Oya, Yoruba orisha of wild storm winds, is the personified tropical hurricane. She has the power to blow away all impurities, leaving a fresh, cleansing atmosphere in her wake–ideal for those who wish to begin a situation completely anew. Oya is also the only orisha who maintains contact and control over the dead; use this ritual following any sort of unsettling ghost contamination. This is a complex full night’s ritual, with an extensive list of ingredients. It simultaneously provides space and personal cleansing. 

The spell requires:

  • Nine ribbons, each in a different color, long enough to go around your waist while you’re sitting, with an additional nine inches spare (choose any colors but be sure to include maroon, purple, and brown)
  • Nine additional ribbons, each in a different color
  • Nine small, purple eggplants
  • One bottle of red wine
  • A bottle of dark rum
  • A cigar
  • Nine coins of any denomination
  • Wine-colored flowers
  • White candles
  • Sea salt
  1. Soak the eggplants in the red wine.
  2. Divide the nine main ribbons into three groups and make a braid from each. You will have three braids.
  3. Braid these three together to form one large fat braided belt. 
  4. Tie the additional nine ribbons around the belt so that they will fall around your hips when you wear the belt. Set the belt aside. 
  5. Drain and dry the eggplants. 
  6. Pierce the top of each eggplant.
  7. Run one ribbon through each and tie each eggplant securely to the braided belt, consciously knotting your desires. 
  8. Take a mouthful of the rum and spray it onto the belt.
  9. Light the cigar and blow smoke over the belt, all while petitioning Oya to grant your desire. 
  10. Although this part of the spell is most powerful performed in the nude, do whatever is comfortable for you: tie the belt around your waist. Whirl and twirl through your home, visualizing all negativity entering into the eggplants. 
  11. When you feel that the cleansing is complete, take off the belt and place it inside a plain brown paper bag, together with nine coins.
  12. Take this package to Oya’s home, the cemetery, and leave it at the gates. This is best done at night. If you can, without attracting undue attention to yourself, rattle and shake the gates. Make your presence known. Tell Oya why you’ve come and what you need.
  13. Return home via a different route. 
  14. Light the white candles in the bathroom. Run a tub with warm water and add the sea salt to the water. Bathe and relax.
  15. Put on clean clothes and go to bed in clean, fresh sheets.

(from The Element Encyclopedia of 5,000 Spells by Judika Illes)

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