Excellent new article on Meditation and Magick in Llewellyn blogs... excerpt below is the very start of the article....


Magick 101 #4: TRUE Meditation

This post was written by Donald Michael Kraig
on August 12, 2011 | Comments (0)

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[Part Two of this Series: Click HERE]
[Part Three of this Series: Click HERE]


People make a big deal over meditation. Unfortunately, there is more bad information about meditation than there is good. This is a shame, because it is a valuable and important technique for people learning magick.

A levitating gnu, deep in meditation, wrapped snuggly in a gold robe.
Both he and his computer float gracefully above the floor—only his tail lightly touches the ground.
He gently holds a recorder between his front hooves, as if he has just gotten the inspiration to play music.
There is a gleam in his eyes as he gazes ahead at his computer screen.

Debunkers, often looking at the claims that meditation can do things such as reduce stress and lower your blood pressure, note that by just relaxing with your feet up you can achieve the same things. That’s true, but meditation is far more than that.

Some debunkers, looking at dictionary definitions, say that meditation is just focusing on something in order to come up with new approaches and solutions to issues and challenges. That’s true, but meditation is far more than that.

True meditation has as its goal the ability to transcend your sense of individuality and separateness for a brief time, allowing you to experience your true higher self and unity with the universe…even unity with the Divine. Relaxation or contemplation are simply techniques on the road to that goal. But saying that either is meditation is like saying sex is nothing more than smiling at someone across the room!


Read the Rest of this 3 part article here. Thank you Llewellyn!

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Thanks Leila,

                Great Article


Most welcome, glad you like it, I like your Meditation 100 you've started as well, looking forward to the new ones. :) Thanks for contributing!

It was for an extremely long time, also right now etc. that I approved of the word meditation, an issue that my fate just gave me no result, whatsoever that I could intend to understand, despite why, when, if, provided & in case that my 'famous' mother was against me being just myself etc., - always the good news that counts, my only solution, i.e. my relevant optimism, still a symbol & a repetition of the relevant fact that she quite morally 'asks(!)' me to 'testify(!)' to being happy to exist as a righteous man, since my birth, Tues. Feb. 20, 1968, a thing that I appreciate, so that I can of course become & believe in & so on, greetings, 'J.A.,'  (guit_artie@yahoo.dk), one thing is my unwanted selfishness, the one that just gives me no obligation, whatsoever that I can approve of her self contradiction, way too often her 'hobby.'

thank you so much for sharing, Leila !


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