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Dragon's Blood

Started Jun 24 0 Replies

This is dedicated to my Master Guide, who always comes through when I think I'm done learning something "new." This is also dedicated to my twinflame, who sticks with me through the thick and thin.…Continue

Tags: Z, Jay, Rapper, Sean, Carter

The Roc Nation Bloodline (Rockefeller)

Started this discussion. Last reply by Sai-Bot Jun 30, 2022. 2 Replies

I think this is important to expose, and really explain what's going on today in this 5th dimension. I got in initiated into the occult in the fall of 2010. Before that in 2006-2007, I had gone to…Continue

Tags: Z, Jay, Rapper, Sean, Carter

COVID-19 Vaccine Passport?

Started this discussion. Last reply by Linda M. Jul 12, 2021. 16 Replies

(CNN) — Now that coronavirus vaccines are starting to roll out in the US and abroad, many people may be dreaming of the day when they can travel, shop and go to the movies again. But in order to do…Continue

Tags: travel, america, virus, 19, Covid

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Fort Belvoir, Virginia
Why I wish to join The Temple & how I found out about it...
I'd like to connect with like minded members who have an understanding of the occult. I found out from a friend.
Which spiritual path do you follow?
The Draconic Path (LHP)
About Myself & My Interests...
Elevate to rise. Keeping telling time, with the "Word" it's divine. And finally it's a sign. Shine is what computes, creates, and seduces. To choose a succubus or your forever flame. Just depends on your perspective. I actually had to drink wine to eat a steak. Taurus the Bull. Like the Calf in the desert. I'm a Levite, and so is Moses, and his brother Aaron. But I digress.

I stay rockin' fellas, get it? Everything eventually hits the fan. Sedate with Satanic Energy is one thing. To climb out the pit is another. Love is what purifies all and consolidates energy into one point. You got to bleed from your heart and open your crown.

I'm astounded at the fact that others don't see it through. Ready or not, here I come, you can't hide. What I'm saying is everyone has a price. No bullshit!

You have to raise the stakes to run the route. Shouting does nothing. Procrastination is demonic. I swear it is. Anyways, shout out to the ones I love. Finally in good spirits with my family. This shit with Altair is heart warming. Brand spanking new. A Seraph that rises from the ashes. And that means, DRACO. The Lemurian Nagas, aka the third root race. Then the bloodline epidemic hits hard. And boom, your home facing your fears. Cheers! Time to sip, Master Card, chip. Get it?

I have to demand to understand the influences in which I am there from beginning to end. My soul is eternal. The flame is only distinguished from the grace of God, the (EL)ohim. Light as a feather they say. Muhammad Ali? LOL!

The Nagas, the Draconians, the Black Gods that mated with the Nordics from I think, Turkey? It's not always all about a debate. I can't do anything with anyone who doesn't incarnate Gods/Goddesses. Have to go with the flow and choose wisely. These Draconian Beings do not fuck around. Then bam! Atlantean dreams! King Ba'al! The Tribe of Zebulon!


Blood thicker than water. The Original Illuminated ones were known as the Order of the Dragon. Star Fire at its' finest. Leave no doubt and prepare for the worse. Curse to continue to nurse and let alone with being first, knowing 2nd is the best. Stick out your chest and flex. BINGO! Home free, I need home fries. See how my energy goes from one to the next?

I can rock a baby to sleep. Talk is cheap and those lost ones continue to critique. Finesse with rhymes and bring it together. When or where? Time does tell, and time isn't linear.

"I indeed baptize you with water unto repentance: but he that cometh after me is mightier than I, whose shoes I am not worthy to bear: he shall baptize you with the Holy Ghost, and with fire:"

(Matthew 3:11).

To disclose, to close, the one with the b0w. All for show, or all in doubt? That's what I'm talking about. Avoid all clout. Choose a new route, and follow the yellow brick road. The Nekhtar Gods from Alnitak in Orion's Belt. To be continued? Or risk all that comes with the blessings? To depict or to create? Which one is to debate? For your fate, or sedate? Too much time on your hands? Well go through the fiery furnace, and burn.

"Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon,"

(Acts 7:43).

See how easy that was? You accept consequence to do the right thing by your fellow Freemason. Don't let that go over your head. The Order of the Dragon, the original Illuminati are a brotherhood bond. It's all about reaching your highest potential. There's nothing in between, only your chakras. To be specific, the sacral, solar plexus, and heart.

Thanks for reading!
My Teachers & Influences, What was it about them that influenced me?
The Bible and the Qur'an have influenced me on how to conduct my life. I've also read the Secret Doctrine to have a better understanding of how interdimensional beings had a hand in our creation.
Authors and/or Books I appreciate:
The Bible, The Qur'an, The Secret Doctrine, The Draconian Ritual Book, Vampyre Magick, Demons of Magick, Fallen Angels (Watchers & The Witches' Sabbat), Blood Sorcery Bible, Tree of Qliphoth, Lucifer and The Hidden Demons, Practical Jinn Magick, Rites of Lucifer, The Ethereal Law, The 7 Book, and The Black Man's Bible.
Musicians and/or Music I appreciate:
I like all types of music but particularly hip hop.
Films and/or Film-Makers & Actors I appreciate:
Prometheus, Sphere, and most Marvel movies.
Artists and/or Art I appreciate:
Nothing comes to mind.


Excavations Draco (Thuban):

The Dracontia, the original masons, built temples that were sacred to the Dragon because it was the symbol of the sun, which, in its turn was the symbol of the highest god, El. Besides the surname of serpents they were called the builders, the architects; for the immense grandeur of their temples and monuments were such, that even the pulverized remains of them stagger the mathematical calculations of our modern engineers.


The dragon/serpent/crocodile was the most appropriate beast pantheists could have devised for their messianic kingship, reflecting allegiance to Satan and seraphim angels. The New Testament In Today’s English notes the dragon is thought by modernists to be an imaginary beast, understood to be like a huge lizard, which is also called a serpent, appearing in the Bible as the devil, 31 thereby also connecting Dragon kingships back to their sponsor, Satan. The antediluvian dragon/serpent was then the majestic animal of kingship before Eden. And after that, it was employed as an allegory for the kingship sponsored by seraphim angels, which was once more lowered from heaven to earth, both before and after the flood, to the descendants and followers of Cain and the seraphim- like Nephilim, by serpent- like angels.

Dragon mythology has worldwide appeal. It permeates all cultures. All cultures have a name for dragon , even though the animal cannot prove itself to have existed. Dragon- like monsters unexplainably appear in remote cultures such as the Hopi, Huron, and Zuni. Mythologists Calvert Watkins and Joseph Fontenrose view the enduring patterns of dragon mythology as the fundamental myth plot of Western civilization, the story of stories, while Fontenrose further advocates that dragon mythology is an expression of an essential, cosmic dualism (polytheism). 

