THOUSANDS OF YEARS - Revised 19thJuly2020

THOUSANDS OF YEARS - Revised 19thJuly2020
Thousands Of Years...
There have always been deemed/perceived-as, Good and Bad Times, and the many adjectives thereof, and the many opinions of both.
I don’t know how to start this writing, this beyond-sort of article, this difficult sharing of something touches us all in our journeys from cradle to grave and which it is really hard to understand, to come to terms with and chiefly without the benefit of having any your own share/part of experience thereof.
It was once common knowledge for most of the populations on earth and that was so because it was actually a part of and actively taught by most of big mainstream Religions and their big mainstream Mythologies a.k.a. their religious sacred books.
And it was well-understood, well-accepted and by the time which Patriarchal, Monotheist and Spiritual Dualism oriented Influences/Dogmas began to dominate most mythologies and their Religions, it was common for when something bad, ugly, undesirable, hurtful, harmful and unwelcome would come to pass, people in general, they would simply question and ask “Who was bad in your family?”
And, really meaning by that, your ancestors, the dead members of your family, in order to explain it with the wisdom of past-lives and reincarnation.
The “What goes around, comes around”, that was taken serious and people knew, you will learn the consequences of what you do or do not, either in this present life or in some future lifetime, because eternal and infinite Evolution comes to all beings, to all people, to all creation.
Reincarnation and Past-lives, they were not ever avoided, nor shunned. They were never feared, never covered-up, nor laughed at.
People, their incarnated spirits, they had a good spiritual inner compass assuring them that no exceptions, we all die, we all pass away, but only when our proper time to die does come.
Not after, nor before that sacredly appointed and pre-natally chosen time.
A time which was naturally, willingly and freely selected by our own Soul.
There was more peace and less fear for death, for the end.
There were the “Belief & Language”, the associated “Values” & the related “Ways of Conduct” offering the Surety of Rebirth, of the Survival of the Spirit, of the Soul and the eternal and infinite Continuity of All Life, of All Existence, of all Creation from the Ancient Ancestress, the Supreme Being.
There was the world mainstream presence of the Logic / Reasoning & Intelligence of the Thought, of the Idea, that if every Species, Everything and All Creation came from an Eternal and Infinite Super /Supreme Being, then All Creation is eternal and infinite as our Primordial Originator / Creatress / Creator / Supreme Being, a beautiful Woman, a Goddess!
Spiritually, Brazil is very lucky and fortunate to have the Teachings of (Brazilian-styled) Past-lives / Reincarnation via Brazilian Spiritism (French Kardec combined with Brazilian Xavier Materials/Ideologies), however very much inhibited, blinded, tied, limited & censored by Abrahamic (Judaism, Christianity & Islam) Mythologies and their mainstream Religions and their teachings.
But very much fortunate and lucky to Brazil, side by side, we also have there the strong presence of Pagan Quimbanda, Pagan Candomble and the “Half and half” Umbanda (Nor Pagan, neither fully Abrahamic), plus also a few other similar Pagan & Non-Pagan offshoots thereof.
Some may disagree that this or that Tradition of this or that Religion may not subscribe to Past-lives, Reincarnations.
For instance, let's say, Quimbanda!
However, we All, WE Pagans, ( Magia Pagã Brasileira / Magie Française Païenne / Pagan British / German Magick - Norse & Celtic Witchcraft / Pagan Wicca / Pagan Ancient-Egyptian Magick ) Pagan Quimbandists, Pagan Candomblecists, Pagan Umbandists, Pagan Juremists, etc, we all know Pomba-Giras & Exus many times refer to other Reincarnations / Past-lives, either theirs, or that of others.
It would be ridiculous and stupid nonsense to deny Past-lives and Reincarnation.
Reincarnation, Past-lives are alive and very well amongst the Pagans, and amidst of the Non-Abrahamic Mythology-oriented portions of the population.
If I had a wish for the Collective Population, that wish would be that one fine day within their lifetimes, they would wake up and find out that they had full memory of their past-lives.
That way, they would understand why they are where they are now, and why did they return.
It is hard, it is difficult to explain, to prove Past-lives, Reincarnation, because it is something personal, you have to experience it yourself, in your own flesh, in your own life.
You have to verify the memories yourself, you have to find the answers for yourself, you have to live with them too.
It is NOT a matter of being higher or better than others, it is NOT a matter of status, it is NOT about self-importance, NOT about self-vanity, NOT about self-superiority, etc...
It is about the Personal Discovery of Infinity and Eternity within Yourself, inside of every ever-changing atom of your present ever-changing Flesh/Format, inside of this temporary Presentation of yourself and your Expression in this Elemental world, this borrowed temporary vehicle for your Light, this joint-“Elemental+Light” Evolutionary Journey from cradle to grave.
