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He was once was, is, and will be. The stench of his sins mixed with remy. His understanding of the Stars is non existent. Forever wanting to be in the light and create some distance. For the love of God, let's call it Allah. With the Morning Star, the Eclipse,…


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The Watchers

Activated from birth, to cherish and to revert. Back before the Dinosaurs that made the Earth tremble and shook. From our blood mixed with mud, we were burnt to a crisp. Alienating all souls, from all directions, we had one wish.

Elevating our pain, Mankind will…


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The Nectar Gods' Pact

Thought like time, fine like wine. We abduct and bind, for the love of lies. We push, we seek, indeed it be, from love to lust, In God (We) Trust. To come from within, we sign with a ball point pen. For those that trust and look to lust. For (them) we seek, to humble them at their peak.…


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The Affair

Forever in debt, back to Lyra, we set. In order to seek, we live fresh to death. Her love is warm, yes so kind. May she drank with us, all of the wine. For love, we must, burst into flames. Falling in love with someone in pain. May she trust and may she seek. She won't admit, admit to defeat. Forever ago, her ego is high.…


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The (72) Jinns

We shine, we're bright, the time temptates us at a great height. We fight, we're loud, we fell because we were proud. For how I live, in blood, we reign. Time to bow down to the Great King. He sips, he leans, he is shook, not like a tree. But forever in dept, his life is in-depth, for He was once high, now regrets. One for…


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Scorpio (The Hawk Rises)

The hen in me amplifies my right. Ignite the fight from within the light. At the speed of sound the chariot goes. Uplifting hearts, turning them into a pot of gold. Forever right, we won their hearts. The Igigi back together, while worlds…


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The Crescendo (Ursa Major)


From dusk to dawn, the Stars align. We bow and feast, in with the divine. We cherish, we fight, we sacrifice to live. An…


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The Solar Eclipse

Forever ago, we use to be bright. Blocking out everything, even the (sun)light. Determine to rule, we break back and bite. For the love of us, we consume the light. In the shadows, we choose to defeat. The old notion of when to lie and when to do right. The Moon moves the seas, and exposes the light. In the shadows, we…


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The Ušumgal Council of Nalulkára

Soaring up above, we fell in love. The Kingu come together, together they bring facts. Enlightened within our hearts, we strive to drive. In shot gun, we call our bluffs and begin to lie. Implementing Faith, they continue to abide. Together we came a(cross) and we hang til we die. For…


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The Black (RA)inbows

Endowed with purpose, it was "always" meant to be. Inflated with greatness with an oversoul, the nature of RA. Yes, the hidden "God" that dictates from the Bottomless Pit in the Orion Nebula. The Great covenant with man in which it was important to propel with the assassin like group. The Ancient Cherubim, aka the Imdugud. The very Angels that…


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El Shaddai (The Draconian God)

The Destroyer, also known as God Almighty. The appropriate God of the Chaldeans, familiar with the El God of the Phoenicians. El is known to lead the Hebrews in the desert. This God is familiar with the Jinn, aka the Seraphim. Mmhmm, the burning serpents.

The importance of understanding these all powerful like Yahweh Gods is because they…


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The Leviathan Legacy

In the deepest of seas, you only see black. Time will tell, there's no time to relax. Fear and greed, feeding the Great Serpent. Together we ignite, please sound the trumpets. Relieve pain, may your blood boil. Coming from the depths of darkness, it is Him I follow. Seeking to redeem, forever we…


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High in the sky, He chooses to abide. Coming to seek, at that snowy peak. Forever one, we're on the run. Life was fair, his skin is torn. Shedding bits and pieces, we both scorn at the sound of the horn. Forever we lift the sand from the shore. Rise from the ashes from that deep blue core. Inheriting a…


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Settling with the thought a of a Qui-Gon Jinn. May light follow Will and may light bend. Through the cracks and crevices, light will win. Pitch black in (our) heads we grow as grown men. Through we seek and find, we come back from the depths. May love fill our hearts, may we be laid to rest. Moving together, we are as (one). Debate…


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"Selling Your Soul" The Illuminated Path

This is from my own experience dealing with the Ethereal Realm... Bear with me.

This past year I got an idea of why I was on this path, and this was the last thing I'd ever thought of gettimy initiated into. And no, I didn't go to any sort of "lodge."

My point is this, I ran into the right people at the right time. Mostly in the Ethereal…


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Lucifer's Reign (The Fall)

A far off race genetically affiliated with the Draconians. These are the Sirian Amphibians. The same race that Enki was affiliated with. First born in Rigel in Orion, his step father Anu, inserted the Sirian genetics into his sun Enki.

At the time in Orion before Enki took flight on Nibiru to Earth, he was a Pureblood Avian Reptilian. At the time, it…


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For Faith is what drives, together we thrive. For what we seek, is an all blue hiarchy. For the love…


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The Anointed Cherub

From back then and forever ago. Determined to fight til the end. Calculated  rage with nothing to lose. Never will he kneel to a lesser being. It was beneath him. Time could tell and things came together. For the love of God, literally. Was this His plan all along? Like what was said, "time could tell." Eating at the very depths of one's soul, those humans…


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Saturn Death Cult (The Unholy Six)

"Yea, ye took up the tabernacle of Moloch, and the star of your god Remphan, figures which ye made to worship them: and I will carry you away beyond Babylon,"

(Acts 7:43)

The initiation of the blazing fire.…


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Horus (BEL) The Beast of The Earth

Beast of The Earth

"And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a…


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