THOUGHTS - PART 1, 2 & 3
In general, most folks have no idea that Names of people, of lands, of races, of cultures, of mythologies/religions, of civilizations, of belief, of language, of values, of ways of conduct, and of species, of beings, of creatures, of spirits, of elementals, of fae, of “Supreme Being”, of gods and of goddesses have been changed many times before.
In our times, we seem to do the very same as we change the names of what we do not like or cannot handle.
We change the words for softer versions of meaning and values of whatever it may be.
In short, we change the names of what and who we do not like!
The Romans of the past, or rather, I should say the European “Spanish/Hispanic” peoples of today, they once dominated the world.
As the Romans, they renamed Names of countries and of people and just for fun.
As for instance, The Romans a.k.a. the Ancient Latinos of the Latin Language, lol, they took one look at Gaule a.k.a. Gaul, and they called it “The Land of Franks” a.k.a. Francia a.k.a. “France”! It seems that they did it just a joke one might say, however it did get stuck so bad because it became what we call that Land today: France, and so do its own people, the French a.k.a. the Franks!
Albion, the land of the Brittones, of the Angiloi and of the Phrissones... Today’s Britain did not start as Britain, it started as Prettania, and it went from its original name Prettania (Land of the Pretty, most likely) to the land of the Delicate a.k.a. Brittannia by the Romans, again most likely as a joke and it became stuck too.
Brittannia a.k.a. Britain.
The very same name changing mania went on in all Academia, Sciences and Arts.
This Species has always been hell-bent on making it difficult for future generations to find out and to understand what it really was like in their times.
History has always been written by the winners of wars and battles, therefore all of what we all get to find is their own specially modified Version of all the facts, events of whatever it really was and came to pass, not the actual facts, not the actual people and not the the actual events.
The ancient Pagan Goddesses and ancient Pagan Gods of ancient Pagan Belief and Language, their ancient Pagan Values, their ancient Pagan Ways of Conduct, they all have been changed, many were modified as names were changed and Goddesses and Gods went from Good to Bad, maligned, vilified by the new Abrahamic Religions and their Mythologies a.k.a. their holy books.
The Matriarchal Ways, The harmonious monotheist Creatress Ways within the polytheistic mainstream way of Goddesses and Gods, the Animism, Their Respect for all Genders (Female, Trans, Male & Non-Binary/Androgynous) and the respect for all Sexual Preferences (GLBTQ+/Pansexual & Hetero)...
They all were modified, changed, maligned and vilified by their newly written Mythologies, mythologies-turned-into-Religions and their new big God, once a tiny, unimportant (low-frenquency) village god, then turned into the One God, a patriarchal, dualistic/Zoroastrianish, hateful, vengeful, anti-women, anti-GLBTQ+, anti-Academia, anti-Freedom, anti-Culture, anti-Autonomy, Monstrous god, the real intellectual-dishonest, and/or willful-ignorant rubbish we all see and know today.
Reincarnation was discarded and removed.
Freedom of Thinking, Freedom of Expression, and Autonomy were discouraged and later limited/censored.
Anti-Women and Anti-GLBTQ+ mandates were fiercely appended and openly tailored-to-order within the New Religions and their Mythologies a.k.a. their holy books.
The world natural Foundation of/for all meaningful Freedom was maligned, vilified and removed from the population as they replaced the “Mutual Respect For/Of All Differences” with the “Hatred-For-All-Differences”.
The natural concept of Happiness, of Pleasure and of Peace were also brutally assaulted and butchered by Religions and Their absurd Mythologies a.k.a. their holy books.
They invented and imposed a willful-ignorant and/or intellectual dishonest Sense of meaningless Guilt, of senseless Shame, of lack of worthiness, of inhibition in this Species, they invented Sins and they also invented Salvation from these Sins, absolutely absurd!
They invented ways to control the Lives of the Populations, the life of all Others, via their Mythologies, by making their absurd Mythological rubbish into the Values, the Ways of Conduct and the Laws of the Land.