Drakon was the Greek word for dragon, meaning “serpent,” just as the ancient Sumerian words Usumgal and Mus- Usumgal translate as “serpent” and are metaphors in praise of gods and kings. The ancient, holy crocodile was known as Draco, the mighty dragon of kingship, whence the title “Pendragon” (head dragon) was contrived in the Celtic British kingdoms, 33 and from whence the Roman word for dragon, draco , derived. 34 Draco is Latin for “dragon” and derived from the Greek word draconia , which was originally described in antiquity to be a serpent- like creature with wings. Furthermore, draco derived from the original drakon , or draconta , which alternatively translates as “to watch” 35 in the spirit of infamous seraphim watchers , the angels that bore wings. The angelic posterity, the Nephilim/Anunnaki were remembered in antiquity as watchers , rulers, and kings and all appeared like serpents/ dragons. Moreover, variant forms of reptile serpents with wings likely thrived before Eden, as well, suggested by the fact that numerous legends recorded wings were removed from the serpent, along with other body parts.

The dragon, too, was an ancient symbol for power and heroes 36 adopted by the antediluvian and postdiluvian kingships. Jonathan Evans notes dragons were symbolic wonders of the world, and Tolkien describes them as part of the perilous realm of faerie: fairy tales, fantasy literature, and imaginative fiction. 37 Our literature and entertainment overflows with covert allegories cloaking intrigue. Seemingly, the dragon was the key metaphor for patriarchal bloodlines (male), while the fairy represented the matriarchal bloodline (female).


(3east of the 3arth):

The Wurm Dragon Type are generally described as serpents with coils that can wrap around hills, bodies that can be mistaken for solid earth, or similarly fabulous descriptions of enormity. Compared to other Dragon Types, the attribution of supernatural powers afford to Wurms is limited, but it is common for wurms to have the ability to exhale noxious fumes or fire and to move with incredible speed. Wurms are usually found in the Europe, and unlike the other Dragon Types that have redeeming qualities, Wurms are always destructive and malicious towards people. They can be found in swamps, marshes, and other dank or wet places, and sometimes they take up home in a lake or even a well. Across Europe, different cultural groups identified sub-types, or Dragon Species, of Wurms that are often conflated with the Wurm. In medieval France, the Guivre is species of Wurm that can be found in forests and other lonely places. Another manifestation is the perhaps comical creature Wivre, which is similar to the Guivre except that it would only attack humans when they were clothed. Any person attacked by the vicious Wivre need only disrobe to frighten it away. Wurms have thick, serpentine bodies with a head shaped like a horse or a crocodile. Some have horns, dangerously large fangs, and bright, wide eyes. They're commonly found through the United Kingdom, France, and other parts of Western Europe.


Great Serpent is set apart as a Dragon Type from the Wurm Dragon Type because the Wurm is tied to specific historical culture and proportion. The Great Serpent Dragon Type applies when the dragon falls outside of those constraints. A Great Serpent may be considered an ancestor or totem animal of a particular group or family. It may be the great guardian of a local well, watering hole, or sacred field. A serpent that is named either because it is revered and respected or feared and killed is considered a Great Serpent. The Great Serpent type need not be of spectacular size or terrifying shape. Great Serpents may be enormous or tiny specimens, sometimes with particular attributes, such as horns or antlers. In most cases, a Great Serpent is set apart from other snakes by the simple fact that it is imbued with important powers or wisdom, usually over human life or natural phenomena.


The Kingú:

Akkadian Quingu. Sumerian: KIN-GU = "ruler over the Earth (or regions). Logo: the eagle. Princely root stock of the Gina'abul. At war with the Ušumgal. Three types: whites [Kingú-Babbar, grand royals; Te (Aquila)], reds [warriors-cleaners; Ušu (Draco)], greens [the people, also warriors]. Most Kingú possess a mark on the forehead, like a third eye.


Royal albino Kingú, originally the dominant authority in the constellation Ušu (Draco), where they created the Ušumgal. Relocated to Urbar'ra (Lyra) with the Ušumgal, whom they left there at the time of the Great War. Resettled in the constellation Te (Aquila). Some are present in our solar system, originally from Te, and are central to events described in Parks' second book, Ádam Genisiš. They are in conflict with the Anunnaki and their descendants. Solitary, do not like to mix with others, because they feel superior to the rest of the Gina'abul. These are the largest of all the Kingú. Some possess wings and horns; others absolutely none. Those in our solar system have hardly any wings and no horns. Among all the Gina'abul, most closely resemble humans. They bear the emblem of Urin (the eagle).

White is associated with light, the sun, air, holiness, perfection, and innocence and in some cases, virginity. Throughout the world, it is the dominant holy color. There are two opposing aspects of its symbolism.

White, when perceived as a color, such as the color of paleness or the moon, is tied in with death. Ghosts, phantoms, and white women (or white ladies) are all are described as white or semitransparent white.

Meanwhile, white that is seen as the blend of the color spectrum, the white of light and of the sun, symbolizes the sun and deities. This is a solar, as opposed to lunar, color, and the solar color joins with the symbolism of white as purity and innocence.

In some parts of the Arab world, white is considered lucky. In parts of the West, white symbolizes purity and innocence, which is why it is the color traditionally worn for baptismal robes and wedding gowns. Blinding whiteness is attributed as the color of the angels, and many people who work in health (nurses, doctors, nurse practitioners, etc.) wear white coats as a sign of their work. 

To the Apache of North America, white symbolizes the north for its source of snow. To the Cherokee, white symbolizes the south as well as peace. 

In Feng Shui, white is associated with the element Metal in the Chinese Elemental system, Wu Xing. White is connected to Yang, the active principle, as well as with mourning, spirits/ghosts, poise, and confidence. 

In the East, white symbolizes death and mourning, and Chinese funeral garments are often coarse white. In India, white is a symbol for unhappiness, and in Japan certain white flowers symbolize death.  In Ancient Rome and Greece, people associated white with death and life. In this case, white represents rebirth. In China, white is associated with the direction west. 

In contemporary times, when used to make a flag, white denotes surrender, truce, and goodwill.

The Red Kingú (The Burning Serpent):

Just beneath the Kingú-Babbar in the social order. Specialists in war; soldiers. Reddish skin. Have tail, horn, and wings. When the Kingú-Babbar left Ušu, the Red Kingú remained to govern in their place.

Since that time, certain Gina'abul, such as the red Kingú, have had difficulty in sojourning more than 5 full Ud (days) in the KI of Uras. The Babbar and Imdugud seem, on the other hand, to tolerate this frequency well.


These are the ones in charge of the Draconian still residing in Draco. Most of the Dracos are these days willingly working with the Sirians, although there are rebel groups here too, as normally seems to be the case in occupied worlds. They have reddish skin, wings, horns, and tails. It’s probably from seeing manifestations of this group we got the image of the Devil. They are known to be ferocious soldiers, and often seen together with Sirians on occupied planets. They have their own governors in Thuban, but the whole Draco system falls under Sirian regime, and their governors answer to the Sirian Government.




