My Quest--New initiate in this Temple--Lawrence Thomas

Greetings to all initiates, sorors, fraters, masons, and etcetera, in all Orders and of all ranks:

I would like to openly converse with you about my quest and ask you some questions that I have not quite figured out yet. My name is Lawrence Thomas. I have been a member of the apostolic denomination in modern day Christianity, a member amongst Hebrew Israelites, been included in Judaism, entered into Freemasonry, and involved in the Golden Dawn.

In my quest thus far, I have learned that I must attempt to become a version of "The Logos". I believe this to be a concept that is expressed in all traditions to help us all to understand the true essence of the "Great Arcanum".

Brothers and sisters, there are three questions that I would like to ask you. The purpose of which is to start an open discussion amongst us all. Here are the questions:

1. Is it at all possible to know how the Hierophant and the Worshipful Master, other wise known as the high priests in their respective Orders, "read" and "interpret" the Bible and the religious texts that are alluded to in the rituals and lectures given to initiates?

2. When you are initiated in a given order, you are asked to give an oath to never reveal the secrets of the Orders. However, I have a question about how the oaths taken by initiates will impact the survival of the teachings of the Order? (i.e...I thought the Order would want to grow and expand.)

3. In the ancient times, the occult knowledge was once common knowledge amongst all men. Now, in modern times, this same knowledge has been presented under different names. How should one investigate to find the "magick" that he or she wants to learn?

Lawrence Thomas

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Comment by Linda M. on December 15, 2019 at 11:01am

And an old crone answers.....I am a kitchen witch.  I would make my own determinations, my own truths.  You need to go by your own teachings and beliefs not by what others feel or read. 

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