this man is a monster....

please take the time to look at this story if you haven't already and sign the petition ...Hunting is  so wrong i don't condone  hunting any  living thing as these people to for sports....its  just sickening!

Please sign and share and bring this menace to justice!!

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I saw this today in one of my fb group! May this man feel the pain that he instill in this majectic beloved Lion of Our Divine Gaia and any other animials and humans he has abused! May the Spirit of this royal and regal Lion soar and roam abound on Gaia and Mater!

ty sis!

You have a beautiful heart!

im sure his spirit  roars   through out the land and amongst the  animal, no living thing  deserves this!,,,thank you sistar and  so do you  <3

He does need to answer for this. So do the other people involved.  There are some awful images around at the moment ~ heartbreaking.

very's  terrible  what man has become....hopefully all those involved will be   ..ty  elspeth

awesome Lara  thank you  <3

I will post this link in the Current Events so members can come here, read and sign!


OKIES   thank you rosey!

I am so saddened by any news involving the senseless killing of animals..... especially for trophies. You just do not want to know how I would like to see this fucktard and any others like him dealt with.

Signed for sure 

Excerpt from an article I read-Of course I have signed...I am just keeping up with the story and found this. BTW- Thanks for posting this Kyst.

Extraditions "inevitably come down to political and diplomatic considerations far more than they do legal ones," Vladeck said. There's political tension between the two countries. The southern African country has blamed its economic woes on U.S. sanctions against President Robert Mugabe and close associates, though many commentators have attributed Zimbabwe's economic decline to mismanagement. Washington imposed the penalties on Zimbabwe because of human rights concerns. More broadly, Mugabe has long railed against what he calls Western meddling in Africa, saying it is an extension of the colonial rule of the past.

Ohlin said the U.S. could analyze the justice system in Zimbabwe to determine whether it's fair and whether the prisons there are up to human rights standards. The Associated Press has reported that prisoners in Zimbabwe rioted earlier this year because they hadn't been served meat in three years, and that the food woes were evidence of a debilitating economic downturn that has left the government struggling to meet obligations.

If prison conditions are "unduly harsh," the U.S. could deny extradition, Ohlin said. Plus, Vladeck noted about any extradition, "There might be concerns about the precedent it sets for U.S. tourists overseas."

IF THE U.S. ALLOWS EXTRADITION, WHAT CAN THE DENTIST DO? Palmer could waive extradition or his attorney could contest it, arguing that extradition does not fall under the treaty, Ohlin said. At that point, the defense could ask the judge to resolve the issue, which could take months, Ohlin said.

"If he contests extradition," Ohlin said, "I would think he would probably lose his case, but there are a lot of creative arguments his lawyers could make." While Palmer's case is high profile, Vladeck said, "the actual legal questions are actually routine and mundane."

Associated Press writers Steven R. Hurst and Matthew Lee in Washington and Farai Mutsaka in Harare, Zimbabwe, contributed to this report.

I might make some people mad here. I don't think he should be extradited for poor guides in a land he is not aware of. here are the facts I'm seeing, he purchased the permits for this hunt and he hunted this lion the legal way(bow and arrow). I'm sure some people will say why was he hunting a lion for sport yes , I agree the hunt was unnecessary. If the lion was to be hunted it should have been hunted for food or because it was dangerous to the environment of the inhabitants. based on the facts im seeing his guides led him wrong and he in fact did mess up on the picking of the target, in which if you read the story there he informed the authorities of the hunt. he has also cooperated with authorities in the matter and extradition seems unneeded. what to me needs to happen is to have registered guides for such hunts and or ban these sport hunts all together so they do not happen at all for the sake of these hiccups not happening ever again. ian somerholder has started a foundation to end sport hunting if yall are interested. I don't agree with this hunt but I do agree he should not be punished for poor guidance from the locals.  So at the end of the day you can disagree with me and that's fine , but the real illegal thing that happened here was that, that lion was not hunted for food and the betterment of a village.

It seems that he was fully aware that he was luring a collared lion off of a preserve. 


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