Abu Mihriz (Arabic: ابا محرز "Father of the Attainer"), Abu Ya'qub (Arabic: ابو يعقوب), or al-Ahmar (Arabic: الاحمر "The Red One"), is the lord of the red planet, Mars (المريخ al-Mariikh), the color red, the metal Copper or Red Mercury and is monitored by the angel Samsama’il (Arabic: سمسمائيل; Hebrew: סַמָּאֵל Sammāʾēl). He is one of the leaders of prince Morrah son of Iblis' army.

The iconography of the Red King is one of the most interesting of this group especially when compared to two illustrations in the Kitab al-Mawalid in the Bibliothèque nationale de France. The jinni is depicted as a frontal figure with multiple heads, the only common attribute being the sword in his hand. However, another illustration shows a second jinni called Tarish sitting on a lion and biting the body of a snake. Tarish is not present in the Kitab al-Bulhan nor in the Ottoman copies, but the image of the Red King seems to incorporate his attributes too.

The Sabians of Harran gave to the spirit of Mars (اريس Ārīs) the name Lord of the Blind (رب العميان Rabb al-'Umyan) and Mara-Samya, which means the blind (Samya) lord (Mara) in Aramaic, and they call him blind because of his extreme violence and because in his rage he strikes without regard. Interestingly the angel of this planet, Samael, is also known as the "Blind One", whose duty is probably to seal the hearts of those who disbelieve.

Only humans and jinn are created with 
Fitra, meaning both angels and devils lack free-will and are settled in opposition.[24]


Red has a rich, visual spectrum, so it has a complex and intricate symbolic meaning.  Red symbolizes everything from passion, love, and sex to blood, wounds, death, and fertility. It can even represent anger, aggression, danger, warning, and protection.

Red is the color of blood and one of the primary colors of fire. Jung believed that this is why red is linked to surging, tearing emotions like anger and love.  Other associations include the sun, masculinity, passion, energy, and war. The connection with life and warmth derive from red's blood and fire,  while its association with war and death come from red's connection to spilled blood, menstruation, and the blood of the placenta after giving birth.

In Paleolithic times, red ochre was mined and ground into powder. Anthropologists believe that people imbued this powder with life-giving powers. 

To the Celtics, red symbolized death and the afterlife. The ancient Anglo-Saxons saw red as a protective color that could be used to ward off evil.  Warriors covered their weapons with red paint to endow them with magical powers, and red paint and markings afford trees and animals protection. 

Some Aboriginal groups in Australia utilized red as a protective color.  For other Australian Aboriginal peoples, red symbolizes the land and earth. 

In China, red is regarded as an auspicious color because red symbolizes love and fertility. Traditional wedding gowns and veils in China are red. Red eggs are offered to a couple when a child is born.  Red is often used in festivals because it represents good luck and celebration. [5,6] Among the five elements, red is associated with the element of Fire and the direction of South.  The poetical expression of 'the mark of the vermillion pencil' refers to documents written with red ink by the Emperor. 

Other societies associate red with love and fertility. A practice that still remains in Greece, Albania, and Armenia is that of the flammeum, a veil that brides wrap around themselves as a symbol of fertility and protection.  This practice can be traced back to the times of Ancient Rome, although some sources report that the flammeum actually was colored an orange-yellow, the color of a candle flame. 

In Ancient Egypt, red symbolized the destructive god Set.  The Ancient Egyptians used an expression roughly translated as 'making red' to mean murdering someone, and an evil act or plot would be called 'red affairs.'  Scribes would use a special red ink when writing words of warning or ill-omen. Similarly, in the Hebrew tradition, red symbolized both the sin and the sacrifice for the sin. 

In Western Europe, red indicates or highlights danger.  Red also relates anger and aggression, from its association with Mars, the Roman god of War. Modern western usage of red also includes high energy, high speed,  low-levels of fuel, and high levels of danger ('red alert').

For the Apache red symbolized victory and success, and it was also the color of the East. 

In India, red symbolizes purity, but also sexual passion.  In South Africa, red is the color of mourning. 

In Feng Shui, red is a color of the element Fire, and it is of the active Yang aspect. It promotes money and good luck and symbolizes respect and vitality. 

Modern psychology has found that red stimulates brain wave activity and the heart rate. In some cases, it can even increase blood pressure. Modern politics associates red with Communism. 

Red has a strong symbolic nature owing to its natural manifestation in blood and fire. Depending on the culture and time period, red may represent anger, aggression, high speed, danger, love, purity, joy, celebration, fertility, warmth, rebirth, death, wounds, or protection.


The Nekhtar (EL)der Green Kingú (HEYOKA)/(SIRIUS/ORION):

These are the worker class, obedient to both the Red Dracos and the Sirians. They are considered a ‘lower caste’ and simply do as they are told. They are not trained warriors like the Red, but they are still territorial, which is a common Reptilian trait, and would get hostile if provoked, and definitely if they were ordered to."


Workers and warriors. These are the Kingú who take part in the battles on Dukù at the end of Book 1. Greenish skin (a little lighter than that of the Anunna).



The color green lies halfway between the classification of 'warm' and 'cool' colors. In many cultures, green is considered a mystic color because it is a combination of yellow (the earth) and blue (the heavens), so green can be seen as the fruit of their union. 

Green symbolizes life and death because it is found in the newness of life in the Spring and in putrefaction after death. [1,5] In Medieval Europe, green became the color of criminals and Satan.  It was also considered unlucky to wear green. 

In many traditions, green has had important implications with fertility and rebirth. For its connection with plant life, green has strong associations with growth, awakenings, and abundance.  Prominent in the springtime, green symbolizes hope in immortality, of things beyond the cyclical seasons. Green envelops the negative aspects of newness, such as naivety, immaturity, and inexperience, even unripe foods. 

Ancient Egyptians feared cats with green eyes because of the color's relationship with superhuman power. 

In the Islamic tradition, green is the most important color. Mohammed's green cloak symbolized paradise and spiritual refreshment,  and green symbolizes perfect faith. That is why, in India, the color green is associated with Islam specifically. 

For the Irish, green has been associated with the nation; it can be specific to Catholic Irish traditions. 

In Japan, green is a symbol of life  and the spring.  In China, green represents the spring. One of the Chinese Animals of the Four Directions is the Green Dragon, representing the power of the East, whose element is wood.  In other parts of the East, green symbolizes health, peace, and eternity.  In Western Europe, green represents the spring and money. 

Feng Shui utilizes green for its nurturing, balancing, healing, and growing energies. Green is associated with the element wood and is a part of the passive Yin aspect. 

Modern psychology utilizes green for mental and physical relaxation. Green is proven to help with anxiety and depression. In Jungian psychology, green symbolizes the sensation of immediate, tangible objects. 

Across the world, green is associated with the earth and its vegetation. Many reptiles and amphibians have green pigmentation (notably the crocodiles, komodo dragons, and alligators). As a natural color, many dragons across the world are green.

The association with green with nature draws a symbolic link between a green dragon and the mother goddess, a symbol of life, death, and rebirth.

