The Monarch Butterfly (Mind Control)

This is going to be hard to put into words, but I find this important to see if anyone else experiences this. I've googled multiple sites and I've gotten together as much information as best as I could about these experiences.

For one, I was born in Altus, Oklahoma. Both my parents were in the air force. Later on, when I moved into Virginia, this where I got my high school diploma. I had actually failed my senior year and I had to go to a place called Fork Union Military Academy. That's when I finally got my degree and then got a scholarship to play football at Virginia Military Institute, or simply V.M.I.

I had actually dropped out my second year because of severe depression. Not only that but I had two weird spiritual experiences concerning my coach and when I went to the Bahamas during spring break. Before I had even come to the realization of why these experiences happened, it didn't make sense until just a few years ago, and i dropped out of college in 2007.

Now, Im going to try and channel my guides at this next part.

For once, it made sense. The countless encounters with law enforcement. And yes, the cop said, "We knew you were coming," while smiling. I'm thinking to myself that he was actually telling the truth considering there were twenty cop cars with their lights flashing across the street from my home. Of course, I went home and told my mom and she just said it was a considence. Just like when I received a book on the Law of Attraction with no return address. I received this book months later after the VA Tech shooting. And yes, I use to live a couple doors down from this young adult who did the shooting in Centreville, Virginia.

With all this going on I became paranoid that I was being watched one way or another. I find that deep down, none of this made sense. A cop first beating me to the punchline and admitting he was waiting for me before I was pulled over. And now a random book on the Law of Attraction being sent to me when I was already a typical Christian Conspiracy Theorist. This whole thing me getting closer to "Christ" had happened after me lucid dreaming and seeing a "demon". Only a few years ago that I found out that the demon was actually a Satan. He was extremely talk with point wolf ears (Sirian) and green reptilian skin with no genetils (Orion) had big black teeth and black eyes like a Grey. Yes, an Draconian/Orion/Sirian hybrid.

Then in 2008 when I was diagnosed with schizoaffective. Yup, the. The up and downs and constant visions. The dream with the Satan I was actually drinking a bud(wiser) in the dream with a Dark African guy. After research, I figured this African guy was a Nommo initiating me into this sect of the Amphibian Sirians, hence Bud(WISER).Then I ran into what I thought was a demon but actually a Satan.

The constant going back to the hospitals and trying to make my mom see my point or view was going no where. There would be days when I was completely fine, then BOOM, I'd have an episode. This is what I could being "activated" when I became manic. My mindset would change and I was constantly downloading information within my crown chakra.

I have no other way of explaining it but in starting to understand these MK Ultra Sleepers. The ethereal realm, or your ancestors, intelligence agencies, or whatever you want to call them, activate you. It's like when Matt Damon in the first Bourne movie expresses to the woman about why he didn't understand why he kept gathering intel at a high level. That includes remembering street names, license plates, the supposed weight of an individual, and if that individual could "handle" himself. This what goes on in my head when I become "active". Not to that extent, but you get the picture.

There's more to this but I got a funny feeling that there will ill will towards me after dropping out of college. You can only imagine since I was the best defensive player. But my point is this, I think I finally understand monarch mind control.

See, it isn't literal when a sleeper checks in at this agencies like the CIA. What I'm saying is that there interdimensional beings that these agencies work with can contact you through telepathic means without meeting you face to face. You have to understand that the government is ahead at least fifty years in technology ahead of the public. I've had countless visions where I see multiple explosions, interdimensional beings fighting one another, or getting messages from either the radio or television sets. Of course, I don't explain this to anyone because of what they might think and the fact that I'm already diagnosed with an illness. But let me put it this way, someone is looking out for me because of my seeds to be a lightwarrior disguised as a darkworker. I find that the decisions I make in my head are paramount to what might happen to me in the future.

Now, my computer had been hacked in front of me, I've gotten profiled multiple times and I'm forever in contact with the higher intelligences on a day to day basis. This information about the stars and particularly about this subject comes straight from the head. And it's as if the Ethereal realm "appreciates" it. What I mean is that I have my own apartment and enough funds to live in my own. Like I was telling my mom, I was saying that we must be doing something right for the right things to happen. Thank God.

Now I know I didn't get too specific on my experiences but I wanted to write this because I feel it is needed for those that my have visions or what you would call hallucinations. Do not ever write it off as fantasy, there's a reason why your third eye is activated. And when you can have the understanding of why you have these spiritual gifts you can finally live the life you're supposed to.

I hope yall got something out of this

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Comment by Quingu on October 24, 2018 at 8:39am

I appreciate you reading Rosey!

Comment by Rosey on October 24, 2018 at 6:10am

Thank you Quingu. Great job explaining.

Yes, I understand! 

Blessings dear Brother!

Comment by Quingu on October 24, 2018 at 2:21am

Yup, that's why I keep to myself in the real world. Thanks for the comment lee.

Comment by Quingu on October 2, 2018 at 2:36pm

Thanks for the comment, Don. I tried my best explaining my perspective of what mind control really is in today's age. Thanks again for reading!

Comment by Mystic Wolf on October 2, 2018 at 2:33pm

Thanks a lot for posting this Quingo, I read this na few ti9mes and fond it very interesting on what you are talking about.

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