Goddesses and Gods associated with Festivals of the Dead / Samhain - Halloween - etc

Ancient Egyptian Pagan GOD ANUBIS ( a.k.a Anpu ) is indeed a good Friend and also a Mighty Protector, Guide & Helper to His followers, to his highpriestesses and highpriests.
Anubis is the Ancient Pagan Egyptian God of the Dead, of Death & Rebirth, of Cemeteries, of Graves, of all kinds of Protection.
His Mother Pagan GODDESS NEPHTHYS ( Revealer ) and his Father Pagan GOD OSIRIS (Individuation).

His Symbol: The Jackal, The Hunting Dog, The Ancient Domesticated Nubian Golden Wolf.
His Hieroglyph: The Shadow

He is the Guardian and Protector God, the divine Jester/Joker God, the “Opener of the Ways” God.
He rules over Death, Rebirth, Passage, Rites of Initiation, Navigation, Diplomacy, Burial, Underworld, Finder of Lost People and Lost Things, Patron God of all Travelers.

God Anubis has other Expressions, Aspects and Manifestations such as the Ancient Jackal / Dog Headed God Wepwawet

Anubis has a Female Aspect / Manifestation of Himself ( known as His Ancient Goddess Wife ) GODDESS ANPUT a.k.a. ( Input - Inpewt & Yineput – Inpwt ).

Goddess Anput is also depicted as a Woman wearing a standard topped by a black large Jackal / Dog, or as a Woman with the Head of a Black Jackal / Dog.

Her name is the Female Version of Anubis with the "T" is the feminine ending and Anubis a.k.a. Anpu a.k.a. Inpu.

Goddess Anput rules over Funerals, Mummification, she is the Mother Goddess of the Goddess Kebechet who is yet another Feminine Aspect / Manifestation of Anubis…

Pagan GODDESS KEBECHET a.k.a. Qeb-Hwt a.k.a. Khebhut, Kebehut, Qébéhout, Kabehchet and/or Kebehwet – “The Cooling Waters” Goddess, She manifests as a SNAKE GODDESS.

She is the Ancient Egyptian Goddess of the Funeral Matters, Burials, Death, Rebirth, The Otherworld, Her Symbols are the Ostrich and/or the Benign Snake, and/or the Serpent who offers Divine Water that Refreshes and Purifies the Dead while they await in the In-Between Worlds/Realms. She is the Goddess of Preservation, of the Embalming Liquid for the Dead Body.


For those people who are accustomed to do magickal works / rituals, sacred rites & real magick with the Pagan God Anubis, they will find out that ANUBIS’ Energies, Expressions, Aspects and Manifestations, they all fuse together with those of the ancient Pagan Egyptian GOD THOTH of Wisdom, of Healing, of Magick, of Communications and equally fuse together with God Thoth’s Female Manifestation, Aspect and Expression as the Pagan GODDESS MAAT of the Feather, of Justice, of the Scales, of Balance.


Pagan Haitian Voodoo Goddess / Female counterpart of the Pagan Ghede / Wife of the Pagan God Baron Samedi, God of Death, Life and Rebirth, of the Dead, of Eroticism, of Sexual Magick, of Magick.

She is the Loa/Goddess ( Spirit, Essence and the Elemental Level a.k.a. the Fae – Exu / Pomba Gira Level & Group ) whose offices rule over Death / Rebirth / Change ) of Death – Changes – Transformation & Endings.

Maman Brigitte owns all the Cemeteries, chiefly those whose very first burial of the body of a Woman.
Her Phalange of Spirits watch over, outline, dig and mark the graves.

Maman Brigitte, it is French for “Mother Brigitte” or Mum Brigitte… She is also called as “Grann Brigitte”, Manman, and/or Maman Brigit, also as Maman Brijit.
As a Death Goddess, a Death Loa and the Wife of Baron Samedi. She is worshipped as Queen Goddess of all Cemeteries and of all Festivals of the Dead.
She drinks Rum infused with hot Peppers and is symbolized by a Black Rooster / Chicken / Bird…

Like the dear God Baron Samedi and the Loa/Ghede Goddesses & Gods Family, she may use obscenities, but she is frank and to the point.
And She does not suffer any fools to waste Her time.