The Green Dragon of the East, one of the Animals of the Four Directions in China, symbolizes the East and the spring. His element is wood, and the Green Dragon brings regenerating rains. The Green Dragon embodied the active Yang principle, a positive force of weather. 


The Naga (Asiatic Negro):

Naga means “snake,” and the Nagas are a vast class of powerful snake spirits featured in Hindu, Buddhist, and Jain mythology and beloved by independent practitioners, too. They are pre-Hindu, tribal spirits renowned for their beauty, wisdom, and magical powers. The category Naga encompasses a vast variety of serpent spirits. Dragons may be categorized among the Nagas. Nagas live underwater (oceans, lakes, wells, springs, rivers) and underground, especially in subterranean caves converted into magnificent jeweled palaces. Termite mounds may mark the entrance to a Naga’s lair. Some Nagas live within trees or beneath them. Nagas also possess their own realm, the subterranean metropolis, Bhogavati.

The Seraphim:

These names all have similar meanings such as “the burning ones, burning spirits, fiery angels or burning angels.” The meaning of the name Seraph is also synonymous, with serpent and seraphim being the plural for serpents. They are the serpents who bit the children of Israel in the wilderness. Doctors and Scholars of the Jewish Church such as Rabbi Bechai had said this about the serpent who tempts Eve in Genesis (Gen. iii. 14); “This is the secret (or mystery) of the holy language, that a serpent is called saraph, as an angel is called saraph;” and ” hence the Scriptures called serpents seraphim (Numb. xxi. 6—8), because they were the offspring of this old saraph.”

These burning angels who are also known as serpents, are also mentioned as celestial beings in the Book of Enoch and the Book of Revelation. They are the fiery angels burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God as spoken of in Revelation 4:5 – “And out of the throne proceeded lightnings and thunderings and voices: and there were seven lamps of fire burning before the throne, which are the seven Spirits of God.”


In the pseudo-Dionysian hierarchy of angels, the highest and closest angels to God. The name “seraphim” is thought to be derived from the Hebrew verb saraf, which means to “burn,” “incinerate,” or “destroy,” and probably refers to the ability of seraphim to destroy by burning.

The seraphim may have evolved from the uraeus, the gold serpent (specifically a cobra) worn by Egyptian pharaohs on their foreheads. Uraei without wings and with two or four wings were depicted in iconography throughout the Near East. They protected by spitting their poison, or fire.

The seraphim who became angels in lore perhaps originally had serpent forms with human characteristics. In the Hebrew Bible, the term saraf is applied to fiery serpents. Numbers 21:6–8 refers to fiery serpents sent by the Lord to bite and kill sinning Israelites. After Moses prays for forgiveness, he is instructed to set a fiery serpent atop a pole. Whoever was bitten by it, when he looked upon it, would live.

Moses makes a bronze serpent. Deuteronomy 8:15 refers to the “fiery serpents” and scorpions in the land of Egypt. The prophet ISAIAH described more humanlike seraphim in a vision (Isaiah 6:2–3). He sees the Lord on his throne with six-winged seraphim standing above him.


Djinn (The Nekhtar (EL)der Gods, Seraphim):

Islamic theology absorbed and modified the Djinn; some became beautiful and good-natured. According to the Muslim faith, humans are created from clay and water, and the essence of angels is light. Djinn were created on the day of creation from the smokeless fire, or the essential fire. They are invisible to most people except under certain conditions; however, dogs and donkeys are able to see them.

They were on the Earth before human beings, but it is unknown how long. By some accounts, they were created 2,000 years before Adam and Eve and are equal to angels in stature. Their ruler, Iblis (also called Shaytan), refused to worship Adam and so was cast out of heaven, along with his followers. Iblis became the equivalent of the Devil, and the followers all became Demons. Iblis’ throne is in the sea.

As do humans, Djinn have free will and are able to understand good and evil. The Qur’an states that the purpose of their creation is the same as that of humans, which is to worship God. They are responsible for their actions and will be judged at the Last Judgment. It is said that Hell will be filled with Djinn and humans together. Conflicting stories about the Djinn abound, similar to conflicting stories about Angels and Demons.


SERAPHIM (The Kingú, Djinn, Satan (Iblis/Ahriman), Horus, Ušumgal):

a. The Hebrew word SARAPH, plural SERAPHIM, denotes a FIERY SERPENT/DRAGON (from a root meaning "to burn"). In the context of angelic beings, it is used synonymously in the Hebrew Scriptures with the word NACHASH, denoting GLORIOUS/SHINING SERPENT/DRAGON (from an assumed root meaning "to be bright"). The proofs of this claim (pointed out to me by REW) can be found more-or-less in [CB Appendix 19]: saraph is used of flying winged serpents in Is. 6:1-7, and so may nachash is its usage; Moses used the two words interchangably in Num. 21:8 (saraph) and Num. 21:9 (nachash), both describing the same serpent of brass; and Satan is a Nachash in Gen. 3:1, and a comparison of Is. 6:1-7 (the Seraphim hover over the Throne) with Ezek. 28:14,16 (he covers the Throne) establishes that Satan is an angelic Saraph. Much more on Satan below. Incidentically, the phrase "beasts of the field" in Gen. 3:1 is literally "living creatures of the field": it is a consequence of the descriptions of the various ranks of Cherubim that the basic kinds of land creatures were modeled after these angelic ranks; the Seraphim are the models for the reptilian and amphibian orders, especially including the great dinosaurs; and man was modeled after the Son Himself as the Logos or Ancient of Days; and so with biology, as with ceremonial religion, the earthly is patterned after the heavenly (Ex. 25:40, Heb. 8:5 9:23). We also note: Satan appeared not in the Garden as a snake, but in his full Saraphic glory; see [CB Appendix 19] for full discussion.

b. Basic details about the Seraphim from Is. 6:1-7:

Location: ABOVE/OVER the Throne, a canopy over the Head of the Son. This indicates that the Seraphim have the highest position of all cherubic and angelic ranks. Also see C.2.

Description: Each Saraph has ONE FACE and SIX WINGS with the appearance of FIERY DRAGONS/SERPENTS. They have mobility (see also c. below). The number of Seraphim is unspecified.

Work: Guard/overwatch the purity of doctrine for Israel and her Gentiles, act as priests in this regard. They lead in the praise of God and sing "Holy, Holy, Holy is the LORD of hosts; His glory is the fulness of the whole earth."

