Change your minds from negative to positive & the whole of vibrations both quantum level and physical that you send out will positively be charged; so send out good vibes, you get what you put out. Simple as that. Mind over Matter you determine what reality and emotions affect you.

Going based on what the infamous Star Wars films have defined, the Force as we can see is an Energy field that surrounds everything and binds us all together. Some view the Force in the eastern tradition of Chi or Qi. However although I would agree that there is an underlying energetic field that does in effect hold the fabric of all matter together, I believe that the Force is best viewed in the sense of being a philosophical & psychological manner.

I view it as the will of one's own intent. Using the power of language is probably the most powerful Force power that we as Jedi possess in the sense of a "Real" power.

For example, have you ever been in a situation where you have been around someone who is angry, and even though you are not angry you feel yourself becoming irritable or in effect angry? Why is this? Why should we feel angry in a situation that has no direct connection to us?

Well, the fact is that these types of situations "DO'' have a connection to us even though this connection is on a more subtle level because it still can affect our own mood and behavior.

But why is this? For me, the underlying cause of what I call Inter-Emotional Transference is simple. When people find themselves in a situation that does not directly involve themselves personally, they still tend to make connections through past situations/traumas. These past traumas can in effect bring old feelings to the surface and influence our own personal feelings/emotions. Though we may not be aware at the time that these feelings are coming through, I have a strong hunch that this is why we cry, laugh or be sad or happy in situations where that may not actually have anything to do with us. You may view Inter-Emotional Transference as a sort of Quantum Entanglement of memories and emotions.

It is this Inter-Emotional Transference that makes it important for us as Jedi to always try and make sure our emotional state is one of balance. If we are balanced, so to do the people around us become balanced.


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