They employed FEAR, via their Mythological rubbish, as they intimidated Populations with their Mythologies in order to keep control of their Thinking, of their Expression, of their Lives.
They intruded in the privacy of the bedrooms of the Population in order to dictate what they could or could not do.
They intruded into the Bodies of Women in order to tell them what they can or cannot do with their Bodies, with their Pregnancies.
Utterly absurd, ignorant, malefic and arrogant!
And I would say very much unwelcome by any Cultured, Intelligent, Wise and Intellectually Honest Minds.
They created all sorts of absurd Limitation and Censorship for the populations to endure.
I bar, abhor, I particularly despise Them (mainstream Big/Rich/In-Bed-With-Gov Mythologies and their absurd mainstream Religions)!
Ah Nubia a.k.a. Modern Africa!
We must remind ourselves that Nubia was the Home of the most ancient Civilizations and Cultures of Africa.
Nubia ruled Egypt before Egypt became Egypt.
Nubia is the most ancient seat of all Black Culture, of all Black People, which predates Africa itself, much before the horrible willful ignorant, intellectual-dishonest Invention and unwelcome Imposition of Abraham-oriented mythological Systems (Jewish, Islamic, Christian) of Patriarchal (Anti-Women, Anti-GLBTQ+), Spiritual-Dualism-Oriented (Battle-of-Good-and-Evil & The-Devil-made-Me-do-it) “Belief & Language”, plus its associated “Values & related Ways of Conduct”.
Only one, I do mean, One Goddess, One Ultimate Supreme Being All Mothers' MOTHER  GODDESS Creatress of All, an exceptional & modified Monotheistic “Belief” however wisely within a natural and free Polytheistic “Belief and Language, Values and Ways of Conduct” of natural Paganism.
And because, as Pagans, we have One Pagan Ultimate Supreme Being Creatress Mother Goddess, but at once we also have many Pagan Goddesses and many Pagan Gods.
However always having the “Creatress” as the Centre, as the Foundation, as the Ultimate Supreme Source of All Creation, of all Existence, of all Life, of all Species, of all and everything that is allowed to exist.
All Colours, all Races, all Cultures, All Virtues, all Vices, All of which we deem Bad and all of which we deem Good, they All are contained within the Creatress, within Her sacred Manifestation as Mother Nature who is always both present Outside and Inside of all, of everything, of all of us, of all Species, of all Life, of all Existence, of all Creation.
And equally the Ultimate Supreme Being Creatress Herself is at once, also always contained & present Outside and Inside of all, of everything, of all of us, of all Species, of all Life, of all Existence, of all Creation.
Paganism does not believe in Spiritual Dualism which is a clever version of the inventions of the Zoroaster.
Paganism does not believe in Patriarchal Superiority:
1) Because all Human Beings of all Genders ( Female, Trans, Male and Non-Binary ) are equal, have equal rights, have equal value, have equal dignity and are sacred and just the way they were made by Nature.
2) Because all Human Beings of all Sexual Preferences
( Gay, Lesbian, Bi / Pansexual, Non-Binary & Hetero ) are equal, have equal rights, have equal value, have equal dignity and are sacred and just the way they were made by Nature.
In our times, we often find this stupid, invented Abrahamic tendency to glorify poverty, difficulties, bad times and suffering.
I say – it is 100% pure Rubbish! Junk it, will you?
Paganism believes in Reincarnation, in Many Lifetimes, many Journeys from cradle to grave in the Elemental Worlds and their Time-bands, and all for the sake of eternal and infinite Evolution for all, the sacred seed of the Creatress which is a natural part of all Creation, of all Life, of all Existence.
If we are to believe in some Ultimate Supreme Being and I do, I believe in the Goddess Creatress.
Whether Goddess or maybe God for you...
Then, folks, we also ought to believe that She/He knows what She/He is doing and we must trust Her/His Wisdom, Her/His Ways, and Her/His work.
Everything happens for a Reason, folks!