Speech: Speak to men.

c. Justification for viewing the Seraphim as a rank of Cherubim.

i. Satan is a Nachash (Gen. 3:1) who hovers over the Throne (Ezek. 28:14,16), and so is a Saraph (see a. above), and yet is called a Cherub (Ezek. 28:14,16). Indeed, Satan is above all appointed as the covering Cherub, for the Hebrew calls him "THE ANOINTED CHERUB (KERUB) WHO COVERS", indicating Satan is the CHIEF SARAPH, chief over those charged with guarding/gripping the truth (see "Work" above): this should humble us and cause us to fear. Also note how the context of Ezek. 28:14,16 connects Satan with both "brilliance" (v. 17, cf nachash) and "fire" (vv. 14,16, c saraph), as does also II Cor. 11:14 ("angel of light" = "glorious angel"). Note that "mountain" in Ezek. 28:14,16 is really a mistranslation: literally, Satan was set in/on the holy height of God, i.e. he was set to hover over the Throne in Heaven. Also, Satan is mobile (Ezek. 28:14), as are the Seraphim; see also Is. 14:13-4. Finally, note Satan was wiser than any living creature of the field, and presumably, than any of their heavenly models (= various cherubic ranks); i.e. Satan was the wisest of all created beings, and such wisdom could only be in keeping with his position as the Chief Saraph in charge of overseeing the keeping of revealed truth.

ii. The Seraphim, in their covering the Throne overhead and guarding the truth, fit perfectly the notion of GRiPPers or KeRuBim.


Aquila (Altair):

My bloodline is called Ptah Taal (Paa Tal) - which means 11th dimensional or simply Bird Tribe.

Lucifer’s parents are the “Aku,” which are “The Ancient Ones”—the Guardian Race, the Bird tribe. However, the “Ancient Ones” are not the same Bird tribe as the ones that rebelled, and one of the symbols of the Ancients Ones, as mentioned earlier, is the Eagle.

Lyra (Vega): 

The Ušumgal aristocracy comes from the constellation of Lyra and governs the Gina'abul reptilians established in Ursa Major.

The Ušumgal: 

(Grand Dragons, The Nekhtar (EL)der Gods (HEYOKA)/(SIRIUS/ORION):

"Grand Dragons," later Sumerian term for their gods and sovereigns; descended from Kingú-Babbar; creators of the Annuna and other races. The Ušumgal Council of Nalulkára were survivors of the Great War.


(3east of Sea):

The Lung Dragon:

According to Chinese Mythology there are three classes of

The domain of the Li Lung or earth dragon was the sea, the underground waters of the earth and the streams, lakes and waterfalls on the surface. It was this earth dragon living underground who was supposed to guard precious metals and to cause earthquakes; it is also referred to as the golden dragon, and is the variety associated with the fossil bones of the dinosaurs. The Chinese say that these bones are strong in the principle of Yang, and so expel the evil Yin which is afflicting the body.

The second class of dragons, the Chen Lung, whose home is in the air, shows itself in the lightning and in the fertilizing and vivifying power of rain. Above these are the Tien Lung which reside in the sky, guarding the mansions of the gods. The Tien Lung symbol is used only by those in the Imperial service. It may be recognized by the horns and the five-clawed feet.

The figure ordinarily used in decoration has three claws, and is divided into a number of minor divisions by custom and fancy.


Her attribute was the group of seven stars in the Great Bear Constellation. Helena Blavatsky in her Isis Unveiled observes that the origin of the name "Typhon" is closely connected with the forces of nature: the violent, the unruly and the untamed. For instance, floods caused by the river Nile were referred to by the ancient Egyptians as "Typhon," while the mounds built along the river to prevent inundations were called "Typhonian" or Taphos. In Egyptian art, Typhon is depicted in the form of an ass, crocodile, or fish. Massey, who actually invented the term "Typhonian Tradition," writes in his Lectures that this tradition also derives from the god Sevekh, a deity with a crocodile's head, closely associated with the dragon symbolism. According to him, the name "Sevekh" means "the sevenfold" - hence the seven heads of the dragon in the biblical Revelation, while the dragon itself represents the eighth head. His theories on the origin of the Draconian Tradition combine the lore of many cultures, including ancient Egypt, Babylon, and Hebrew legends. For instance, he identifies Typhon with Tiamat, the primordial female principle out of which the whole universe emerged and which underlies the cycles of nature. He also associates these personifications of the dark, primal aspects of nature with Leviathan and Behemoth, described in his writings as "the primal pair that was first created in the Garden of Eden," and with the Great Bear Constellation. He observes that in Egypt the Great Bear was called Typhon, or Mother of Revolutions, and the dragon with seven heads was assigned to her son, Sevekh-Kronus, or Saturn. Thus, he believes that the seven-headed dragon or serpent was originally female, but with the appearance of Sevekh, the Sevenfold Serpent, it came to be identified as male. Also, such authors as Massey and Blavatsky often emphasize the original messianic role of the Serpent.

Mason, Asenath. Draconian Ritual Book (p. 22). Kindle Edition.

They are also often depicted with seven heads, and the number seven has a significant esoteric meaning in Draconian mysteries. The seven heads of the Dragon are identified with the seven planets from traditional astrology, the seven lower Sephiroth/Qliphoth on the Qabalistic Tree, seven stars in the Great Bear Constellation, seven power zones, or chakras, through which Kundalini ascends to unite with cosmic consciousness, and so on. The powers of the seven lower Sephiroth are believed to culminate in Daath, which is the gateway to the Abyss, guarded by the dragon-demon Choronzon lurking at the threshold separating the worlds of light and darkness. Sometimes the serpent represents the phallic force, and the dragon stands for the masculine fiery principle, like Typhon in his traditional depiction of a fearsome monster. But there are also many stories and legends which depict the dragon as explicitly female: Tiamat from the Babylonian Creation myth, or Lilith as the Serpent in the Garden of Eden. In others it is androgynous, like e.g. Ouroboros, representing timeless existence, continuity and eternal cycle of death and rebirth. This symbolism and attributions may be interpreted in many ways and incorporated into a personal initiatory system within the Draconian Tradition. The Path of the Dragon is chaotic, dynamic and often unpredictable, but is it possible to work with it through certain patterns and initiatory models that introduce the Initiate step by step into Draconian mysteries.

Mason, Asenath. Draconian Ritual Book (pp. 24-25). Kindle Edition.

The Typhonian/Draconian Tradition is also a current of fire. The ancient philosopher Heraclitus considered fire to be the basic element in the world, creative force that causes all essential changes in nature. In the Draconian Tradition, it manifests as Kundalini - the inner fire. Awakened through various techniques and practices, it rises up the spine until it reaches the Third Eye, triggering evolutionary changes in the practitioner's consciousness. It is also often described as a feminine force that spins the wheel of everlasting changes. Symbolically, it is depicted as a serpent coiling around a tree (symbol of the masculine principle), or as a serpent fighting an eagle (symbol of the patriarchal solar order). In ancient times the synthesis of these opposite elements was the "plumed serpent." In Draconian philosophy, the symbol of balance between opposites is the dragon - the union of the serpent and the eagle, the feminine and the masculine, that which is above and that which is below.

Mason, Asenath. Draconian Ritual Book (pp. 25-26). Kindle Edition.

Barqan, also known as Barqan Abu al-'Adja'yb (Arabic: "Two Lightnings, Father of Wonders"), is one of the Djinn Kings of Jinnestan.

Barqan is often dubbed as the Black King therefore he is depicted as a demonic being comprised entirely out of a black smokey substance. Some Islamic mystics state that his skin is as black and burns like charcoal.

Barqan, also known as the 'Black King', is the King of Mercury (‘Uthoorid) and the ruler of Wednesday. He is associated with the color blue, and the metal brass.

