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2nd Editing by Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon, Introducing my own Pagan-Oriented Appendages: - Pagan / Non-Spiritual-Dualistic / Matristic-Matriarchal Animistic & Pantheistic-PolyTheistic oriented Material, plus any added associated comments of mine.

And of course, for the sole Purposes of Sharing the beautiful and very dear Pagan Quimbanda a.k.a. Kimbanda / Qimbanda

I love and adore Pagan Quimbanda and Pagan Witchcraft !!!
Acclamez - Salve - Viva To All the dear Pombas-Giras & Exus - Fae - Elementals !!!

Cheers & Laroye

Sky of Padilha also known as Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon



In Quimbanda, Exu and Pomba Gira are organized into KINGDOMS/Realms and LINES/Levels/Houses.

The Kingdoms represent physical places in nature where Exu and Pomba Gira are found and manifest.

The connection between Exu and Pomba Gira and the Kingdoms demonstrates the role of these Spirits as Guardians of the Luminal / Elemental Points of Power.

All Kingdoms of Fae / Elementals a.k.a. Exu-Femmes / Pomba Giras e Exus, they all are in Elemental Realms, they are made of Elemental Matter and they are infinite and eternal as well.

There only 4 Elemental Realms – Water, Fire, Air and Earth.

All Kingdoms of Fae / Elementals a.k.a. Exu-Femmes / Pomba Giras e Exus are from either Elemental Water, or Elemental Fire, or Elemental Air and/or Elemental Earth.

The Spirit, the Soul are not Elemental by Nature, nor of any Elemental Matter, not of any Elemental Nature because they are Light and not Fire! Spirit and Soul are of Light Nature and beyond the Elemental Realms, Time-bands and all Elemental Kingdoms and their Time / Time-bands.
They are from the Light Realms and their Kingdoms and Time / Time-bands there.

The physical body for instance, the ones that we incarnate inside, while we come to these temporary journeys from cradle to grave, within these slower time-bands / time inside of Black-Holes, localities of denser Elemental Realms - also known/called as kingdoms/worlds/universes, the physical body, the temporary elemental vehicle of the Spirit.

The Spirit is just only a small and very tiny fraction of the essence and consciousness of the actual Soul.

The Soul, the Spirit work together and in Harmony with the Four Elements, the Four Elemental Kingdoms (Water, Fire, Air and Earth) in order to make possible for Evolution of the Spirit, ergo of its full Soul and at the same time, the Evolution of the Elemental Realms, of the Elements, of the Elementals who volunteer to participate in this joint effort, joint work, and joint journey of Elementals and Light as one, together for these lifetimes.

Matter a.k.a. Atoms a.k.a. nano realities and dark matter, they do not end, they simply transform, they re-organize, they are eternal and infinite.

All Endings, all Destruction and all Death are only Dynamics of Change.

Change only serves one Queen, one Goddess, the Ultimate Eternal and Infinite Supreme Being Creatress Goddess Source and Fountain of All Existence, of All.

To exist, to live is to change.

Change is the only absolute Constant in all Universes and within and outside of all Existence, because eternal and infinite Evolution is the infinite and eternal Current from the Womb of the Source of Life, of all Existence and Mother Nature, both outside and inside of all Existence, She is the word, the will and the command of the Eternal and Infinite Source of all.

Back to the realities of this Earth, this Elemental Realm, Elementals, us our lifetime in this time / time-band.

When comes to Quimbanda, while there are some slight variations from house to house on the Kingdoms, generally there are Seven accepted Kingdoms, with none being lesser or greater than the other.

Indeed, the idea of a greater or lesser Kingdom is contradictory to the very idea of Kingdoms each being sacred places of power.

Each Kingdom gathers to it, Spirits who share similar proclivities and traits and who represent certain spheres of human activity.

Each of these Sites of Power has a direct relationship to the various experiences of Life and Death.

When the Quimbandist / Quimbandiero / Quimbandera a.k.a. Quimbandean / Quimbandier, when she or he, seek to influence or to effect some part of her or his life ( or that of another person ) she and/or he, would seek out the appropriate Kingdom that corresponds to that Aspect of life and Work with the Pomba-Gira & Exu therein to accomplish the aims, their wished-for / their intended results.