The Fae / Enchanted & Non-Enchanted Nature Spirits / Pomba-Giras/ Exus/ Elementals / Queens, Kings and Mayorals / Gods and Goddesses, Other Beings from Other Realms, THEY All smile, sometimes laugh at the persistent foolishness, willful Ignorance and intellectual Dishonesty which this Species (Human Beings) dearly holds on to itself, and as if it were a security blanket, in order to deny, in order to avoid and in order to cheat itself away/off from Evolution.
However, all of it in vain, because Evolution comes to all, to all Species, to all Beings, to Everything, to all Life, to all Existence, to all Creation!
Abrahamic Mythologies, their absurd religions and their empowered holy bullies have “Temporarily” imposed their invented “belief and language”, their invented “values” and their invented “ways of conduct” upon the populations and for many generations.
But it is all part of much bigger plan, many Lessons and much Learning, they all have been underneath it all, and chiefly the bad and the worst times for all who came and went back, chiefly under the unsightly, outrageously, offensively wrongful Monstrosity of these Mythologies/Religions imposed as the final word, the law, the rule and the teachings of god and/or of some made-up supreme being.
Pure rubbish indeed, but which might well be necessary for the good of all who may need it in order to evolve.
And if you evolve beyond their willful Ignorance and Intellectual Dishonesty, you will find yourself sad to see so much harm and trouble, no woman , no goddess would ever, ever mess up for this long and this bad.
But it is all for Evolution, if it is allowed to be, to happen, so then it is naturally meant / destined to be that way.
Nothing happens in vain.
Oh yes, it is all true & very real!
Many Mythologies and their Religions kept hidden and away all that Wisdom from ancient Pagan Religions and Pagan Mythologies which came much before all the bad and worst harm such as Patriarchal, Spiritual-Dualistic, Monotheist ( Anti-Women, Anti-GLBTQ+, Anti-Academia, Anti-Arts, Anti-Sciences, Anti-Autonomy, Anti-Individuation, Anti-Humanity, Anti-Equality, Anti- Fairness, Anti-Pleasure, Anti-Freedom-Of-Expression, Anti-Freedom-Of-Thinking ) Mythologies & their big and rich mainstream Religions who always become bedded by Big Business and Gov/Leaders.
Fact is, nothing happens in vain.
If it is allowed to pass, if it is permitted to happen, then it is because it is / it was meant / destined to be.
Good or bad, fair or unfair!
It is all a matter of Perception / Awareness.
And whether you can see It All and you can really know It All from your own personal experience and wisdom, or of/from a perspective of all eternity, of all infinity, of all lifetimes / of all past-lives / of all returns, of all rebirths, of all reincarnations.
Or yet, from the singular, limited and censored One-Life-At-A-Time Awareness & Perception, as most people struggle most of their lives to do and to own it.
This small, censored and limited “one-lifetime-at-a-time” Perception / Awareness / Consciousness”, it cannot offer you the open eyes, the full knowledge, the special intelligence, the extra wisdom to understand all the perceived misery, suffering and harm of any one lifetime, because it lacks the reference from other Lifetimes, other Reincarnation and your choices in them, your Soul's work in re of Evolution, etc.
Difficult as it may be, seeing beyond this Censorship, this Limitation imposed upon us all, such is the duty of all who desire to evolve and to say goodbye to all Fear and to all Limitations from the big (men-made/invented) myths/mythologies of the world rich big religions.
I do have sympathy, empathy for all people who are going through difficult, hurtful and troublesome times.
I do have sympathy, empathy for all people who are going through difficult endings, hard departures.
But is there any other way to evolve?
I suppose not.
Because it is what it is.
We are not above nor beyond anybody nor anything, but it is better to know, it is better not to fear, it is more peaceful TO KNOW.

But not the cheap and forgettable “To Know” from books and from other people’s talk, I really mean the “TO KNOW” from your own personal experience, from your own past-lives memories, from your own personal wisdom.

It does not make you or anybody superior nor better at all, it makes you or anybody just More Peaceful, and In Harmony with the Works of Mother Nature.

Because believe it or not, She knows best and in the end, She always gets what She wants.

She is inside of every particle of all Creation, within every Atom. And at once, we, all Creation are inside of Her.


As is above, so is below!



Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon a.k.a. PADILLA a.k.a. Padilla of Astaroth, of Ashtoreth, of Astarte, of Baal a.k.a. Mayoral Baphomet a.k.a. Mayoral Belzebu

GLBTQ+ Pagan Trans-Priestess / Hps / Yalorixa' / Olorisha - Witch Hexe Sorciere Feiticeira Macumbeira Bruxa Sorceress Shaman - Pagan Holistic Occultist / Consultant GLBT-Pagan / Wiccan & Pagan Quimbandist


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