He was the lord of Carnelian, and the Castle of Gold, and under his rule were five hill-strongholds that housed five hundred thousand Marids. It is said that the reason his rulership over Carnelian was revoked was due to his carelessness of not overseeing the Marid because of their dangerously supreme power and rebelliousness. This led to a culling of the five hundred thousand Marids by Iblis' order though Barqan, pleading with Iblis, was spared and instead given rulership over a region in Jinnestan.

He was one of the few kings that worshipped Iblis whom his tribe revere as the Fire. He is monitored by the angel Michael. His talisman is elaborate and also his helpers are quite extraordinary. He teaches the evil jinn all about magic and how to harm humans with it, making him one of the many utterly malevolent djinn that is actively seeking to harm and destroy humanity.


The Symbolism of the Color Black:

Black is the absence of color, the negative of white. [5] For this reason, black is the color of primordial void, that which existed before the light. [1] Black possesses a mysterious sense of extinction, and it is considered the color of the night, where the unknown is manifest, [5] but black also represents the germinal state, the beginning sure to grow. The claim that black is universally associated with death, evil, and sickness seems at first, [1] but another look reveals that black has many other associations, such as fertility [6] and newly fertilized lands. In some parts of the Arab world, black is considered unlucky, [2] but black is also a symbol of power and authority, an emblem of the Caliphate, the first system of government established in Islam.  As a color that seems indifferent, black encapsulates the mark of humility and respectability. In Ancient Egypt, black is the color of resurrection and eternal life, [2] associated with the mother goddess and fertility, especially in conjunction with red, or blood. In China, black represents the passive element Yin. Its opposite element, Yang, is bright yellow. [2] Though black is considered a color for young boys, [9] it remains a color of darkness and isn't usually worn as a primary color. [7] In the four primary directions, black is the color of the Dark Warrior, [8] depicted as a tortoise with an intertwined serpent. [4] The Dark Warrior symbolized the north direction, which, unlike the other directions, was never honored or worshipped. People feared it for being the home of the destructive ocean god. [4] The Dark Warrior's element is water, and in Wu Xing, the Five Elements of China, black is associated with the element water. To the Apache of North America, black symbolizes the West, where the sun sets. [9] Throughout parts of Western Europe, black symbolizes periods of mourning, funerals, and Halloween. In Feng Shui, black is associated with the element water and the passive yin. Black represents money or income, career, emotional protection, power, stability, and bruises. [9]

In Jungian psychology, black represents the shadow aspect of the unconscious psyche, [1] and in other schools of psychology, black has been linked with self-confidence, strength, and power.


We also (crudely) indicate the proportion of "Abgal" DNA -- from the evolutions of Sirius -- as this inheritance generally confers a high order of being. Naturally those who do not have it might disagree.

"The Kirišti are sons of the Stars, Kadištu emissaries working for the Source. They never dissociate Gissu (shadow) from Zalag (light), and they work where these energies are disunited. Their work is not easy; it often happens that they are directly confronted by beings who separate Gissu from Zalag and who worship only the darkness."


The Abgal:

Kadištu subgroup. Genetically affiliated with Gina'abul, but considered amphibians, with genes of a far-off amphibian race. Sages of the Gagsisá (Sirius) system. Like the Urmah, this is a rare Kadištu race that can evolve in KI (the 3rd dimension). They possess a delicious regard charged with compassion. A light energetic halo emerges from their body. A Gina'abul rebel race**.


Sirius C is, in a manner, linked to Sirius A, as we shall see, via Lucifer’s Fallen Angels—his Neteru Bird Tribe (Neteru meaning “The Gods of the Black Lands
[21],” where Black Lands pertains to lands in the KHAA), who are the fallen aquatic Bird tribe who rebelled against Khan En.lil and Lady Ninhursag, the Queen of the Stars.



Meyerowitz pg 27 SSA: The Ohemma, female king, or queenmother as she is called by Europeans, is regarded by the Akan as the owner of the state; the Ohene, male king (nowadays called omanhene), is appointed by the queenmother as the ruler of the state...the queenmother is regarded by her people as the daughter of the Moon, who symbolizes the female characteristics of Nyame [i.e. Enki's mother's side, Rigelian-Bird (Reptilian) – section 5.12], the Supreme Being, who created the universe by giving birth to the sun. I think this, apart from the fact that it describe a matrilineal system of c  the universe which was been impacted on our history of Earth. Many sources prove authenticity.

Sources: “TERRA - a Hidden History of Planet Earth” by Robert Morning Sky.

                 “Alien World Order” by Len Kasten

                 “The Complete Earth Chronicles” by Zecharia Sitchin.

The history of Man and Earth presented by Bek'Ti (Star being) in 1960s is both exciting and frightening.

Far Away Galaxy called “Eridanus” (75 Million Light Years from Earth), on a Planet called “Green World”some Billions of Years ago:

A Reptilian Humanoid Race called KHEB may evolved from Dragonflies over millions of years or may evolved in Draco star system appeared fully developed or come from another Universe / Dimension or another time period.

THE 'SSS' (Reptilian) EMPIRE: ARI-AN (Orion star system) Queens are also known as SSS-T or NEKH-T Queens. They were cold-blooded warriors with frightening dragon-like faces. They weathered war and chaos to seize and retain a sizable portion of the Ninth Sector of the galaxy. 

Queen Mother was called "Queen BI" while younger sitting queen was called "Queen AYA". 7 chosen daughters of the Queen are called "SSS-TT".Each Princess was known as "SSS-T-UR". The Divine Queen or her supreme majesty also known as "KHAR".

The Elite warriors guarding the Queen were known as “MAKH”. SAKH (death from Reptilian beings) are Reptilian administrators who conquer other Worlds. Reptilian people of Home or other worlds are called "SSS-B".

Reptilian species reproduces by laying eggs. Fertilized eggs (with semen from Male) become Females while Unfertilized eggs become Males.

THE 'ASA-RRR' (Wolfen or Feline) EMPIRE: In the Ninth Sector, the worlds of the RRR (far away in Sirius Star system, on a planet with 3 Suns n the Sky, one of which was massive star Canis major also known as Dog Star) would be known as 'ASA-RRR'. Led by the fearsome 'IKU' Warriors, a barbaric army with a fleet of deadly Starships of overwhelming fire-power, the Kings of ASA-RRR wreaked havoc on the worlds surrounding the Ninth Passageway. The IKU (The Elite Forces) and BEH (Warrior Ground Forces)  of the Sirians became known as the 'DAK' or 'TAK', the 'Teeth' of the RRR.


Pin on Hail satan

Anunnaki: Warriors. "Angels of Yahvé". Created by An and Ninmah on Dukù, Mulmul (Pleiades), from a genetic patrimony discovered by Ninmah on Nalulkára. No doubt the cell line was enhanced Šutum. Wars among the Gina'abul brought them to the Earth. Anunnaki = "Anunna of the Earth." Have manipulated humans for millennia.