He is a Pagan Guédé Goddesses and Gods Family Baron a.k.a. the Pagan Loa/God Baron, whose Three Sacred Aspects/Manifestations are:


God Baron Samedi ( Saturdays are sacred to Him ) - Ruler of the Death, of Transformation, of Graveyards, Sexual Magick, of Magick…


BARON LA CROIX ( The Elemental / Fae / Exu & Pomba Gira “Cross” as Symbol of Death, of Transformation, of the Four Elemental Kingdoms, is sacred to Him ) – He is also Guardian of the Gravestones and of the true Identity of anybody!


BARON CEMITERY a.k.a. Baron Cimetière - All Cemeteries are sacred to Him  – He is a Guardian of the Grave.


The dear God Baron Samedi and His Three Sacred Aspects & Manifestations fuse together as one Baron and a Member of the Guédé Gods and Goddesses Family.

God Baron Samedi, Goddess Maman Brigitte, and the Guédé Family Goddesses and Gods, they all rule over Death, Transformation, Change and the Dead, the Cemetery and the Graves.

In other words, they rule over the Entry, the Arrivals and Departures and the Exit into and out the Elemental Realms, into and out of the Elemental Flesh, the group Journeys of the different Species such as Light / Soul and Fae / Elementals / Exus & Pomba Giras and the Elemental Family of Earth, Air, Water and Fire whose essence and spirit are expressed via the Fae, Elementals, Exus & Pomba Giras



The GHEDE a.k.a. Guédé a.k.a. Gede…
They are the Family of Pagan Goddesses and Gods (Loas) that rules over Death and Life / Fertility / Prosperity and Happiness.


PAGAN GHEDE GODS: Their Minor Aspects/Manifestations:


Pagan God Ghede Doubye - He can bestow the Gift of Clairvoyance.


Pagan God Ghede Linto - He can make Magick, Miracles and His work is very direct, and accurate; he can foresee trouble 6 months away and He either helps you to prepare for it or teaches you how to prevent it.


Pagan God Ghede Loraj – He rules Weather, Storms.


Pagan God Guédé Nibo - Healer, Patron God of those who die young, He rules over GLBT oriented people and causes, He is the Messenger God between the living and the dead. He offers a voice to the dead spirits that have not been reclaimed from "below the waters". He is the guardian of the graves of those who died prematurely, chiefly those whose final resting place is unknown.
His chevals/horses a.k.a. his possessed ( in trance ) Mediums, Priestesses, high-Priestesses and Highpriests, they all can give voice to the dead spirits whose bodies have not been found, or that have not been reclaimed from "below the waters".


Pagan God Guédé Ti Malis - a.k.a. Pagan God Ti Malice is a Trickster Aspect / Manifestation and opposite/nemesis of Pagan God Uncle Bouki a.k.a. Pagan God Tonton Bouqui.

Pagan God Ti Malice is clever & guileful, but Pagan God Uncle Bouki is hardworking instead and is also exaggeratedly greedy, ergo it is the control & manipulation of this greed that allows God Ti Malice often to best, to win over Pagan God Uncle Bouki.

These Aspects/Manifestations are but Expressions of the Pagan African God Anansi of Wisdom (His Symbol: the Spider), also known as Ananse, Kwaku Ananse, Anancy, southern United States this God has changed himself into “Aunt Nancy”.
He is a Spider, but often acts and appears as a Man.


Pagan Fête Ghede (Pagan Festival of the Pagan Ghede is celebrated on 2nd November, it is the Festival of the Dead.

PAGAN GHEDE GODS: Major Aspects/Manifestations



Pagan God Papa Ghede ( corpse of the 1st Man who died on Earth ) Manifests as a short, Dark Man with a High Hat, smoking cheap Cigars and eating Apples.

Papa Ghede is the messenger / intermediary who waits at the crossroads to take souls into the afterlife.

He is considered the benign / good counterpart / aspect to/of Pagan God Baron Samedi.
He will not take a life before its time, and that he will protect the Children.
Papa Ghede has a rough sense of humour, he can read others' minds, and knows everything that happens in the worlds of the living and the dead.


Pagan God Brave Ghede – Guardian/Watchtower of the Graveyards. He keeps the Dead in their Realms and the Living in theirs.

