I'm the creator of Temple Illuminatus, and I just wanted to take a moment to encourage our new incoming members to reach out and introduce themselves.

It doesn't have to be a brilliant essay all about you, it can just be a simple sentence saying hello and giving people a heads up that there's a new person on board.

I encourage you to take time to get to know one another, welcome new members, make connections and friends.

When in doubt, reach out! Don't be shy!

We want to get to know you.

If you'd like to know more about me, feel free to read my profile, and feel free to ask any questions you have about me and about the site.

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Hi Rasoul,

It sounds like you have a really clear idea of where you are and where you're going, and it makes a lot of sense. I think it's a huge deal to be able to trust your intuition.  Most of us just ignore it until life trips us up.  :)

Me, I'm just an eclectic.  A jack of all trades, master of none, I guess, but it suits me fine as I have no ambitions except to keep being what I already am, without sounding too egotistical - by this I mean in the broadest sense, allowing for growth of course!  I guess I've looked into a lot of different things over the years but never felt I could commit myself to any of them fully without feeling like a fraud. But I'm colored by the Shamanic way, Starseed'Starnations' philosophy/ET influence on our genetics and human evolution, and a lot of other things thrown in like Taoism, Hermeticism, Thelema, natural Witchcraft/Heathenism, Druidry, Sufism, Zen Buddhism, and Tantra.  Like I said, a bit of all sorts. Oh, and I love Jesus, too, and Quakerism, but I find the Holy Bible as a reference in itself a bit hard going!

Having said that I think as I've got older I'm finding the idea of settling into a particular way as a 'foundation' as you put it, more appealing, though I get a little nervous and uncomfortable around too much structure, truth be told, yet a little attracted to it at the same time when I see the potential for social cohesion, celebration and joy through it, too.  There's pluses and minuses, I guess - prison or framework, depending on how perceive it. 

I find I learn so much from the way others do things as well, and their perspectives - one of the reasons why I'm here, too. :-)

Wow! So pretty much you're just cool. I have never even heard of half of those practices. I will most definitely be spending time with Google later. Human evolution, though, i'm into that as well. Wasn't at first, but I definitely see the light now. What are your thoughts on the subject? It sounds like you're doing alright, forget social cohesion. We're meant to experience life in a specific unique way, you're nervousness may be nothing more than your spirit telling you to keep experiencing. It hasn't found its home yet. Keep doing what you're doing; it's sounds to me like you're already walking the intuition rope.   

Lol, I read through what I wrote and it does sound like I have it all together, but talking to you has made me really understand that I don't, or I'm not portraying myself in the right way. 

It's not that the bible is my foundation or reference, it was more like a sledgehammer breaking through acquired lies of my upbringing. I grew up in a Christian home and they are still very much into their faith, so I hear the closed minded perception of God all the time. When I was led to seek the truth of who we are, of course in my opinion, I had to begin at the root of my hesitation. I've always known there was a higher power, there was more to the world, but the God I was taught about seemed to hate so much. I could never get with that. I just didn't have a problem with so many things, and then you know me coming to terms with my partner preference was also a big factor in my deity escape. So I went to other religions, faiths, and spiritual practices; but they were all missing something. One day I was led to the Rudolf Steiner archives, he was an Austrian esoteric who made me see Jesus in the eyes of the Universe. Then I looked back at the bible, and I found all of these truths about what really was going on, and it was like every stone in the world just rose from my chest. I'm not hated, I'm not sinful, I'm light, and light is energy. I'm energy that is meant to rise to the frequency level of life, as Jesus did. Jesus obtained the consciousness level of perfect love, which is selfless love. How did he do this? Walking by faith or intuition; doubt, fear, and hesitation didn't live in his mind. He just did what was already written. 

Once I reached this understanding, I realized the bible held nothing more for me. It freed me, showed me that we are something more, and that Christ, who is energy, who is love, which all fits nicely into the word spirit is my attainment. This spiritual journey doesn't come with walls, you simply have to follow your gut feeling, and see what happens. Lol! Not easy for a control freak like myself. 

Now I'm learning about the energy world, how to cultivate it and raise my consciousness level. It's different, I'll say that, but intriguing. We're fascinating entities. I struggle with quieting my mind on a regular basis, but I'm slowly coming into my own. 

Hello all. I'm here, seems pagan space is a twin to this site! I like this one better so far but am generally not fond of Ning sites. lol I'm a seeker on the TWC path, formerly a Druid pather from ADF.

My Name is Mark Miller I live in Topeka, KS.  I have studied the occult, magick, religions, Left Hand Path for over 20 years.  I have a personal library of over 2000 books many of which are on the above subjects.


Well, I'm Gordon Keirle-Smith, have the feeling I've lived about five or six incarnations in this one (everything from visionary artist to tour guide, theater technician, director of a language school, copywriter, communications coach and entrepreneur) and am now well into writing a trilogy based on writings found under the Antarctic ice in 1962. They tell the story of an ancient civilization existing there tens of thousands of years ago which laid the foundations of all our myths and legends.

This "fabulous fable" is however backed by "fabulous facts", in other words documentary "proof" that all of this is true !!!

For example:

This civilization was unique in that everyone living there had total recall of all their previous incarnations. This had a certain disadvantage though in that they were constantly recognizing others from former lives - and in the end this led to so much celebration that the purpose of their existence in this "Paradise" began to get eclipsed....

That is only one of the many aspects of this multi-faceted book, which include: "forbidden archeology", alternative history, conspiracy theory, allegorical fantasy, past life memory research... and several underlying spiritual truths...

Another example: the "past life" aspects is going to create links with the present when we release the following advertisement (you are the first people I'm sharing this with by the way, it's not the totally final version, but you'll see what I'm getting at...):

I actually wrote the first version of this in 1974 but it is only now that I can add all these other multiple aspects and make it into a "meta-realist allegory". Exactly where the line is between the fabulous facts and fabulous fable is up to every individual reader to determine. But there are people who quite seriously tell me that they know in their hearts that it is all true !

Let's say it's designed to open minds. And will, I hope serve several purposes.

If anyone is interested we have a blog: http://www.zandernatis.com. Posted the front and back covers there today so you can see it there....

Hope I haven't taken up too much space/time here.

Best regards,


Salutations  Whiches,

I am Hunter Moonshadow from Edmonton,Alberta. I've ben a practicing witch for a year or so. A very dear friend told me how the craft helped her and I started readingand leaning. My friend has since passed on but we share a bond still.

Moving on, I want to find more local witches to lean and pal around with.

Hello Jeff, I just sent you an email.  

My name is Linda and I'm one of the admins here.  Let's work on those questions.


Good morning (MDT),

It's amazing I now look foward to checking and reading email. Before it was the same feldercarb  Ebay, lose weieght fast,increase you size. Now I have Temple mails to go thru and comment if I see fit.

Lol :-) Glad to hear it BB

Hello. I'm not sure why I joined...but the forums look to be full of interesting people and topics...had not gone online that night planning to join any forum but here I am. Im terrible at profiles and intros lol...but didn't want to be rude and not say hello. So hopefully this it's okay for the moment...
I'm sure it will be fun getting to know people here. :)

Course that's Ok :-) Happy to have you here!

Hi everyone. I'm Jenny. Don't really know what to say, just wanted to announce myself :) 


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