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Magickal Rapping Rhyme Writing

Today is rapper Snoop Doggandrsquo;s birthday. Snoop Dogg is well known for his rhyming artistry, so much so that many other musical artists of different genres have him as a guest artist on their songs. I myself like to employ rhyming when creating simple spells and magickal workings. It adds some pizazz and is an easy way to generate magickal focus.Today, in honor of Snoopandrsquo;s rhyming skills, try your hand at creating a magickal rhyme of your own! This exercise really is two bits of magick rolled into one. The first is the magickal act of creating the rhyme, and the second is its use in your spell! When you get your rhyme to where you are happy with it, be sure to record it in your magickal journal or book of shadows. Perhaps after this exercise youandrsquo;ll feel inspired to fill successive blank pages with magickal rhymes and poetry!

Stop the Gossip Spell

This spell will help put a stop to gossip and slander. First, youandrsquo;ll need a square piece of black fabric. Itandrsquo;s even better if the edges are frayed. Youandrsquo;ll also need a few crumbled dry leaves, some dust, a dash of clove, a nail, and the remnants of a spider web.Toss all the spell ingredients into the center of the fabric, and tie up the corners to form a bundle. Grasp the bundle tightly and say this charm:Leaves, dust, clove, nail,and spider web,Catch and hold the liesthat are being said.Trap the gossip in this bundleand remove its breath.Spirits of justice, let thegossip die a quiet death.Hide or hang the bundle in a secret place. The gossip will fade. When the gossip stops, bury the bundle or throw it away.

Balance Bringer

The energies in the air today will likely make you reconsider how you spend your life force and where you invest your energy. Feelings and issues related to balance and your ability to maintain balance in the long term become of concern, even though this is the perfect time for you to perform magic to stabilize the balance in your life.Spend time meditating today and truly thinking about the areas in your life where you feel balance is lacking. Ask yourself what causes this imbalance and what you can do to improve the situation. Face the north, light a blue candle, and say:Spirits and allies, come to my side,toward balance I need a guide.Project an image into the candle of what it would be like if balance were present in the matter. Then allow the candle to burn down completely and safely.

Wear Something Gaudy Day

To borrow from The Wizard of Oz, are you a flashy witch or a somber witch in your manner of dress? No matter your personal style, today is the day to be colorful! Be it top, bottom, accessories, shoes, or jewelry (or everything!), feel free to create the most extravagant ensemble possible. It is the run-up to Halloween, and all manner of accessories are available. The purple top with the orange belt? The pumpkin socks with red shoes? The fallingleaves scarf, cauldron pin, and wand earrings? Perhaps this is the day to test-run your Halloween costume. Go crazy, have fun, and be sure to get a picture of yourself. For those who typically prefer less loud clothing, perhaps you will find it comfortable to be on the wild side for a change. For those who are usually flashy, this is the chance to really strut your stuff. Chant:Iris, goddess of the rainbow, inspireme in my clothing choices today.I honor you with brightcolors and shiny baubles.

Boss’s Day Hoodoo Spell

In Hoodoo, there are many spells (also referred to as tricks or jobs) related to career issues. One of the herbs (a tuber) used for this area of magick is called Little John to Chew, or simply Little John. The botanical name is Alpinia galanga, and it is also called greater galangal.Little John resembles ginger in taste, medicinal qualities, and structure. It calms the stomach, deodorizes the mouth and body, soothes frazzled nerves, and, most importantly here, appeals to your boss, for today is Bossandrsquo;s Day.For this spell, obtain a fresh Little John to Chew root. Shred some of it into small pieces (about a teaspoon). When you approach your bossandrsquo;s office or your would-be bossandrsquo;s location, begin chewing the prepared root. State your complaint, desires, or wishes to the boss while chewing Little John. Once outside, spit it out on the property. Your wishes will be heard and respected by the boss. Happy Bossandrsquo;s Day!

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Spell to Stop Smoking



  • Light a yellow candle. 
  • Burn some Balsam incense 
  • Bathe in warm water with mint leaves in it. 
  • Relax.

Soak in the menthol waters, inhale the sweet, clean fragrance and enjoy how it clears your nasal passages and sinus areas. 

Now picture yourself in a cloud of car exhaust fumes. Picture the foul smoke going into the same passages that previously felt so clean. Realize that every time you smoke a cigarette you are inhaling toxins and poisoning the air that you breathe. 

Visualize the smoke leaving you, and the clean menthol scent replacing it all. Do not smoke for 1 hour. Each time you perform this bathing ritual, increase your time without smoking by 10 minutes.

(from Spells for the Lazy Witch by Deborah Ashe) 



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