Nobody and Nothing happen in vain, at all.
There is Meaning, a Value behind All and Everything which are allowed to be, to happen. There is a reason behind all and everything that are, were, are and will be allowed to be and to happen.
Even when we as a Species, we have not enough Information, not enough Intelligence and certainly not enough Wisdom in order to understand and to make sense of it...
As fact really is, as a Species, sometimes, we are “Not” evolved enough in order to understand and to make sense of it.
And you folks, listen!
Reason and Logic cannot explain All & Everything all of the time, and chiefly when their Quantum Academic body of Knowledge, of Wisdom is still missing and yet to be found and understood in our times.
Ergo, whether you find yourself stuck in the mainstream Academia of Randomness & Determinism, I still say, it lacks the intelligence and wisdom of Quantum Academia and its vast body of what it remains Unknown.
All Life, all Existence are made of CHANGE. We and all Creation, we all are made of eternal and infinite Changes.
No Human Being is the Owner of any Other Human Being!
No Human Being is the Owner of the Sacred Initiations of Infinite and Eternal Evolution of another Human Being.
We all can Teach, we all can Learn, we all can Assist, but the Sacred Mysteries of All Initiations, They all come from Eternal & Infinite Evolution, from the mighty Currents of the sacred Womb of the Ultimate Supreme Being Mother Goddess Creatress & Source of All & Everything.
The Sacred Bonds which cannot be broken, they must be felt, experienced before they can be earned and owned.
Nobody can do it for you.
Every Initiation has its Sacred Mystery, its sacred Bond.
Most of the Systems of Initiation, they may attempt to self-guard and to promote itself by monopolizing the path which they sponsor.
And of course, they do so and with carefully invented intellectually dishonest limitations / censorship and all willful ignorant impositions thereof.
You often hear, read rubbish such as - “You cannot self-initiate yourself without this, without that, without this membership, without that program, without this system, etc.”
The end of the Journey from cradle to grave comes to all of us in every lifetime we choose to undertake on these Elemental Worlds, such as the one of this Earth and/or in any other elemental places of the Universe and their time-bands.
There is a time to come, to arrive here.
And folks, there is a time to leave, to return home.
Nobody misses the train! Nobody can cheat their time to leave this world.
This life we perceive from cradle to grave, it is journey, it is not a home, it is not our home at all,
This place, this now and here, it is not where we came from, it is not what we are made of.
We, all Existence is made of Change, that it is, eternal and infinite Change. The whole Universe, all Worlds are made of Change.
My Tradition of Belief and Language, of Values and of Ways of Conduct, when it comes to Modern Wicca & Ancient Paganism / Witchcraft... When it comes to Pagan-oriented Real Magick & Alchemy, when it comes to my dear Pagan Quimbanda...
We all are, “qualified-monotheist” “One Creatress Goddess Ultimate Supreme Being & Source of All” oriented.
We all are, at-once “fully polytheistic”, “Many Pagan Goddesses and Pagan Gods” oriented, however having the Creatress as the Foundation, Centre and Source of All.
We all are, balanced/harmonious Women-oriented, Matriarchal Ways oriented, also All-Genders oriented, also GLBTQ+/Pansexual/Non-Binary & Hetero Oriented.
We all are, Animism oriented as in AS ABOVE SO BELOW.
We all are, Mother Nature oriented.
We all are, Fae, Elemental, Pomba-Giras & Exus oriented.
We all are, our Ancient Ancestresses and Ancestors oriented.
We all are, (empowered) “Freedom With Wisdom” oriented.
We live in elemental world, spend time in elemental time-bands, during our many joint-elemental-and-spirit evolutionary journeys from cradle to grave.
In Pagan Quimbanda, we must work with our Pomba-Giras and Exus and evolve together, we all have something to offer.
It is the sacred give-and-take of all exchanges, it is really sacred, blessed and beautiful when you “give to and receive from” dear Pomba-giras & Exus, Fae / Elementals.
