First of all, if/when you have traveled the paths of many lifetimes / reincarnation and you can carry some of the memory, some of the wisdom from those joint-elemental journeys from cradle to grave to different, newer and modern reincarnations / lifetimes...
When you can do that, you will not have to believe because you actually will know for sure facts such as:

All Species are subject to eternal and infinite Evolution!
All Realms, Umbrals, Astrals, Worlds, Universes, Cosmos and all Places everywhere, they all are subject to Evolution.
All Time, all Dimensions of Being, all Time-bands are subject to Evolution.

All which it is allowed / permitted to happen, it does happen for a Reason and it is never in vain at all.

Young souls of all Species will be confronted by Tata and Yaya, by Good and Evil, by Yes and No, by the Binary Confinements / Prisons of many Un-Evolved Belief and Language, their associated Values and Ways of Conduct.
They will come and go and return again until they evolve and graduate from the learning schools of Tata and Yaya.

And by the way, nobody cares a flying shit for the mythological bullshit of Abrahamic (Patriarchal/Spiritual-Dualistic) Mythologies.

Tata and Yaya do not give flying fuck about Sins, there are none!
Or, about Salvation, there is none and none was ever needed!

There are no Puritanical Dos and Dont's, no politically corrected Dos and Don'ts!
There are no Limitations, no censorship, no bullshit when it comes to Tata and Yaya.

Tata and Yaya care about the work of eternal and infinite Evolution for all.

Sometimes the Younger Souls only understand the Language of primitive, ignorant and intellectually dishonest mythologies, full of prejudices / biases, fear, full of full-of-shit Abrahamic hells and meaningless/stupid heavens!

None of it gets in the way of Tata and Yaya, Evolution does whatever it takes to do its work for all Species.

So the old Judgemental Calls of pointing fingers at others for what we disapprove, it is pure bullshit indeed because Tata and Yaya respect the Mutual Respect for all Differences, as it is the foundation of any meaningful / empowered Freedom worth having.

The events of any lifetime are empowered by pre-natal Choices, that it is, pre-selected before incarnation. And these pre-natal choices are embraced by Yaya and Tata, for the sake of Evolution.

There is no Right, no Wrong, everything goes, everything is on the table and Evolution is the name of the real infinite and eternal Game of BEING, of Existence, of all Life, of all Species, of everything that is.

Permanently, ah nothing gets killed, nothing gets destroyed, nobody really dies nor ends.

The only thing which is permanent is what we are made of: CHANGES!
Everything and everyone must evolve and Evolution is made of what we all are made of, we are made of infinite and eternal CHANGES.

The worst events, the worst situations, the explosions, the murders, the killings, the destruction, the suffering, the abuses, the horrors, the torture, the good parts of any life and the bad parts of any life, they all are one and the same.
They are changes.

Death and Life and Rebirth only serve CHANGES.

There are more Options than our confinements on Yes and No, Good and Bad, etc.

Religions love their little power at the expense of the wilful Ignorance, wilful Intellectual Dishonesty and Simple-mindedness of the Young Souls, the vast part of the world population who journey from cradle to grave without a clue of what the sacred, infinite and eternal game is all about.

People see destruction, people see wars and sickness and they are very quick to find something/somebody to blame, from Supreme Beings, Gods, Goddesses, to Pomba-Giras, Exus, to Spirits, to Demonesses, Demons, to other Beings, etc...

Of course, as incarnated as Human Beings, this difficult Species, we share this Elemental World and Time-bands with Others, with Other Species, etc.

We share in the Evolutionary journeys from cradle to grave when we borrow an Elemental Format/Vehicle in order to experience this world, we work with Air, Water, Earth and Fire, we work with the Tides and Powers of Birth/Life and Death/Rebirth, Construction and Destruction, we work with our very limited / censored "one-lifetime-at-a-time Perception of what and who we think of as Good and Bad.

We get to colour, we get to label, we get to judge our own personal Tata and Yaya, our good and bad and our own yes and no, etc.

Evolution takes beyond all of that as we grow wiser and beyond the Binary Bullshit of younger souls and their early times learning in the confinements of mythological binaries and its dualism.

Those who fancy themselves as Old Souls, we must remember we all once were Young Souls too and we were allowed our times of learning in the lowest levels of all experiences.

I've walked in many hells, in a few heavens and I would rather
rule in hell than to serve in any heaven.
By that I mean, I prefer my own wisdom for better or for worse, it is mine, my move and I take full responsibility for it.
I stand by each and every word I write.
None of us are superior, higher or better at all.
We all have the particle, the seed, the light of our Ultimate Supreme Being Creatress Goddess in us.
As above so below.
She abides when your perception evolves enough for you to find Her within your own self.
She is in the perceived worst lowest Evil and equally She is also in the best highest Good.
We must embrace all parts of what we are made of.
We are the Collective inside of the Individual and we are also the Individual within the Collective.

We all are much more than this One-Life-Time-at-a-time Perception of these temporary Elemental World journeys from cradle to grave.

We must grow beyond the mythological schools of FEAR, mythological schools of INSECURITY of our Learning to Evolve adventures in these elemental journeys.

I see (empowered) Freedom with Wisdom being the Law and the actual Life of the "Do what you Will".

I see One Species when I see Human Beings but I also see the temporary elemental Home and Vehicle for many different Souls, many different Spirits, many Different Beings, Fae, Pomba-Giras, Exus / Elementals.

Our destiny is to evolve eternally and infinitely via the changes that We ALL are made of.


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

p.s. I would NEVER EVER reduce Tata and Yaya to the infantile confines of mythological spiritual dualism, patriarchal biases and prejudices, anti-GLBTIQ+ agendas, anti-Women agendas and all the unwelcome evils and bad times of this elemental world.

Because all the perceived Good and Bad Times & Situations, they all are solely and only Results/Consequences of/from this Species' own Doing.

Tata and Yaya are much larger than this Lifetime and this one-lifetime-at-a-time perception and awareness of these temporary journeys from cradle to grave.

I wanted and I succeeded in making sure that dear Tata and dear Yaya are expressed with love, with trust, with respect, with honour and with much thankfulness for their Sacred Work of eternal and infinite Evolution.

Salve Tata and Yaya!

Salve Evolution!

Laroye to all Pomba-Giras & Exus, all Fae, all Elementals, all Mayorals! Viva! Cheers!

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