(While In The Elemental Worlds Of Flesh)

Revised - October 2018

The "Magick/Magia" is only as good as the Witch who does it.
Lousy witch gets lousy magick!

When I write MAGIC, I write it MAGICK with the added K in order to differentiate it from the Parlour Magic - Tricks and etc...

Magick here it is meant in the context of Miracles, Wonders and whether pleasant and / or unpleasant phenomena caused by Request, Call and Command and Appended Rituals (Sacred Theatrics) and their proper Symbols (Doors / Portals / Tools) to the relevant Energies ( Powers / REALMS / BEINGS / SPECIES) and all of the Gestures & Sonics associated and made-to-be required...

To me, it is first & very much about Knowing Who You Are and Where You rightfully Belong in the scheme of All Things Above and Below... Relevant to you and your Magick are Your Pre-Natal-Script, your "Now & Here" Time-band/zone & Location in the Universe, Your Learning of Yourself, Your Knowing of Yourself, Your Mastering of Yourself.

There are many, many Sources of Energy / Power, whether Artificial, Neutral or Intelligent, whether Fae/Elemental, Soul/Spiritual and/or, yet that of Other very much Different Species / Beings, etc.

The fact is, since all & everything start with Oneself first, then one must first be one's own Source/Fountain before one can actually tap on the infinite & eternal Sources / "Faucets" of the infinite and eternal Universes / Etc...

Maybe I didn't say enough but did say too much.

However, there is always one in any crowd, that annoying young soul who always pushes the good-will & boundaries/limits of others, chiefly with their intellectual dishonesty, or their wilful ignorance and the always resulting mischief.

Therefore, somebody may still ask to know how do I define a "Lousy witch"?

I define as such:

a) A lousy witch can be a person knows nothing about Pagan Modern Wicca / Ancient Paganism / Pagan Witchcraft, Pagan Quimbanda, Pagan Candomble, Pagan Umbanda, Pagan Vodun, Pagan Spiritism, Pagan Spiritualism and/or Real Pagan Magick... Then this person purchases and reads one Wiccan and / or Quimbanda book, and suddenly attempts to do all the cook-book style Magick / Rituals / Spells that they've found in that book and just only to find out that they cannot get any results at all, or they get BAD RESULTS.

b) A lousy witch can be a person who knows nothing of Pagan Modern Wicca / Ancient Paganism / Pagan Witchcraft, Pagan Quimbanda, Pagan Candomble, Pagan Umbanda, Pagan Vodun, Pagan Spiritism, Pagan Spiritualism and/or Real Pagan Magick... Then, person suddenly goes after Pagan Modern Wicca / Ancient Paganism / Pagan Witchcraft, Pagan Quimbanda, Pagan Candomble, Pagan Umbanda, Pagan Vodun, Pagan Spiritism, Pagan Spiritualism and/or Real Pagan Magick, etc and for all the Wrong Reasons...

In their Half-Baked/Half-Ass Attempts to find Greatness, they only find their own Disappointments, Failures and No Results at all...Or simply Hard Lessons, Bad Results!

Because "THEY DO NOT REALLY KNOW" what they are doing!
And they do not care about Pagan Modern Wicca / Ancient Paganism / Pagan Witchcraft, Pagan Quimbanda, Pagan Candomble, Pagan Umbanda, Pagan Vodun, Pagan Spiritism, Pagan Spiritualism and/or Real Pagan Magick... They do not care about the Fae/Pomba-Giras/Exus/Elementals, They do not care about the Spirits of Other Species, Spirits of the Dead, They do not care about the Ancient Pagan Supreme Being Creatress Goddess and all Pagan Goddesses and Gods at all.
They just solely care about Themselves individually/alone, and of course they care for whatever it is that they want, that they are after... In other words, they have no mutuality to offer, they have no feelings, they have no honesty, they have no loyalties... They have no trust, no respect and bloody hell, they have No Dignity!

c) Important to remind oneself of the provable fact that in this world, "Not everybody who calls, gets "It" coming".
So true!
And it is true because if one cannot find that what one is seeking inside of oneself first...
Then equally, one will never ever find it outside of oneself at all.

Magick begins inside of each and everyone of us first.
If you cannot find Your Real Magick inside of Yourself first, then you will never find it outside of Yourself.
Good results requires us all to Live and Relive the dear Mystery, the one that cannot be written, cannot be told. The Mystery that must be "felt" first in order to be owned/gained and learned.
Knowledge is nice but in order to turn Knowledge into Wisdom, in order to own Knowledge, we must first experience "It", feel "It".
Then we can own "It" because we've earned "It" by our own experience of "It".

I've heard the "A Real Witch is born, and not made" a few times in my life...

Perhaps enough to realise that some people can find the special "It" very, very early in their lifetime...
And also, others / other people can only find "It" as they get older and wiser.
And let's face, many will never find "It" until they have been through many lifetimes and finally evolved enough in order to be able to handle the consequences of really Knowing and Owning "It".

Initiations are Rebirths and Witches are born that special moment in life when they can find their Pagan Magick, Their Pagan Witchcraft within their own Selves first.

Myself, I wish the Meaning could be easier than that, but it never is, it never was.
And we all must find that what works for us individually... But before that, we must find the Meaning thereof, so as to become able & to be able to employ it successfully and to stand by their consequences whether good or bad.

d) Lousy witch is also sometimes more a temporary state of mind, rather than an actual person. And that it is because the qualities of roads that lead to “Learning”, they can at times be very painful and difficult, folks!
Therefore, one may be a Witch and well, one may also feel Lousy, ergo a Lousy Witch.

Lifetimes, all of them are always made of all Colours, of all Elements, of all Adjectives, of all Qualifications, of Good Times and of Bad Times, of pleasure and also of pain and what Changes are what move the Sacred Wheel of our Existence as we are our own selves, we are Change, we are made of changes just alike as all and everything that exist.
Our real Wisdom may help our Attitude, we can choose to interpret what happens to us as an Adventure instead of an Ordeal.

Yes, we can choose to be peaceful and to own ourselves, our lives... Or, to allow the invented "belief and language" of others and their associated invented "values and ways of conduct" to dictate, to dominate, to rule us, our lives, our emotions, our dispositions and how we are, feel and see.

It is indeed very much up to each person to make that decision someday when they evolve far enough in order to "Find It", to Know it, to Live it, and finally, TO OWN IT.

This is offered in the spirit of sharing, dear folks and it is not meant nor intended as an imposition nor a determinant to anybody at all...
To each human being, their very own Wisdom and all rewards thereof.


Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon

p.s. My Fav Portrait/Depiction of Exu-Femme/Fae/Elemental/Pomba-Gira "Maria Padilha" a.k.a. Maria Padilla

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