The Urmah (Army of the Elohim):

(The Tribe of Judah):

Warriors / Life Designers. (UR-MAH, "great warrior", also "lion" in Gina'abul-Sumerian). Logo: the lion. 
Felidae or feline. Feline-humanoid appearance; actually resembles a lion. Always seen with claws; unknown if natural or artificial. They are from the Orion constellation. The official army or celestial militia of the Kadištu, who often referred to them concerning problems of rule. For that reason, the Urmah were found at several times in our solar system.

The Nungal (The 8th Choir):

Great Lords. "Fallen Angels"Book of Enoch: watchers. Bené Elohim (Sons of the Elohim). Those who coupled with human females without authorization of Yahvé (An-Enlil). Akkadian: Igigi. Male. Created (in great haste) by Sa'am and Mamitu-Nammu (see Personages) from Imdugud genes on which Abzu-Abba had been experimenting. Considered as Life Designers although no knowledge of cloning. Followers of Osiris and Horus. A Gina'abul rebel race.

The Imdugud (Cherubim):

Mix of Kingú-Babbar (royal albinos) and Urmah. Depicted emblematically in Sumerian and Akkadian imagery as half eagle, half lion, respectively representing their genetic roots. White skin (like the Kingú-Babbar), sometimes described by Parks as fair-skinned. Appear "Nordic" but with a slight "animal" look in their eyes, an aspect that is connected with their genes. They resemble humans, often with blue eyes, and are very tall. Pupils are vertical. Emit barking or whistling sounds. Always seen with claws; unknown if natural or artificial. Solitary. Originated in Tiamate (our Solar System) well before 300,000 y.a., which is when the Anunna arrived. Originally created to watch over the terrestrial reserve and above all to serve to reconcile the Gina'abul and the Kadištu Life Designers. They had the reputation of being peaceable, not "looking for trouble" - unlike their Kingú-Babbar creators. They are always found in the background of the works of the Kadištu, with whom they have courteous relations.

The Sumerian designation Imdugud means "high storm", or "noble blood". The particle IM is often associated with "clay", but in the context of filiation, "blood" -- or even "humanity". (IM-DUGUD is not the only term that associates royalty with blood; the Sumerian word URIN -- eagle, blood, emblem -- is itself very explicit.)

The Imdugud correspond to the Anzu or Zu of the Akkadian tablets. Totally a part of the Gina'abul family, they are issues of two warrior peoples -- Kingú-Babbar and Urmah (see Genealogy). But they possess a certain form of wisdom via the Urmah, who are "Life Designers".

Their reason for being created as such is as follows: To obtain authorization to move into the solar system (well before the creation and the venue of the Anunna) the Kingú-Babbar had to accept mixing their genes with the Kadistu Urmah line, thus creating a new species.

They are a particularly solitary, white-skinned race. Like the Kingú, they detest having to associate with others. They will do it only in their own interest. They are difficult to approach, even by a Gina'abul or a Kadistu.

Due to their mixed genetic background, they were influenced or obliged by their Kingú genitors to function as neutral agents or messengers capable of adjudicating problems between the Kadištu and the Gina'abul of Tiamate. But they were "covered" by the Kingú-Babbar, and that made them enemies of the Anunnaki (terrestrial Anunna), who have used them ever since winning the war in our system.


Cherubim (kerubim) In the Pseudo-Dionysian hierarchy of angels, the second highest angels to God. The etymology of the name “cherub” (Cherubim in plural) is uncertain. The Hebrew term “kerub,” which means either “fullness of knowledge” or “one who intercedes,” is thought to be derived from the Akkadian term KARABU, a winged guardian being of Assyria. Karabu had the bodies of sphinxes or bulls and the heads of humans, and they guarded entrances to buildings.


When the Bible initially speaks of the Phoeniciansi it refers to them as Sidon because Sidonii was their major city-state. The people were descendants of Ham's grandson Sidon.

In Homer's Iliad and Odysseyiii, only Sidon and Sidonians are mentionediv. According to the historian Herodutus a monument existed in his day in Tyre (c. 484 – c. 425 BC) that claimed that Tyre had existed since about 2000 B.C. (era of Abraham). But if this was so, it apparently was an insignificant settlement for Tyre is said to have been colonized from the greater city Sidon; one source says it was populated following an attack by the Philistines upon Sidon.v At any rate, Tyre did not replace Sidon's prominence and leadership role among the Phoenicians until about the 10th century B.C. 700 years after Jacob and around 400 years after

Meaning of Zebulun: Possibly derived from Ugartic zbl meaning “prince”. Zebulun is the tenth son of Jacob in the Old Testament and the ancestor of one of the twelve tribes of Israel. Genesis 30:20 implies two different roots for the name: זָבַל (zaval) “to honour” or “to dwell”, and זֵבֵד (zeved) “gift, dowry”.

Ugaritic mythological literature the title zbl “prince” is attached to several gods as to Yariḥu (KTU 1.18 IV 8; 1.19 IV 2) and to Yammu (KTU 1.2 III 8, 16, 21, 23; IV 7, 14, 16, 22, 24–25, 29), but especially to Baal who is called zbl bʿl “prince Baal” or also zbl bʿl ʾrṣ “prince, Lord of the earth/netherworld."


Who were the Serpent Priests, what were their origins, and what does this have to do with Christianity? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

Let us begin this journey with the serpent. Worship of the serpent is thousands of years old, and in some “schools” of thought, predates history. The serpent was considered a lord of the waters, a symbol of “rebirth” through the sloughing of its skin, a phallic symbol; and of course the alchemical symbol Ouroboros, the snake eating its own tail, symbolizing infinity. In some mystery schools, the serpent god was the first to be encountered in the “test” of neophytes.

The texts that formed the Old Testament of the Bible, a foundation of Judaism and Christianity, were written after the Levite priesthood of the Hebrews were “held” in Babylon after 586BC. The early Hebrews worshipped the serpent god of the Sumer Empire and the Levites were called “Sons of the Great Serpent”. This serpent diety was named Ningishzida in Babylon. Originally, Ningishzida was a tree god. Now where have we heard this tree and serpent motif before? Ningishzida is portrayed as either a serpent with the head of a man, or, more frequently, as a double-headed serpent coiled into a double helix. The Hebrew’s rendition of Ningishzida, YHVH, was depicted as part human, part serpent, and their sacred book of esoteric (hidden) knowledge, the Kabbala, means “Serpent Wisdom”. The Levites worshipped YHVH as a dragon called Leviathan, hence the genesis of the name, Levite.
YHVH’s serpent form was also known as Nehushtan or “Brazen Serpent” by the Levites and they placed golden and brass images of this deity on the altars of Hebrew temples. Excavations have discovered bronze and copper serpent symbols in former Levite temples.

This brings us to the name Kohen. This means “priest” in Hebrew; and yes comes from the Levite tribe of snake priests and, in fact, the “K” is an ancient symbol used to denote serpent. Who was the first Kohen? Aaron, brother to Moses.