One could say that the Pomba-Gira / Exu are the Forces underpinning and behind what the Kingdoms represent and signify.

In this way, the Kingdom is both a Physical Place as well as a Link/Connection/Door to Something larger in the Spiritual, Physical, and Emotional World.

Each Kingdom is organized under a Queen and a King who both preside over Generals, who in turn, command/rule over Legions of Spirits.

Some Exus and Pomba Giras appear in more than one Kingdom and where they appear will determine the Quality that they present and signify accordingly.

There are 7 (SEVEN) Kingdoms of Quimbanda

Each Entrance / Locality is a Location-Oriented Point of Elemental and Spiritual Energies, from the Planet, And for instance: as Areas/Locations of wild Magnetic Variances a.k.a. Ley-Lines, Vortexes, and/or Chakras of the Earth whose energies connect it with other Universes, other Time / Time-bands and Other Species.

Besides that firm fact, we also have Localities/Locations as being Places which Portals of Energies have been opened by Others before us, those who knew how to open such Portals.

The Opening and Closing of a Magical Portal is not something that many people know how to, or can actually do, even today, very few people know the "how to" and very few people can handle "to do it" and to survive it.

Having shared that, I am ready to proceed to the description of the Seven Portal Areas, the Seven Magickal Places, the Seven Kingdoms of Quimbanda.

And They Are:


1. Kingdom of Encruzilhadas (The Crossroads)

It is a Fire, Elemental Fire oriented Kingdom.

Here we find all crossroads, where roads meet, cross, and move on. This Kingdom is deeply related to Ley-Lines, the Line of Malei and here are found Spirits who stand at all Intersections. These spirits can open opportunities, or close them, they generate movement and change both on a spiritual and physical level.

Both the 4 way crossroads of the “X” and the 3 way crossroads of the “T” are found here.

Both literal and metaphorical crossroads are found within this Kingdom.

These spirits rule all moments when people must choose between this and that.
This is the Kingdom that opens ways to all Kingdoms of Quimbanda.

They are called upon to pave the way during difficult times, assist when there seems to be no options, for unions and join together as well as dissolve and tear apart.

They are tied strongly with Destiny and so are good at prophecy.

It is good to remember that Destiny is always the free-will and pre-natal/pre-birth choices of the Soul and its Spark of Light a.k.a. Spirit, sent into the Four Elemental Joint Journey in this time / time-band and realm for the joint purposes of Joint-Evolution.

Many Mythologies speak of the Graces, of the Faetes, etc...

The Fates work closely together with our Souls and our pre-birth choices for this lifetime and when we ask for anything that it is not good for us, or for our partners in the journey, the Elementals who are journeying along with us, then such a request will always be denied and all Magick will fail and nothing can over-rule the higher power of Eternal and Infinite Evolution, because it is in the Essence of each Atom, of everything.

Destiny and chiefly as destined events which are pre-chosen / pre-birth selected by our souls and our volunteered Elemental Group/Elementals, ah, I must say the fact that we cannot ever avoid them because all roads, all circumstances will always lead to them.

The Faetes are the holder of the Keys of what we call “Circumstances Beyond our control and beyond the control of our Elementals".

The Kingdom of the Crossings and their Energies / Elementals, they can be called upon for advice when all seems blocked, and they can undo the blockages that hold back a situation, or they can block your enemies from all areas of life.

Magic in all its roads is worked here.

This Kingdom is ruled by Exu Rei das Sete Encruzilhadas and Pomba Gira Rainha das Sete Encruzilhadas.

They preside over: Exu Tranca Rua, Exu Sete Encruzilhadas, Exu das Almas, Exu Marabo, Exu Tiriri, Exu Veludo, Exu Morcego, Exu das Sete Gargalhadas, Exu Mirim, as well as Pomba Gira Das Encruzilhadas.



2. The Kingdom of Cruzeiro a.k.a. The Cross


Before the dualistic and puritanical Mythology of the new Big Pop Religions were invented, the Cross used to be, it used to mean the Symbol of the Four Elements, Symbol for Water, Fire, Air and Earth.

The focus of 4 points of union, of meeting of different energies.

And it was sacred as such for its Four-Points Oriented Fae Realms.

