal socio-religio-politico-commercial Evolution, their evolutionary Perception.

Most Orgs do a study of the chosen Demographics that they desire to reach, and that is before they can put together a suitable "belief and language/values and ways of conduct" package specially designed for them.
EXPRESSION, most of it, it begins with Language!
And it is shaped by Belief.
Then it is fluffed and flavoured, controlled and driven, imposed and enforced by their Associated Values & Ways of Conduct.

Language is the Mother of most Expression.
Considerations which are quite relevant for Ideas and Knowledge.

Yes, evolution could use all the help it can get because this Civilisation’s Story of Expression is not Over yet.

It is a case for HUMANITY for All members of this Species, indeed!
Humanity? Well, it cannot be taught, it must be felt first in order to be owned much like the best sacred mysteries of all existence and life herself!

Dignity is best served when bestowed with Wisdom as empowered Freedom calls for Wisdom in order to be relevant much alike us all.
I am quite fond of Meaning tempered with Mercy even though most people know what Shakespeare dared to write - ""When the mighty fall, the jackals come to call"...

We all have our turns of being mighty in our life and times…
It is not in the "What Happens" of any life, but much more in the "What/How We Feel".
Reactions are what changes our Training, because we learn to react Differently, and then whatever it is, it simply ceases to happen, as it is no longer needed and it fulfilled its task.

Evolution really and truly comes to All.

But in our journeys from cradle to grave, if we can find a way To Be Happy amidst the Changes of Fortunes of every life, ah if we can, then we really own ourselves and we can sail peacefully and enjoy the ride without being caught in the invented prisons of the many belief and language / values and ways of conduct of many mainstream Others and their wilfully ignorant and/or, intellectually dishonest Misery.

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

p.s. This content came to me and it was inspired by a conversational piece which happened between me and a dear friend.

p.s. Salve, Vive & Cheers To ALL "FAE / EXUS / Exu-Femmes-POMBA-GIRAS / Elementals " Laroye!

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Comment by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon on May 18, 2017 at 6:55am

Ethics & Morals will evolve to a point that they will no longer be robbed, modified and disgraced and employed as shields by the mainstream religious / political / commercial crusaders of the world! I shall be back at that time and I shall enjoy the virtues of evolution! Thank you!

Comment by savlove on May 18, 2017 at 1:23am

Yes, it is up to every individual. It is so complex, our shared divinity - but our shared emotional armoring as well. When ethical people make innocent mistakes, something good happens somewhere, that's how kind the gods really are beneath this thicket of projections. Thank you for sharing your work - it matters, although people rarely comment.

Comment by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon on May 5, 2017 at 9:08am

You're welcome!

Comment by Rosey on May 5, 2017 at 8:46am

Very moving Sky! Thank you!

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