Everywhere, every lifetime, it is always made of good and bad times.

We all get to learn the painful/miserable times and the pleasurable/wonderful times of/for being in this ever-changing/fragile here and now.

No matter how rich or how poor, there will surely be challenges / lessons to be learned and to be taught in the course of any lifetime.

Not everybody is ready for all of that.

I've been told, I’ve learned that the fact is, Most Suicides are part of the clinically so-called "Perfect Storm”… And such it is part of a Chemical Imbalance which does the person in and ultimately out of this lifetime.

The buzz word in the US, it seems to be "Depression" and clinical Depression is indeed a cerebral "chemical imbalance".

In the end of the day, yes...

The problems, the misery of not being, or not getting, what one wishes and wants can be fatal for the clinically depressed, and chiefly if/when the Chemical Imbalance is not addressed by either mainstream Treatments and Medications, or yet, by Non-Mainstream Treatments and Medications.

My view, after my research in different Cultures, different "Belief and Language" ( British, French and Brazilian )…

 I do believe, I do know that those who take their lives are indeed doing that way for being under the effects of some monstrous cerebral chemical imbalance!

In fact, Suicidal People who are suffering from Cerebral Chemical Imbalances, they are under Circumstances Beyond Their Human Controls, folks!

And the fact was, is and will always be, They are “Not” to Blame, nor to be vilified, maligned by this difficult Species’ (many invented/men-made-up) Socio-Religio-Politico bullshit/rubbish…

And chiefly so, by Cultures of purely Mythological Poop of/from the big & rich mainstream world Religions with their absurd, ignorant and/or, intellectually dishonest Mandates/Values/Ways-Of-Conduct… 

Along with their awfully primitive and very sick “Cock-and-bull-tales styled God-Said-So (men-made-up) BULLSHIT, purely rubbish!”

Thanks Goddess, I was born HAPPY!

The irony of funny and strange times really comes when we get to notice that in fact, there is no Happy/Merry Medium for either Coming/Arriving, or for Parting/Leaving the Earth, this temporary world that we share from cradle to grave.

Beginning again or actually Being born is indeed a ghastly / horrible experience for the Newly-Born and for the Mother as well.

Just take a minute to think the circumstances that we all enter this world!


Ending again or actually Dying, Passing away… Most folks do know that There Are Not any proper & correct/right Time and Way, nor any Easy/Pleasant/Happy way to leave, to part from this Lifetime/World/Realm & Time-band.

So the very best that we can really do is… To green and bear it when our turn does come!

And of course, we all can hope for the best, LOL!

As in “To Have Positive/Good Hopes”, folks.

 I can safely say and affirm that “Hoping for the Best”  is always O.K.

For all of those who have lost dear loved ones to suicides, my condolences!

For those who have departed via Suicides, I say - Forgive yourselves, it was elemental imbalance not your spirit, not your soul who caused your passage! Remember the Divine is inside of You and You are inside of the Divine! And get off the Umbral/Lower-Astral, will you?

And move on, because infinite & eternal Evolution does come to us all and everything everywhere.

Since not all Suicides are of/from/by chemical imbalances, it is noteworthy to clarify that some Suicides are simply Intelligent/Wise Choices made by intelligent/Wise people who have found out that They Are Terminally Sick/ill...

And because of the information available about the terms of such a terminal situation, they surely have out of their own free will, out of their birthright and out of their own freedom of choice, to cease their suffering, to end their life before it will get ghastly, too horrible and too painful for them to remain alive and only for the "World-Socio-Religio-Politico's Sake" to await for Death to come to put an end to Their terrible Misery.

There is no Humanity in such a Monstrosity of ignorantly/primitively/selfishly keeping people alive (Amidst Extreme Pain & Suffering) and only for the sake of (this Species' own invented/men-made-up) Socio-Religio-Politico BULLSHIT and its Mythologies-turned-into-Religions and their absurd/dumb-ass Mandates/Traditions.

To each, their own Wisdom and all rewards thereof.

I won’t finish with “Cheers” and simply because hell, there aren’t any Cheers in this morbid theme.

The best I can do is to end this piece by writing – PEACE & Good luck, folks!


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

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Comment by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon on July 8, 2018 at 2:01am

Thanks for sharing, Linda!

Comment by Linda M. on July 7, 2018 at 8:02pm

If we are all honest with ourselves, at one point in our lives, we have thought of suicide.  Not always seriously, but sometimes just in passing.  I've had depression most of my life, it gets stronger with my period,even though that ended a while ago, we still cycle.  About 3 times a year, it gets serious.  At times the only thing that kept me going was knowing I had to take care of my kids.   Now, this has been going on for over 20 years now, and I've learned to deal with it.  These days it passes after a few days, so I just keep busy.

     The one time I tried to take something for it(son was in placement, I was at the end of my rope so to speak)I had such a horrible reaction to the meds(can't even remember the name now)I vowed never again.  I found other ways...

Comment by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon on July 7, 2018 at 6:01pm

Thanks! For you who wrote the private email! You're right, it is a touchy / difficult tabooed subject and most people wouldn't touch even if with a ten-foot barge pole!!! However, somebody I know, she's just lost a dear family member and I felt the need to write what it needs to be written so that folks in general, they all can get a chance for an option to dare to think Out of the World's Bullshit Mainstream Box!

And yes, I am quite pleased! I followed your suggestion by revising in order to append just a bit about Non-Chemical Imbalance cases.

Again, thanks for sharing your opinion and suggestion!

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