The Kingdom of the Cross, it is Air, it is an Elemental Air Oriented Kingdom.

This Kingdom is found at the central Cross of the Cemetery.

In cemeteries without central crosses this can be found on the gravestone with a cross or, the largest or oldest gravestone with a cross.

This is the Kingdom of crossing from one state to another, from life to death, and the turning point of all life.

Because of this some refer to this Kingdom as that of Crossings which implies that while the central cross is the ultimate manifestation of this Kingdom, that it can be found anywhere there is a crossing from this to that.

Found at the central Cross is Omolu, the Bone Lord, ruler of the dead, the cemetery, the seal of souls, who is represented by the cross planted into the dirt of the grave.

These spirits are called upon to heal and harm the spirit, either heal the bonds of an oath, or shatter them.

They can elevate your Spirit or cast it in shackles, mind you not your Soul, only your spirit, a particle spark of many different YOUs.

This Kingdom is ruled by Exu Rei dos Sete Cruzeiros and Pomba Gira Rainha dos Sete Cruzeiros.

Pomba Gira Rainha dos Sete Cruzerios is the sister of Pomba Gira Rainha das Calunga and pays respect to Rainha das Sete Encruzilhadas. They preside over:

Exu Tranca Tudo, Exu Quirombo, Exu Sete Cruzeiros, Exu Mangueira, Exu Kaminaloa, Exu Sete Cruzes, Exu Sete Portas, Exu Meia Noite, and Exu Calunga.



3. The Kingdom of Matas (Woods/Fields)

It is Earth, Elemental Earth oriented Kingdom.

This is the Kingdom of wilderness, where the fields grow wild and where the woods grow untamed. Here is the forest, the jungle, and even the open plains.

This is the places of power found in nature where the secrets of herb, root, bone, and poison are collected and stored.

This is the point of Raw Elemental Power where the cultivated city life ends and the unknown wilderness begins. It is one of the few Kingdoms where upon the arrival of night, falls under total darkness.

Here there are no city lamps, only the night come to life.

Here are the Primal Spirits / Raw Elemental Energies that reflect our Nature, our own natural selves, our untamed Darkness, equally our untamed Light, but also the side of us that is most attuned to the Source of All Existence - Nature.

We are reminded here, that AS IS ABOVE, SO IS BELOW.

Mother Nature is outside of us and She is equally inside of us all.
The Creatress, the Fountain and Supreme Source of All Existence is contained within us all and all Existence.

However at the same time, we and all existence are contained with the Supreme Source & Fountain, the Creatress of All.

There is no part of any of us all which does not belong to Mother Nature, to the Source of All Life and Existence.

Within this Kingdom is found the Wisdom of Animal, Tree, and Plant.

The greatest healers are found here, but also the natural Witches.

It is an Elemental Earth Element oriented Kingdom.

This line usually contains the Caboclos and/or, Native Indians and the spirits of hunters of all kind.

These spirits are called upon to hunt enemies or send out your own spirit on a hunt, to heal wounds with natural cures, and to craft poisons.

This Kingdom is ruled by Exu Rei das Matas and Pomba Gira Rainha das Matas.

The King has a strong relationship with Exu Pantera Negra and the Queen has a strong relationship with Exu das Matas.

They preside over:

Exu Quebra Galho, Exu Sete Sombras, Exu das Matas, Exu das Campinas, Exu Serra Negra, Exu das Sete Pedras, Exu Sete Cobras, Exu do Cheiro, and Exu Arranca Tudo.



4. The Kingdom of Calunga (The Cemetery)

It is of Four Elemental Natures – Shared Elemental (Air, Fire, Water and Earth) Kingdom.

Some refer to this Kingdom as Calunga Pequena or Small Calunga, often in reference to the big Calunga being the ocean.

The Kingdom of Calunga is the realm of the Dead, the Ancestral Strings & Sea represented by the Cemetery.

Like the Kingdom of Cruziero, Calunga is close to Omolu.

Here is the realm of the dead in all its manifestations from the fresh grave and sepulcher, to living skeletons.

This is the Kingdom where life is snuffed out and brought back in its next stage.

If Cruzeiro is the transition of Death, then, Calunga is the end result.

These spirits can be serene manifestations of death, or the restless shadows that roam the boneyard.

