Quingu's Blog – September 2018 Archive (14)

Horus (BEL) The Beast of The Earth

Beast of The Earth

"And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a…


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The Harlot and The Man Child

The Woman and the Dragon

"And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered. And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red…


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The Fall of Babylon (The New Atlantis)

A land ravashed with dead spirits. The Fall of Babylon and the rise of the Master Race. Prophesied thousands of years ago, and we're now witnessing the birth of a new nation. Yes, the new Atlantis. Enki seemed to have the right idea. Pay homage to the Kingu-Babbar, the original Aryans. They hybridized themselves with the Lyrans, Orions, Sirians, Pleiadians, and the…


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A reunion, we must! Difficult how to put every other race on a pedestal. A change overnight, from dusk to dawn. Seeing it all together, from their blood, we spawn. Pressure at once, the wolf, inside us. Inside me, we must see. Growling at the moon, our original selves, we…


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The Chaos Dragon

From a far away constellation. He seems to work behind the scenes and follows the leader. That leader being me. Never did I have a doubt in which my life would eventually become complete. This is why He is here, to guide me back to redemption. In other words, my higher self. Pacts were made and I demanded the truth concerning my journey. He did provide and even more…


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The Nungal Legacy (The Fallen Angels "Igigi" aka The Watchers)

The Igigi, yes, the fallen angels. Determined to undermine and move against the grain. More like going uphill or going against the current. They have their own flow. 1/3rd forever striving to abduct orders from the Angelic Realm. It was said to never worship any other being except what was and will be. The Jinn had another agenda. From my point of view, our view…


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The Monarch Butterfly (Mind Control)

This is going to be hard to put into words, but I find this important to see if anyone else experiences this. I've googled multiple sites and I've gotten together as much information as best as I could about these experiences.

For one, I was born in Altus, Oklahoma. Both my parents were in the air force. Later on, when I moved into Virginia, this where I got my…


Added by Quingu on September 14, 2018 at 6:00am — 7 Comments

Fool's Gold (The Soul)

Never did I think I could be abducted to go through a number of grueling tests to find myself back to my original Angelic self. Yes, the Seraphim. I first would like to say that all races of this multi-verse does dirt to what we call mankind on Earth. They literally abide by the barter system with bartering souls. I had to fight to get mine back and no, I…


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The Draconian Path

It's very difficult to walk on this path. I've struggles over the years with my guides and guardian on being the best possible individual. I usually kept it together by not voicing my opinion, but now it seems as if a "force" comes through my throat chakra and demands respect. I find that following along the Draconian Path is very rewarding. I've done things required by my guardian that I wouldn't of been capable to do years ago. Every morning is a fresh start and I find that it's…


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The Imdugud (Half Eagle/Half Lion)

Debate it all you want. The original, the Watchers aka the Nungal. This race spans back to 300,000 years ago. In order for the Draconians to settle in our system they needed to intermingled with the Urmah aka the Felines. This is where you get the Imdugud. Half Eagle/Half Lion. Nordic looking beings. There were a number of processes before becoming enlightened. It took time but the deal was done. Originally, I was a Red Kingu from Draco. I took on this task as my body was cut to the…


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The Paa Taal & The Draconians

Distant in the past like Horus. Immediate action was necessary. From far away in Aquila in Tarazed. Yes, the Red Kingu. It was what was needed, these beings seem to understand the nature of good and evil. Both races acted on principle. More of the same. These Luciferian Seraphim (Bird + Serpent) had it their way. Like Christ, they sacrificed themselves to make "man in our image." I had to reach far back to understand this. These are the 11th dimensional beings. The Paa Taal had…


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Orion Hive Mind Intelligence

A distant debate, the hive mind. This will be off the top of my head. Navigating through energies I can already tell that not that many people have gone through this robotic way of thinking. It was determined and needed for those to understand the nature of RA. They literally feed off stars like the Orion Nebula, where the Bottomless Pit is. The gateway to infinity. They all move in one direction. Specifically, the Satans, in which Samael rules, are from the…


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The Angel Samael

Angel Samael is my main guide other than Ariel. I would even consider the 5th heaven being Alnitak in Orion's Belt. These are where the Satans reside. I found out a lot about myself with being in tune with this particular angel. Most of the time, he is invoked without even me knowing until I do an inventory. Decisions about day to day thoughts seem most important. Not only is it important to understand one's agenda, it is also important to understand my own thought process. It gets deep…


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The Great Sacrifice

"How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!"

(Isaiah 14:12)

It was what it was. The Red Kingu. On Tarazed the percentage of the Draconians sacrificed themselves to create "man in our image." These were the Luciferian Seraphim before they become the Satans, aka the…


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