He can be seen as an Aspect / Manifestation of Pagan God Nibo.


Pagan God Ghede Bábáco is God Papa Ghede's less known Brother Aspect/Manifestation, and is also an Intermediary between Realms.

He has Roles similar to those of Pagan God Papa Ghede, but he doesn't have his Powers.


Pagan God Baron Kriminel (God Baron of Criminals) is the God Enforcer of the Pagan Guede Family.
He was the first to kill another, the first murderer, he is God Master of those who murder or use violence in order to harm others.
Families of Murder Victims and the Abused do rites, offerings and requests to him to get Justice / Revenge on those who wronged them.
His horses/chevals a.k.a. possessed / in-trance Mediums have insatiable appetites and will attack people unless/until they are offered food.

His Feast Day is 3rd November – Offerings are Sacrificed wild black Roosters.


Transgender Pagan God/Goddess Ghede Masaka is an Expression, Manifestation & Aspect of Pagan God Ghede Nibo.
He/She is an Androgynous a.k.a. GLBT/Transgender God/Goddess both separately and at once, also, Gravedigger and Spirit of the Dead, wears a black, white clothes & white headscarf.


Pagan God Ghede Oussou wears a black or mauve clothes that are marked on the back with an Elemental White Cross and also wears a black or mauve headscarf. Fond of white rum.

Pagan Ghede Oussou’s Female Aspect/Manifestation is Pagan Goddess Ghede L'Oraille.


A visit to the Elemental Realms of the FAE / ELEMENTALS a.k.a. EXUS & EXU-FEMMES a.k.a. POMBA GIRAS whose kind offices rule the Dead, the Cemeteries, Funerals, the Mortality / Death, Changes and the Transformation of the Elemental Vehicle, of the Temporary Elemental Body.


It is ruled by the Queen Pomba Gira of the Seven Kalungas (Exu-Femme) and the King Exu of the 7 Kalungas/Cemeteries.

They are the Queen and King of the Cemeteries.
All Exus who work in this line of the Calunga, they live in the Calunga.

People of the Doors/Gates of the Kalunga – Chief Exu Porteira (Gate Exu)
People of the Tombs – Chief Exu of the 7 Tombs
People of the Catacombs – Chief Exu of the 7 Catacombs
People of the Furnaces / Oven - Chief Exu Brasa a.k.a. Exu Flame
People of the Skulls - Chief Exu Caveira a.k.a. Exu Skull
People of the Woods of the Kalunga - Chief Exu Calunga (The Exu of the Cemeteries)
People of the Lomba of the Kalunga - Chief Exu Corcunda
People of the Open Graves – Chief Exu of the 7 Open Graves
People of the Mirongas / Darkness - Chief Exu of the Black Cape a.k.a. Exu Mironga


Line of the Cemeteries or of the Skulls

Chief Exu is the Exu Skull a.k.a. Exu Caveira, who together and/or along with the Queen of the Cemeteries (Exu-Femme) Pomba Gira rule over their Group/Phalange and their Actions.

The Group includes:

Exu Tatá Skull a.k.a. Tata Caveira – ruled by Queen Pomba-Gira and King Exu of the Souls.

People of the Souls of the Lomba – Chief Exu of the Lombas
People of the Souls of the Cativeiro - Chief Exu Pemba
People of the Souls of the Funeral Parlour - Chief Exu Marabá
People of the Souls of the Hospitals - Chief Exu Healer a.k.a. Exu Curadô
People of the Souls of the Beach/Shores - Chief Exu Giramundo a.k.a. World-trotter
People of the Souls of the Temples / Churches - Chief Exu Nine Lights
People of the Souls of the Woods – Chief Exu of the 7 Mountains
People of the Souls of the Calunga - Chief Exu Tatá Caveira
People of the Souls of the Orient - Chief Exu 7 Dust


Exu Brasa a.k.a. Exu Flame ruled by Chief Exu Skull

Exu Pemba ruled by Queen Pomba Gira and King Exu of the Souls

Exu Of the Mud a.k.a. Exu Lodo ruled by the Queen Pomba Gira & King Exu of the Beach

