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Temple of Ra-Harakhty


Temple of Ra-Harakhty

Further to The  Formation of The Thelema Group:---

  Here; in accord with The Law of THELEMA

  is a Temple; of The Rose and Cross;

 an Adytum of Light in EXTENSION:

  for those awakening  unto Inner Planes of Force.

  Let it be that only The Truly Devoted

  walk in this Sacred Space:


0. Behold! After Ra-Hoor-Khuit hath taken His seat in the East, and crushed an universe in His left hand, and after the Serpent Hadit hath drooped His head and shot forth venom;-.
 d. And its face bore the likeness of the Ruby Rose and the Gold Cross, of Ab Ra -
 , 'Blessed be the Lord - One, Child, Aeon!'"
   The SUN.    AUMGN
4. The Holy One, Blessed be He, was very pleased by such a singular devotion and granted the Magus his petition, saying "Blessed be he that comes in the name of Ra-Harahkty. I shall thereby create the Universe through the letter B; as it is written in the old book, 'Bereshith' - In the Beginning was created Heaven and Earth! So mote it Be!"
. The Lord of Silence, called of Hadith Heru-pa-kraath, rewarded the letter A for its humility, giving crying "IAO! I Am One - & NONE!
 His eleven-fold Word which Initiateth the New Aeon, yea, the Word which Initiateth the New Aeon. ABRAHADABRA!



                is the inner Temple
                        of the
           TI Thelema Group Network.


Location: Global, Universal, Astral, Multi-Dimensional, and Other Worlds
Members: 48
Latest Activity: Nov 8, 2018

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