Kundalini and Prana                                                         

Prana normally flows in either Ida or Pingala: Our Kundalini energy system is usually more active in either the left or right sides, which are the Ida and Pingala. Of the thousands of energy channels (nadis), three are most important: Ida, Pingala, and Sushumna (sometimes called "silver cord"), which is the central channel, and the most important.

Solar and lunar breaths: The breath and the underlying energy, or Prana, usually flow predominantly on one side or other, the left or the right. Breath predominantly in the left nostril is described as cool, and sometimes referred to as feminine.
The flow of Prana on the left is the lunar, and is called Ida.
Breath flowing predominantly in the right nostril is described as hot, and sometimes referred to as masculine.
The flow of Prana on the right is the solar, and is called Pingala.

Nostril dominance shifts: Usually we believe that we are breathing through both nostrils, although breath is normally dominant in one or the other. The dominance shifts from time to time during the day. For one with a well-balanced body and mind, that shift of nostril dominance happens approximately once in ninety minutes. For other people, the shift may be much different. Sometimes one can be so off balance that one nostril remains dominant, which is a symptom of some physical, mental, or emotional difficulties.

Prana is the first energy: The word Prana comes from two roots. Pra means first, and na is the smallest unit of energy. Prana is, therefore, the first breath, the primal, or the atomic beginning of the flow of energy. Out of this first unit of energy manifests all aspects and levels of the human being. It is one and the same with Kundalini Shakti.

Prana flows in nadis: That Kundalini, manifesting as Prana flows in certain patterns, or lines, or channels that are called nadis. There are said to be some 72,000 such nadis coursing through the subtle body that supports the physical body and its various systems. When the Prana flows across the latent impressions, they spring to life in the form of awareness in the conscious mind, in the physical body and brain.                         

1: Usual breathing structure: Here is the usual breathing structure:
                                                                          Prana=Inhale      ^
                                                                          Upward energy   ^
                                                                          Above the navel  ^

Yin                                                       Sushumna                                          Yang
Ida Nadi                                              Nadi                                                    Pingala Nadi
Left side of body                                                                                            Right side of body
Long, calm, slow                                                                                            Short, hot, tonifying
Deep breathing                                                                                             Breathing

                                                            Downward energy
                                                            below the navel

"There are two internal forces or breaths, Prana and Apana, which govern the inhale and the exhale respectively.

Prana rises, spreads and blossoms
Apana goes down, contracts and roots

"Can you feel the upward flow as you inhale? This is prana Vayu. Can you feel the downward flow as you exhale? This is Apana Vayu". Breath and the five Vayus are below on the next page.

Note that when you inhale, the air moves downward in your lungs, but the energy moves upward in the main nadis: Ida and/or Pingala and Sushumna if Kundalini is awakened.

Pingala is the right channel, masculine, hot, related to the sun, and running from Muladhara to the right nostril, it is located on the right side of the spinal column. Ida is the left channel, feminine, cold, related to the moon, and running from Muladhara to the left nostril; it is located on the left side of the spinal column. Sushumna is the central channel. Running from Muladhara to Sahasrāra inside the spinal column.

Usually, men are more Yang than yin: Prana they inhale usually flows more in Pingala (Yang nadi), than in Ida (yin nadi). As a consequence, to balance energy, Apana they exhale usually flows more in Ida.

                                                      Upward Energy
                                                      Above the navel

Yin                                                                                                                   Yang
Ida Nadi                                      Sushumnâ Nadi                                        Pingala Nadi
The left side of body                                                                                     Right side of the body
long, calm, slow                                                                                            short, hot, tonifying
Deep breathing                                                                                            Breathing

This is done in a circular movement counter-clockwise
First exercise: Experience opposite breathing

Try to breathe the opposite way: if you are a man or a Yang person, imagine light moving upward in Ida Nadi when you inhale slowly and moving downward in Pingala Nadi when you exhale. After 1 or 2 minutes, you should feel some energy in the area of your spinal column and experience slight euphoria. Then stop and repeat this exercise regularly. If you are a woman try the symmetric cycle.


Reverse breathing structure to awaken Kundalini                                                     

Now we'll study a key exercise to awaken Kundalini   
"Kundalini awakening by reversing Prana and Apana":
- Prana usually moves upward (both for men and women): let's force Prana to move downward.
- Apana usually moves downward, both for men and women: we'll force Apana to move upward.

"Tantra teaches us to reverse the flow of Prana and Apana" Tantra Texas

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Tried the reverse breathing a couple of time but didn,t know about Apana 

They say bread is the staff of life. Breath is the stuff of life.

So trueSavlove. The Apana is just as important Marie

Thank you for the information.


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