I would like to begin the college essay about failure example with the fact that mistakes are an integral part of our life. Each of us learns from our own or others' mistakes. Many people think that making any mistakes is very bad, but in reality it is not. Making mistakes, we form our life experience, because only one who is not engaged in anything and simply has nowhere to make a mistake is not mistaken. That would be a perfect start of the lessons we take from failure can be fundamental to later success essay. Other custom papers can be ordered here. Here is one example of a Canadian history essay written to me.

Good college essay about failure

Thinking about this topic is very important at all ages, not only for writing the college essay about failure example. But for each person it will be his.

Thus, we consider a situation in which a small child can learn. For example, mom sent very small child to the city so that he brought her beets. But the child, because of his still very young age, brought mum the carrots instead. Thanks to this situation, the mother begins to explain to the boy that he did not bring what she asked, because of this, the feeling of despair wakes up in the boy and he begins to understand that he made a mistake, but not because of his harm, but simply because of his age. In failure college essay you should compare mistakes and the right way of solving them.

At any age, be a man thirty years old or six, he will be equally accountable to the perfect offense. But at each age, the reaction will vary accordingly.

Essays about failure require a great amount of the life experience to understand not only if there mistake in different situations, but also the way to avoid them in future. It may happen that a person makes the same mistakes for a long time. For such people, the phrase “to step on the same rake” was even coined. This is due to the nature of a person who does not think about the consequences and lives only in the present. Such people are really hard to be in society. An excellent example of such person is presented in the story of Shukshin “Crank”.

The experience that a person receives throughout his life can be both sad and vice versa positive. But even the most bitter experience brings new abilities to the personality. Some cases in life are very difficult to endure morally, but you just have to get over them. Next time, in a similar situation, you just need to remember what happened before and not make such mistakes.

Do not be afraid to make a mistake because then it will be very painful to experience what happened. It is better to risk and burn yourself in the beginning than to do it later.

Essay about failure prompts

And as the poet accurately noted, “Experience, the son of difficult mistakes ...” A person learns from mistakes, draws the right conclusions. The lack of result is also a result. Through the study of errors the experience comes.

The history of great discoveries knows many examples when mistakes led to the accumulation of experience. And ultimately, to a positive result. The most famous example is Edison and his famous light bulb. All experiments led to a negative result, apparently, an error has crept into the calculations somewhere. But Edison did not give up. He rechecked his calculations again and again. Made new experiences. And here is a positive result - the bulb caught fire!

And Columbus went to India for spices. Wrong, turned the wrong way. And as a result, opened a new continent - America.

When everything works out right away, it's not interesting. But when you made a mistake, you suffer, you look for, you think, you do many repeated operations. This is called experience. The skill comes with experience.

A child, when learns to walk, falls a hundred times a day - it can be regarded as errors. But the child gained invaluable experience and the moment comes when he takes the first step. And then starts running.

Some mistakes do not lead to experience. For example, a sapper, pilot or doctor have no right to make mistakes. Their price is human life.

A child, when it comes to the first class, cannot write and read. He reads by syllables, makes mistakes. If he does this regularly, reads a lot, then over time he begins to read fluently.  So our grandparents learned to write. They kept their first notebooks for memory. They also saved for a lifetime their beautiful underlines.

The one who does nothing is not mistaken. You can just sit or lie on the couch and watch TV. There will be no mistakes, but there will be no experience too.

Learning something new always goes through mistakes. This is normal. Some people give up. Other people, on the contrary, are failing. They do over and over and succeed.

So mistakes lead to gaining experience.

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