The Untrodden Path: The many ways of Chaos Magick


The Untrodden Path: The many ways of Chaos Magick

A gathering place not only for those, who describe themselves as chaos magicians, chaoists or chaotes.

"The untrodden path is choked by the weeds of tradition. Be not afraid to cut through."

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Simulation Theory

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Crisis Magicians, Orders, Disorders, Lynx, and Lone Wolves

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Blackout And Sigils

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Comment by jack black on November 7, 2018 at 3:15am

The Page Blessing

Comment by jack black on July 28, 2018 at 3:47am

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Comment by Cian Rhys on July 22, 2017 at 8:48am

Comment by Cian Rhys on July 22, 2017 at 8:47am

Chaos Magick is doing what works, for you.

Comment by Rosey on September 28, 2015 at 8:37pm

This is great Khep!! Where have you been hiding this group!

Thank you Sweetie!


Comment by Tammy Davis on September 30, 2013 at 7:43pm

I joined this group a few years ago and just got around to posting on the site. Glad to be here

Comment by Grigori Rho Gharveyn on May 14, 2012 at 8:41pm

Regardng the practice of Chaos Magick...


Don't bother to practice, you always get it right the first time; however, you may not recognize the fruit of your own magick if you have not prepared the bed in which your garden has been planted.


You must empty your mind of all thoughts and ideas.  These have form and Chaos is formless.


You cannot use sigils for true Chaos Magick unless you make them yourself.

All chaos magick is personal, individual, unique, unrepeatable, in tune to the moment and the intuition that guides you to create your will and to manifest your own desires.


As to what can be shared about Chaos Magick.

We can describe how our own processes work, but you must discover for yourself what works best for you, we can be an example but we cannot be copied, we cannot be immitated, our magick works for ourselvs alone as your own magick must work for you.


How our own magick works:

We have something we call our Chaos Well, this is whre we focus the locus of our Chaos Magick.  It is a place of raw, pure Chaos a place that unforms and devours reality as reality appears for each person who seeks to see Chaos.

Thus does chaos magick dare to unhinge the doors of your minds and leave you forever mad with its glory.

To speak with strong emotion in the presence of our chaos well is to utter forth miracles and curses, such is its power that any person in its presence can do this; although again, they may not recognize the child of the words they have uttered, particularly if their words are spoken without justice, without love, without mercy.  Regretable words become more regrettable in the presence of our chaos well, so speak carefully, or suffer the consequences of your utterances as tehy return to torment with the demons you unleash against yourself by your own ignorance or ill intent.

Chaos magick is not a tool for anger, hatred or vengeance, it is a tool for inspiriation, love, and nurture.  It is a tool for creating, building, sustaining, as it has ever been so, it is the heart of Nature and all who love her.

It is safer to take our time to prepare our spells, so we use arts and crafts to create our focals, focals which have no power of their own, but which guide teh power we summon through our chaos well.

This is how we practice chaos magick, it is our own path, find your own as well.


Here is an example of one of our spells, enjoy!



Comment by Grigori Rho Gharveyn on May 14, 2012 at 8:13pm

We are ourselves a chaos mage of this we have no doubt,

Dear universe is bent and swayed by the mindless words we shout.

And when at last we come to rest in some over-crossed abyss,

we find we finally have arrived in a place that is our bliss.

Hail Eris!

Beware the fnords...



We promise not to complain about any more insanity or demonic possession, but we do not promise not to drive you insane if we must help you to become repossessed.


Chaos magick is what you make of it by your own will alone; it is not the sort of ritual magick shared by a coven or a catholic mass; it is the magick you alone define and you alone perform because to employ a group requires a degree of consciouss will that evokes the opposite of chaos, no matter how poorly it fails to resemble the order that foolish conscious will may crave.


Chaos and Order, where to begin?


Nature is ordered.

Chaos defies nature.

And yet, chaos is the root from which all nature and order srping forth.

Chaos is the random mutation on the vine by which an unknown fruit is born.

Become the fruit of your own labors, become reborn truer to yourself.


We love chaos because it is the unformed potential of all creation.

Yet all of creation exists in perfect order; if you are a keen observer you can see this for yourself.

The plenum is arranged in multiple dimensions of multiple universes each with its own order, rhyme, and reason; its own music in the celestial spheres. 

All of nature is perfectly ordered, perfectly balanced, always.


The chaos appears when we try to apply the order we create in our own minds to the order we perceive around ourselves because we are too ill-informed for our own orderly conscious minds' ideas to ever accurately map the plenum or even a blade of grass.

Chaos appears as the cognitive dissonance between the natural order all around us, and the order we create in our minds when those two orders fail to agree with each other and cause the universe to surprise us once more with an unexpected child; a miscegenous child of our ignorance and our illusions, born outside of the wedlock in which society tries to bind our minds with its own spells and geases to make us slaves to the political tyrannies of governments and religions.


Chaos is our liberation from the false order of false authorities.


Chaos is our embracement of all that we may fear because fear is the tool used to enslave us, and when we accept our fears and embrace them then our fears lose their power over us forever.


Hail Eris!

<tosses in the golden apple>



Love, Grigori Rho Gharveyn, Greg Gourdian, et al...



Comment by Jay MacGregor on May 22, 2011 at 1:31am
Is this group following both paths left and right hand? Just curious not that I know much about either Im an absolute total novice but intregued by both..

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