There are vast bodies of knowledge of different Traditions of Quimbanda, they all have something to offer.
Whether working with Exus and Pomba-Giras under the Abrahamic mythological bios/masks and names or some other mythology, it is still Quimbanda, it is still between There is this invented Abrahamic tendency to glorify poverty, bad times, suffering and of course to
You and Your dear Pomba-Gira and Exu.
Respect, Believe, Be Loyal, Be Honest, Be Real, Be Thankful and Do “LOVE” your Pomba-Giras and your Exus!
Cheers Viva Salve all the Pombas Giras & Exus, Laroye!
I should like to append some associated facts!
The TALMUD had once been just only a multiple and varied collection of orally transmitted Belief and Language, coupled with associated Values and Ways of Conduct.
The actual Belief in Reincarnation & Teaching of Reincarnation / Past-lives / Many lifetimes, it has been a part of many different bodies of very ancient Teachings, which very much and world-wide pre-dates the Torah itself and later, the so-called Christian Bible.
The Teachings of the Torah and of the Bible, they have tried hard to edit Reincarnation out and off their Teachings throughout the tenure of their existence.
But they always fail because, something related/associated materials always get left behind here and there and it is always found by those who look for them and then exposed again for all to see.
Therefore, I pay no heed to the limitations and censorship of absurd / obsolete and censoring men-made/invented mandates, but I always have learned to understand the why and wherefore, the real reasons for attempting to exclude reincarnation.
The oldest Talmud, also known as the "Munich Talmud" a.k.a. Codex Hebraicus, dates from 1342.
The Babylonian Talmud, put together about the year 500, it was "Freely Edited" here and there & everywhere.
To simply say - "Talmud" and without qualification, it refers to the Babylonian Talmud.
The Palestinian Talmud a.k.a. Talmuda de-Eretz Yisrae is but compilations of highly edited materials and it is very different from the Babylonian Talmud. It is incomplete, difficult to read and it offers the reader the impression that either the compilers were in a hurry or simply had edited too much out of it.
The final editing/redaction of it is from the fourth century.
The inferior Talmuda de-Eretz Yisrae can be quite helpfful when employed in order to understand better the larger, more complete, and superior Babylonian Talmud.
The Mishnah a.k.a. a Compilation of many legal opinions and debates appear on the Babylonian version mostly.
After the Jewish Emancipation, chiefly around 19th century, there have been enormous changes to the understanding of the Talmud whichever of many version one may choose to study.
The power of modern analyses backed up by modern (well-educated/world-cultured) information, it changed the whole of cultural vision of the Talmud.
When it comes to the TALMUD, the best is to keep in mind, to remember the fact that it was edited and edited and edited until it became what you and I see today.
So it is much more than just the Talmud, it is collection of different schools of thinking put together and some of them do agree with each other either for socio-politico reasons and for "what it is good for business" reasons of their historical time and different location.
The Talmud reminds me of the great flood, the so-called great deluge. It happened, for real it occurred but never as mythologized in the so-called holy books. Never, ever!
However it did happen, much smaller and lesser important than what mythologies want you to believe and each different location saw it and told it after its own belief and language, values and ways of conduct.
It was NOT the end of the world, folks!
Except for those business-oriented religious hustlers/opportunists who saw in it as a way to make it into a mythological tool for intimidating and controlling the masses and of course to curry political favours and personal wealth when needed.
All of that aside, if I had to choose, I would take the Babylonian Talmud over the Christian Bible and anytime indeed!
Self-conscious Conservatism of Aristotle
Conservative do’s and don’t’s are founded upon what they construct and define as Experience rather than Reason & Logic!
For Conservative do’s and don’t’s, the Ideal and the Practical are One and Inseparable.
Conservatism is not a political Philosophy as Aristotle would imply, because we all know it clearly displays the standpoint of Patriarchism/Paternalism and/or Authority, rather than that of Independence, Liberty and meaningful Freedom.
I bar, abhor and despise Aristotle and his bullshit, his support for Conservatism!
