The Mandela Effect- An interesting case to be investigated

What follows is a posting I found an to me it was really interesting and I thought it was thought provoking, thus, I am sharing it with all of you and would like to know , as the author of the writing, whether you have experienced anything like this in your life.
The Mandela Effect 


Nelson Mandela


Nelson Mandela Died in Prison?


Fiona Broome1980s, sliding 363 Comments  Sep 9, 2010


Note: This was the original post that launched this website.  I’ve updated it to include more recent events.
Nelson Mandela Died in Prison?
However, if you’re new to this website, remember that this site includes many other articles related to other alternate history events that are widely remembered.  The “Major Memories” page is a good starting point.
Nelson Mandela died in prison, long before his loss on December 5th, 2013.
Many people — perhaps thousands — seem to believe that.
That’s where the title of this website and my upcoming book, The Mandela Effect, came from.
See, I thought Nelson Mandela died in prison.  I thought I remembered it clearly, complete with news clips of his funeral, the mourning in South Africa, some rioting in cities, and the heartfelt speech by his widow.
Then, I found out he was still alive.
My reaction was sensible, “Oh, I must have misunderstood something on the news.”
I didn’t think about it again for many years, until — in the VIP suite at Dragon*Con — someone casually mentioned that many people “remember” when Nelson Mandela died in prison.
That caught my attention in a hurry.
One thing led to another, and I discovered a large community of people who remember the same Mandela history that I recall.
Others have similar “false” memories.  One of the most recent and prevalent is the death of Billy Graham.  Though some claim that people are confusing that with Mr. Graham’s retirement, or perhaps the televised funeral of Mr. Graham’s wife, those who clearly remember the events disagree heartily.
However, it’s not just deaths.  People have told me about a variety of odd conflicts between their vivid memories and the world they’re currently living in.
During Dragon*Con 2010, someone insisted that he remembered a Star Trek episode that — according to one star of the show — was never filmed.  The person who remembered the alternate episode wasn’t weird or wild-eyed… he was a very normal person, and only referenced the episode as part of a routine conversation.
I was there when he heard that the episode never existed.  He was stunned, and quickly tried to find a logical explanation for his “faulty” memory.
Another quirky “false” memory involves the preview and pre-release of the sequel to the movie, Avatar.
These aren’t simple errors in memory; they seem to be fully-constructed incidents (or sequential events) from the past.  They exceed the normal range of forgetfulness.
Even stranger, other people seem to have identical memories.
This website — and my upcoming book — explore the possibilities of parallel realities, quantum science, real-life “Sliders” experiences, and alternate history.
If you’ve experienced something like this, I invite you to leave a comment (see the Major Memories page and links, so you’re current on other’s reports) or contact me directly.
If you believed that Nelson Mandela died in prison — long before his passing (in this timestream) on 5 December 2013 –  or you have similar memories of a “different” past, let me know.

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Comment by Carmen Elsa Irarragorri Wyland on December 13, 2013 at 11:12pm

Yes, Vlada, I have heard rumors, many of them to write about, but one of them is that they, the people in power, had been trying to colonize the planet Mars.

They had also tunnels inside Washington, D.C. and a subterranean habitat in there, in expectation of some calamities to happen on this Earth, but they have been sending people to Mars, projecting them there, and a couple of people commented that they had belonged to that program and so had Obama, as a young man, when his name was different (he used his grandmother last's name) and they had seen him there.

The USA knows a lot more than we think, in spite of keeping us in the dark.

That is why they have an alliance with some highly scientifically developed  race of Extraterrestrials, that have not our moral values, neither do they have an emotional body.

I do not know exactly what is true and what is not, but when I was a child we used to have a saying, in Spanish, that went more or less like "when the river runs and it sounds, there must be some water there".

Rumors may not be precise, but there must be something behind them.

But again, we have gone through so many things and we are still here, are we not?

Comment by Carmen Elsa Irarragorri Wyland on December 12, 2013 at 7:27pm

I agree with what you had to say, Molly. There is a lot of that going on.  Yes, the 9/11 conspiracy, the Bin Laden death and subsequent dropping of the body in the sea, so no one had access to it or could prove it being otherwise!

And so much more, yes.

On the other hand, the reality of parallel realities also exist.

So, we can take it either way, but the thing of it is, that since we are not going to do anything about it, as a group, we have to individually try to find out who is who in the cast.

There are also induced hypnotic memories, of things that really never happened, and oh, so much more!...

But we are free agents, and we have to learn discrimination, we are forced to do so, in order to make sense of the entire Chaos, that we, ourselves create, all over the World.

Comment by Carmen Elsa Irarragorri Wyland on December 10, 2013 at 6:50pm

Yes Imperfect Imp, my dear Stac, many people I have known had mentioned it to me, too, yet, of course, I heard nothing about it, but that does not mean anything, because I have not been one that follows current affairs, I seem to be living in a World of my own, thus I am not surprised that I heard nothing about that subject.  

Comment by Carmen Elsa Irarragorri Wyland on December 10, 2013 at 4:16pm

Yes, Vlada, I have told you before how I "remembered", which was not really a memory, but how I "relieved" other lives.