So, what does all this mean? It means these priests, Aaron chief among them, were initiates in the Mystery School of Babylon. There is no concrete evidence that a man names Aaron actually existed. That is of no real consequence, as Jews, Christians and even Muslims believe that he did. The priest class existed and still exists, with archeological evidence solidifying the claim.


The Archangel Sama(El):

His appearance is that of a lion-faced serpent.

(Bitter beverage, drug, poison, toxin, medicine, potion; perfume):

Thus when translated literally, Samael can mean "the bitter beverage of God" or "the poison of God." This unique (albeit disquieting) name reveals the unique nature of this important angel in the hierarchies of the divine. Yet the name can equally be translated as "the perfume of God," or "the medicine of God." This dual nature is deeply meaningful and when fully investigated reveals many mysteries in the Judeo-Christian scriptures. Yet, one should not lose sight of the fact that, whichever way the name should be applied in context, it always carries within it אל "El" - OF GOD. This is not a force to be condemned, for it belongs to God.

Samael is also depicted as the angel of death and one of the seven archangels, the ruler over the Fifth Heaven[according to whom?] and commander of two million angels such as the chief of other destroying angels.

, a great archangel who has been assisting humanity for ages, has been known by many names throughout our history. In the West he is best known as Ares, Mars, the god of war, while is Asia as Kartikeya (कार्तिकेय), Murugan, or Skanda. All of these symbolic names refer to the same being, which is also why all traditions recognize his relationship with the planet Mars.

Samael (Ares) is the great cosmic intelligence who is responsible for the spiritual development of this current humanity, which has long been known as the “Aryan” (from Ares) race. (Unfortunately, this term “Aryan Race” has been corrupted by many ignorant people.) Therefore, he needed his terrestrial part to work here in the physical world on behalf of humanity.

The Zohar explains that Samael (‏סמאל) was there when Eve was tempted, and it is because Samael is the fifth helper, the force of Geburah, Mars, that is directly related with the sexual energy. That is why Samael, Mars, controls the sign of Scorpio, which is directly related with the sexual organs. The strength of Samael is the one that gives the erection to the man. So obviously, Samael is the one that appears and gives the doctrine, and then you have to decide to go up or to go down. To go up, you use the force of Samael, the sexual strength, in the positive way, as we explain in Gnosis. To go down is by fornicating.

"Now Mars was the lord of birth and of death, of generation and of destruction, of ploughing, of building, of sculpture or stone-cutting, of Architecture . . . . in fine, of all . . . . ARTS. He was the primeval principle, disintegrating into the modification of two opposites for production. Astronomically, too,* he held the birthplace of the day and year, the place of its increase of strength, Aries, and likewise the place of its death, Scorpio. He held the house of Venus, and that of the Scorpion. He, as birth, was good; as death, was Evil. As good, he was light; as bad, he was night. - "The Source of Measures" quoted by H.P. Blavatsky. The Secret Doctrine vol. 2 (1888)

The AEolian name of Mars was [[Areus]], and the Greek Ares, [[Ares]], is a name over the etymological significance of which, philologists and Indianists, Greek and Sanskrit scholars have vainly worked to this day. Very strangely, Max Muller connects both the names Mars and Ares with the Sanskrit root mar, whence he traces their derivation, and from which, he says, the name of Maruts (the storm-gods) comes. - H.P. Blavatsky. The Secret Doctrine vol. 2 (1888).


"The present age is under the influence of the force called, in  magical terminology, Horus. This force relates to fire, Mars, and  the Sun, that is, to power, violence and energy ... This force is completely blind, depending upon the men and women in  whom it manifests and who guide it ...
The catastrophic trend is due to our lack of understanding of our  own natures. The hidden lusts, fears, and hatreds resulting from the  warping of the love urge, which underlie the natures of all Western  peoples, have taken a homicidal and suicidal direction ...
This impasse is broken by the incarnation of another sort of force,  called Babalon. The nature of this force relates to love, understanding, and dionysian freedom, and is the necessary  counterbalance or correspondence to the manifestation of Horus." The Book of Babalon (1946)


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“The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood, before the great and the terrible day of the LORD come,”

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Darth Nihilus art : r/StarWars

When oranges are ripe.

The Atlantean High Tide.

The soundwaves, the ripples.

To heal the (Crip)pled.

The (3l)ue(3lood) in me.

To wash one's (Sin)s.

Like blackholes, the rims.…


The 3nki (Doc)trine: The Image

Posted on September 25, 2023 at 3:00am 0 Comments

Zhuanxu - Wikipedia

The second beast was given power to give breath to the image of the first beast, so that the image could speak and cause all who refused to worship the image to be killed.
 16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free…


The 3nki (Doc)trine: Rev. 9:11

Posted on September 24, 2023 at 7:00am 0 Comments

"And they had a king over them, which is the angel of the bottomless pit, whose name in the Hebrew tongue is Abaddon, but in the Greek tongue hath his name Apollyon,"

(Revelation 9:11).…


The 3nki (Doc)trine: 112

Posted on September 23, 2023 at 7:30am 0 Comments

To Cry Wulf.

The Big Bang.

The Bottomless Pit.

To sell fame.…


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At 10:47am on September 10, 2023, MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA said…

I'm sorry for my delay.
Thank you for being a featured member.

At 11:22am on August 5, 2023, William J. Coblentz said…

Thanks, I wasn't expecting this again. Curious front page you have, I must admit - like most things and ideas mortal, partly correct.


Bill C.

At 9:33am on July 26, 2023, Ogrin said…

Wow!  That's great news.  I know it's not always pleasant speaking our own truths to others but it has to be done otherwise we can fall into the pit of self rejection.  Cheering you on from beyond the veil.  Trust you are having a good week.  Mine has been good though I'm afraid my dog may be preparing to cross the rainbow bridge.  Doing our best to keep her comfy and feeling secure.  Peace and love to you my friend.

At 8:38am on July 22, 2023, Ogrin said…

Happy Saturday.  It's been a busy week or was it a week of keeping busy lol.  Thanks for the comment on my blog.  Happy to hear it gave you the warm fuzzies.  What have you been up to?

At 2:42pm on July 10, 2023, Ogrin said…

Hey Sai-bot, thanks for stopping by my room and for the compliment.  Picked some chill royal colors for it since it's burning hot outside lol.  Trust you are staying cool as well this summer.

At 2:35pm on April 30, 2023, Rosey Cross said…

Congratulations Sai-Bot as you are featured for May! Thank you for all you do!

Flower-border GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

At 9:53am on April 4, 2023, Swami. Cindy Ravenmoon PhD. said…

I see that lol. Thank you dear I appreciate it. 

At 11:22pm on April 1, 2023, Sirian Starlight said…

Thank you. :) Hope you are well.

At 11:56am on March 31, 2023, Swami. Cindy Ravenmoon PhD. said…

Thank you, but that was for January lol.

At 8:30am on December 11, 2022, MARGARIDA MARIA MADRUGA said…

A friend is a bond and not a knot, a friend is a "GIFT". - Rita Maidana



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