Aristotle holds such a special distinction for traditional and conservative Academia, that it is, for having been a shameful sell-out to liberalism and in favour of Conservatism, by affirming that Morality and Politics differ from Academic Science, because they have not any credited experts, and when we consider them and their fine points of human experience through many generations, experience alone, is chiefly the major source of knowledge.
That’s why his bullshit is still around in our Academic circles.
I consider his stuff as rubbish!
Freemasons, Nazis and Jewish, they all have had their share of the special people who preach one set of views and rules and then, in private, hidden behind the scenes, they live and sponsors another set of rules, views and so forth.
Freemasons, world-wide and in general, history-wise, thanks Goddess for their Orders and their questioning of mainstream absurd mythologies turned into religion.
The Abrahamic people, I wish they had had better leadership in their humble beginnings, I wish they had not destroyed their Creatress Supreme Being Goddess Shekinah in favour of a tiny, unimportant one-village-frequency male-god...
I wish they had not destroyed a number of their own tribes in order to empower their Patriarchal vision of what religion should be as they did.
I always adored the Abrahamic Goddess Sophia and the of course, dear Goddess Shekinah and even though I am not into the Abrahamic (Spiritual-Dualistic) Mythologies turned into Religion, their Values, their Belief and Language...
My simplistic view is that at the time of Nazis, some very rich and powerful, however also equally, very mentally-imbalanced / sick-minded people, they had attempted to justify their own wilful ignorant and/or wilful intellectual dishonest "Anti-Semitic" conclusions and feelings and blame the Abrahamic peoples for all the evils/harm of the world.
And the idiots employed mythology as foundational guidelines, chiefly when you see the crap-shoot / mixed bag of New-Age, Spiritualism, different world-wide schools of Spirituality being borrowed, edited and tailored in order to carry their Content and Context, their hatred, their barbaric ways and ad nauseum.
In fact, to me, King David was as horrendous, barbaric in his time, but he did not know any better at all.
Now, there were not any excuses for Hitler and his armies of killers, because they knew better, however still did their harm.
If anything, Hitler gave a bad name for Norse Runic Systems and in fact, to anything he touched, and he became a classic example of how NOT to be, by his own arrogant, awful and terribly mad ways.
I bar, I abhor and I really despise Anti-Semitic people!
All races, all colours, all localities on earth, folks and from all world civilisations, none were perfect, none were complete and bad mistakes, they all did.
But it is not a logical reason to single out one people on earth and attempt to exterminate them all for the social-politico-religio-commercial agendas of his time and of his supporters. And all founded upon pure rubbish, merely upon mythologies.
History reminds us not to repeat the absurdities, errors & atrocities of the past.
Yet, if we turn our eyes to those people, men, women and children who were tortured, and either hung or burned because they did happen to pray for a different invisible man in the sky, such as the Inquisition, they felt very much as the Abrahamic people felt during the time of the Nazis.
And odd enough, folks, the so-called, (now big/rich & mighty) Religion who produced the Inquisition would not intercede, would not intervene in favour of the Abrahamic people against the Nazis.
World History, it really displays how much most of what we call Religion has always been pure Bullshit!
But nobody really needs a Religion in order to believe in a Supreme Being, cavemen did not, and we don't neither.
But it is nice to see it all without the limiting/censoring lens of mainstream / traditional rubbish.
Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon a.k.a. PADILLA a.k.a. Padilla of Astaroth, of Ashtoreth, of Astarte, of Baal a.k.a. Mayoral Baphomet a.k.a. Mayoral Belzebu, of Quimbandic Exu Lucifer, of Goddess Venus
GLBTQ+ Pagan Trans-Priestess / Hps / Yalorixa' - Yaya' / Olorisha - Witch Hexe Sorciere Feiticeira Macumbeira Bruxa Sorceress Shaman - Pagan Holistic Occultist / Consultant GLBTQ+ Pagan / Wiccan & Pagan Quimbandeira

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