I just began with me being in two places at the same time, but in one of them, I was not in my physical body, since I visited a friend that lived in Mexico City, while I was living in Carlsbad, California in the USA, and I found myself in his room. He never saw me, however, but I was there in another body, and I could read his thoughts, and knew what he was thinking about, and also, the city he was in, he was in Guadalajara, which is a city south west of Mexico City, and I had no idea he had traveled there.

I could see the hotel room he was in, and listened to the voices outside of his window.

When I asked him where he had been that evening, he answered that he was on a business trip in Guadalajara.

In the morning, when I went to wash my face, I saw a picture of him, that I had hanging in one of the walls in my bathroom and I went crazy crying, because I was "relieving" a life where he had been killed in front of me, during a Mexican revolution that began in the year 1910, I believe, but it was later on when it happened, and I had a baby, our baby, in my arms.

They shot him, for political reasons, without giving him a trial or anything, because he was one of the Cabinet Members of the Presidency of a temporay Prsident that was deposed and who was my uncle in that lifetime, and he was just not deposed, but killed by the next guy to take charge of the Presidency.

It was a period of deposing and killing one President by the next faction, one after another.

I cried and yelled and they killed him, regardless!

Then I began living for a while on that life, and coming back to this life, I could see the clothes I wore,  and I remembered everything about that life.

Meanwhile, my ex husband came to visit me, and when I saw him and told him that I was living in two lives at the same time, I went back to that life and found him there, also!

And as I told him, he also began to remember!

Later on I found a picture, in a history book of whom I had been, and walked away with the book that I had purchased, and left my purse and other books that I had with me in the bookstore, since I felt like a Zombie, when I saw myself, in those pictures.

A verification of a memory or an episode of a parallel life!

But after it, I began remembering life times after lifetimes. And upon traveling, recognizing place swhere I had lived and rememberng where things were, like when I visited Augusta, Maine, I knew where to go for anything and I knew where everything was!

And this happened to me all over Europe, and I also remembered lives of places that I have never visited yet, but I know I had been there and done that.

It is like an open book, my entire Akasic record.

And every evening as I go to bed, I see places and people that I have known somewhere and sometime, and I see other landscapes that are different than the ones I have ever seen, and I see trees and groves, and the Moon shining and I know that I used to fly!

I see fires in the open and a lot of us singing and dancing, I see so many people!

When my mother died she came back to me and we embraced in a very physical way, ah, I go from dimensions into dimensions, I hear people talk in other languages, I used to teach my family as a child a different language,

that they had never heard before, and which I do not remember any longer...

And I began talking from the crib at five months old and using words even in my language, Spanish, that I had not been taught, and that they had never used around me!

And I have experienced been and feeling like other creatures, including trees!

For a long time, I kept quiet about my experiences, since they would tell me I was crazy, but

now I know that it was not crazyness, but openness, I was not locked into the Matrix that everyone else around me was!

Well, we know about all of this, Vlada, my tale is too long to tell, because I have managed to live so many lifetimes in only one!

But, of course, who am I?

Too many people to tell who is who in the cast!

I have played too many roles!



Comment by Carmen Elsa Irarragorri Wyland on December 9, 2013 at 12:55pm

And furthermore, Vlada, this also happens to me, but I did not wish to place my own comments on my own article.

But I have relocated so many times, myself, and being in two places at the same time!

I used to call that Astral Traveling.

But that Astral Traveling covered a multitude of things and paranormal happenings.

 see things that exist somewhere else, not only on this World, but elsewhere.

But I have been able to describe to people their own homes, without ever visiting them.

I recognized a picture of your bedroom where you have your altar, because I had seen it before, and oh, so many other things.

I have heard complete conversations of people, as well, and I have verified some, and I used to read  people's thoughts, when I visited them in other dimensions, also.

Yes, all of this is possible and more. Once that we are out of the Matrix, the time-space continuum, we can be everywhere at the same time and visit and know everything!

Comment by Carmen Elsa Irarragorri Wyland on December 9, 2013 at 12:46pm

Hi, Vlada, I think this is the coment that you were posting here, I got it as a letter, how interesting!

Very interesting article Carmen,and although I dont recall the tale of Nelson passing away in prison, the rest of the article twigs something in my consciousness as holding a certain amount of weird and strange truths..this thing & theory about 'Doppledangers' and synchronicity as well as characteristics of people being similar...this started me off in my own weird experiences,thinking something is really off in this this post HERE ( it keeps on going for me.. I get guided by Raven to images of people who look so like the people I know or have met here on the internet or my reality even,so far 3 members in this site this has happened with,and just the other day I shared another one with Janet  in here of a member in this site who has come into my consciousness, and this isn't the first person, there has been 4-6 in the past 4 yrs..too many to just be coincidence..I've also had Lucid dreams of watching movies on TV and then within a few months out of the blue a new movies comes on TV and Ive said to friends Oh this was on a month or so ago, and they are like Nah this is a new release its the first time on TV,or its just been released on the movies cant have seen this Vlada.. I say well I have, and I tell them the jist of the movie..then when they watch it, they are gob smacked I told them what it was about..and was correct.. they think/say its cos I claim to be a good psychic,I'm predicting the future via visions... but this is what this post is about isnt it.. strange things like that,how do we explain them other than parallel dimensions catching up or over lapping with each other.. ------------

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