People of the Rivers – Ruled by the Exu of the Rivers
People of the Waterfalls – Ruled by Exu of the Waterfalls
People of the Foundry – Ruled by Exu of the Black Stone
People of the Sailors – Ruled by Exu Sailor
People of the Sea – Ruled by Exu Maré
People of the Mud – Ruled by Exu of the Mud a.k.a. Exu Lodo
People of the Bahianos (From Bahia, Brazil) – Ruled by Exu Bahiano / Exu from Bahia, Brazil
People of the Winds – Ruled by the Exu of the Winds
People of the Isle / Island – Ruled by Exu of the Coconut a.k.a. Exu Côco


Exu Carangola ruled by Exu Skull


Exu Arranca Toco ruled by the Queen Pomba Gira and King Exu of the Woods

People of the Trees – Chief Exu Quebra Galho
People of the Parks - Chief Exu of the Shadows
People of the Woods & of the Shore/Beach- Chief Exu of the Woods
People of the Campinas - Chefe Exu of the Campinas
People of the Hills - Chief Exu of the Black Hill
People of the Mines - Chief Exu 7 Stones
People of the Snakes - Chief Exu 7 Snakes
People of the Flowers - Chief Exu of the Smell
People of the Seeds/Seed-Spreader - Chief Exu Arranca Tôco


Exu Pagão a.k.a. simply Pagan Exu / Exu Pagan ruled by Pagan Queen Pomba-Gira / Exu-Femme Maria Padilha and Pagan Exu King Lucifer a.k.a. King of Light.


Exu Pagan is ruled by King Exu of the 7 Lires and by Queen Pomba-Gira Maria Padilha of the Lires Herself the Queen of the  Pagan Quimbanda a.k.a. Queen the Candomblé a.k.a. Queen Exu-Femme of All the other Pomba-Giras/Exu-Femmes: Maries/Marys a.k.a. Rainha de todas As Marias!!!

People of the Underworlds / Lower Realms / Lower Astral – Ruled by Exu of the Underworlds a.k.a. Lower Realms
People of the Bars, Clubs / Cabarets – Ruled by Exu of the Cabaré
People of the Lire – Ruled by Exu of the 7 Lires
People of the Gypsies / Ciganos – Ruled by Exu Gypsy a.k.a. Exu Cigano
People of the Orient – Ruled by Exu Pagan a.k.a. Exu Pagão
People of the Malandros – Ruled by Pagan King Exu Zé Pelintra (Seu Ze')
People of the Garbage/Rubbish/Lixo – Ruled by Exu Ganga
People of the Moon-Light/Moon-lit-Sky a.k.a. Luar – Ruled by Exu Malé
People of the Commerce/Business-World – Ruled by Exu Chama-Dinheiro a.k.a. Exu Money-Caller



Pagan Loa / Goddess Maman Brigitte & Pagan Loa God Baron Samedi, They do fuse together at a certain point with Pagan Goddess Anput, Pagan God Anubis, Pagan God Thoth & Pagan Goddess Maat.

At Samhain, during Halloween, it is the sacred time for the Pagan Festival of the Dead and a fine time to learn, to study, to celebrate and to honour the ancient Pagan Goddesses and Gods whose kind offices rule over Death, Rebirth, Transformation and the Dead.

There are many other Pagan Goddesses and Gods of the Dead, however I’ve covered herein only the ones most dear to me and equally mostly not quite as popular nor quite well-covered by most other writers!

Salve Todos os Deuses & Deusas e Todas as Pomba Giras e Exus - Cheers -

Vive - Viva - Laroye

Blessed Goddess Be!





Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon a.k.a. PADILLA a.k.a. Padilla of Astaroth, of Ashtoreth, of Astarte, of Baal a.k.a. Mayoral Baphomet a.k.a. Mayoral Belzebu, of Quimbandic Exu Lucifer, etc...

GLBTQ+ Pagan Trans-Priestess / Hps / Yaya' / Ialorixa' / Olorisha - Witch Hexe Sorciere Feiticeira Macumbeira Bruxa Sorceress Shaman - Pagan Holistic Occultist / Consultant GLBT-Pagan / Wiccan & Pagan Quimbandist


Freedom with Wisdom is the Law. — By Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon (c) 1983 US UK France Brazil

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