Last Stand: The War For BC's Old Growth Forests

Ever wonder who's behind the illegal blockades? The anti-forestry protests? And if we're really logging the last of B.C.'s old-growth forests? The answers mi...

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Comment by Sirian Starlight on Thursday

This right here. This is like a point of contention for some reason between political groups. What to do with undeveloped land. Tear it down, or leave it as a nature preserve.

Honestly, I say focus on the objective. If you have people living in huge houses that don't bother everyone in a suburban subdivision that focuses on itself and generally respects the land, then leave the environment that leads to a natural forest alone.

But if you have a place like Vancouver for instance, whose only purpose is to build apartment building after apartment building to maximize every square inch of land with concrete, then I say cut more forests down to make room for actual houses and greenery.

You cannot just go from wild forest to urban city and expect there to be peace between wild animals and greedy humans. There has to be an in between. There needs to be a point of balance between extremist points of view. Otherwise, you will end up with over crowded populations taking over where their environment cannot survive naturally.

This is also the same issue effecting plant life as well. Trees do best when they communicate with each other over vast distances of land. And when they intertwine with one another for miles, this is how they stay strong into the soil and keep it growing for decades across their life span.

Take a look at this video and tell me I am not correct. These are the protesters of environmental groups fighting to try to control land that was once freely given to Native North American tribes in my area of Canada. Just watch, see what happens to humans who get too greedy.

They must learn how to balance the natural resources they have been given. Otherwise, you will end up in a massive problematic chaos pool of people who cannot see eye to eye on anything.

I sincerely hope we do not end up burning all of our wild lands down due to fires started both physically and metaphorically by those who are uninformed on how nature survives when it is surrounded by the ecosystem of its natural habitat.

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