Understanding The Darker Nature of Empaths: An Introduction 7/29/2016

I've recently been exploring the darker aspects of empathic and healing abilities, particularly empathic manipulation of others by an empath, as well as using empathic intuition to either directly lead others to harm or to influence others in a controlling way.  

I'm NOT looking to learn to use such abilities for these purposes, simply looking for discussions of a theoretical nature on such abilities and the darker uses of traditional empathic abilities. I'm seeking to understand why an empath would use their abilities in this manner, and how doing so would affect them long term.

I also feel it necessary to disclose that I am an empath, and while I do posses empathic abilities, I do NOT wish to use them for the sake of cruelty. I am also not looking for guidance on enhancing or gaining control over my empathic abilities, as I have been in control of my empathic nature for most of my life. I am also rather content with my current level of empathic ability, and I do NOT seek to further my empathic abilities at this time.

A little history behind my interest into the darker nature of empathic abilities, as well as what I mean by "darker." I do not mean the side effects of not being in control of one's empathic nature, rather the intentional misuse of one's empathic abilities for the sake of causing distress, pain, and suffering in those around oneself.

My interest comes from my younger and far more foolish teenage days when I was consumed by my own suffering and hatred due to a triage of abuses imparted upon me from early childhood up to that point. Mind you, I have had control over my empathic abilities since I was a small child, which as far as I know of, is rare in and of itself.

More so, however, is the fact that while I was able to use my empathic abilities to heal and comfort those around me, and I had a kind heart, however I also had, and continue to have (but more on that in a second), a cruel streak to me. I was also able to use the very same empathic abilities that allowed me to feel out what was causing others suffering, and rather then comfort that person, twist their emotions and memories, making them more prominent and painful.

To those that showed me kindness I offered healing and comfort, to those who showed be abuse and cruelty I forced to relive their worst memories and nightmares, twisting them into hellish, ever-present, spectres that hung over others, leading them to sporadic bursts of tears or even prolonged depression.

I am ashamed of the darkness I brought into the the lives of the few individuals who sought to abuse or spurned me, and while I have long since ended the use of such abilities, I can't help but wonder if such abilities are common among other empaths, or if I was somehow tainted by the many forms of abuse I suffered. 

I've grown into an adult now, and while I still have many things to learn both about the world and myself, I known that I have healed from my traumas, and overcome the hatred that once consumed my life. Out of all of the little information that seems to be available I have found a few clues as to how/why I was able to use such abilities though, which is the primary focus of my research into the matter.

As I have mention, I am an empath, but more then that I am also a Pisces, and as such I have a heightened empathic sense naturally, on top of my empathic nature. Despite the many people and wisened individuals that seem to think that many Pisceans are shy, I personally don't think this is true, I see myself as elusive and solitary, even though I enjoy having a sense of community at the same time. I

mention this because I find that being shy or elusive as very different qualities, and an elusive nature being a focal aspect of why I think empaths aren't necessarily always good natured. I use this shy/elusive duality to exemplify how a person's nature can be either a duality or a contradiction unto itself.

To that end I would like to start a multifaceted discussion on the dual nature of both empaths and pisces, although any and all discussion relating to the other signs are welcome so long as it proves relevant to the discussion topic at hand, as I mention Pisces only because I myself am a Pisces. I.E.: Understanding The Darker Nature of Empaths

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Comment by Drake Waters on September 4, 2016 at 9:28pm

@GenerationOfHope Thank you, any questions, comments, or concerns are welcome. This blog serves as an open conversation for free dialogue and exchange.

Comment by GenerationOfHope on September 4, 2016 at 1:56am

fantastic post, extremely honest. 

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