Angel Samael is my main guide other than Ariel. I would even consider the 5th heaven being Alnitak in Orion's Belt. These are where the Satans reside. I found out a lot about myself with being in tune with this particular angel. Most of the time, he is invoked without even me knowing until I do an inventory. Decisions about day to day thoughts seem most important. Not only is it important to understand one's agenda, it is also important to understand my own thought process. It gets deep understanding the difference between right and wrong. What's difficult is understanding what my God wants from me. It might even take weeks, months, or even years to have an understanding of my plan. The goal with Samael is to always evaluate my motives. Concerning Him and my Guardian, I find that the Draconian Code exemplifies my life all together. I can tell when in the presence of Samael because of the fear that I have. Forever ago it was all light. Then the light bearer fell and embodied Saturn. Then literally the devil in the flesh as he tempted Eve. This same Fall was my own demise as a Red Kingu. I had literally been cut down for man to.progress. These words are filled with tidbits from the very past, even before the Draconians had landed in this system. All I remember is the Sun was huge and then I became blind.

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