They bring the dead to life and the living to death.

These spirits are called upon for works of divorce, break up, for decay, and necromancy.

This Kingdom is ruled by Exu Rei das Sete Calungas and Pomba Gira Rainha das Sete Calungas alternatively known as Pomba Gira Rainha das Calunga. Both are stern, serene, and somber.

They preside over:

Exu Porteira, Exu Sete Tumbas, Exu Sete Catacumbas, Exu Brasa, Exu Caveira, Exu do Cemeterio, Exu Corcunda, Exu Sete Covas, and Exu Capa Preta.



5. The Kingdom of Almas (Souls)

This is Highest Beyond Portal Kingdom.

It is a Kingdom that Quality & Manifestation,they are like the Door without a Key, Where your full Essence/Soul may come to you, the Portal to the Will and Word of a Person’s own Light/Soul, chiefly, after the Spirit’s partnership with the Four Elementals, after the Elemental Joint-journeys from cradle to grave.

This is the Connection with the Beyond Life and Death, this is the Connections with Beyond the Four Elementals and their Realms, this is the Door to the Essence, to the Soul via Evolutionary Progress which comes from all the learning and teaching during our passages in the Elemental Realms and Their Time-bands.

This is the Kingdom of all souls and is where we find the spirits who are the psychopomps/jokers and the benign guides of the dead.

They are the Guides through suffering, confusion, and help make death understandable.

Where as Cruzeiro is about the point between life and death, and Calunga is Death, the element of being also Almas/Souls/Spirits, that is how the living relate to Death.

Included in this Kingdom are hospitals, morgues, and wakes. Wherever people gather to mourn, is the Kingdom of Almas.

It retains the memories of life and is the balm applied to loss, or it can be the torment of loss that stirs the soul.

This Kingdom elevates the spirits of the dead and illuminates the living’s understanding.
This is the Kingdom where Death is communed with through Mediumship.

I call it the Kingdom of the Portal Beyond Life and Death, it is the door that has no key, whereby your own Soul comes to your Spirit after the journeys in the Flesh of the elements/elementals.

These spirits are called upon to heal the spirit, to guide the dead, to cleanse away darkness and pain, and also to bring the sorrow and despair of the soul to others.

This Kingdom is ruled by Exu Rei das Almas or Omolu directly with Pomba Gira Rinha das Almas.

They preside over:

Exu Sete Lombras, Exu Pemba, Exu Maraba, Exu Curador, Exu Gira Mundo, Exu Nove Luzes, Exu das Sete Montanhas, Exu Tata Caveira, Exu Sete Poeiras.



6. The Kingdom of Lira (The Lyre, or Harp)

It is Air, Elemental Air Oriented Kingdom.

Here is the Kingdom of the city full of life.

Physically represented by taverns, bars, brothels, cabarets, nightclubs, and the marketplace.

It is the bustle & hustle of life found in the city with its ebb and flow, seething with life, and with the struggle to keep on living.

It is the pulsating nightlife that is filled with excitement, but also with danger. It is where inspiration, wit, and cunning meet. It oversees the activities of the city at night, especially that of the scoundrel, the gambler, the prostitute, the dancers, the merchants, the bartenders, the ladies men, bohemians, and party-goers.

This is the most inviting of the Kingdoms, but also highly dangerous for both music and poetry can be found here as well as the brawl and knife fight. This is about life and its constant struggle with all the beauty it has to offer, but a beauty that is tinged with harshness.

The spirits in the Kingdom of Lira are called upon in business transactions, to bring in money, for fortune-telling, for success, sex, love, and art.

This Kingdom is ruled by Exu Rei das Sete Liras a.k.a. Exu Lucifer and Rainha Pomba Gira Maria Padilla (a.k.a. Maria Padilha in Brazil)

They preside over:

The Exus of the Infernos / Lower Astrals-Umbrals, Exu do Cabare, Exu Sete Liras, Exu Cigano, Exu Pagao, Exu Ze Pelintra, Exu Ganga, Exu Male`, Exu Chama Dinheiro, Pomba Gira Cigana, and sometimes Maria Mulambo.



7. The Kingdom of Praia (The Beach or Ocean shore)

It is Water, Elemental Water oriented Kingdom.

This Kingdom is the meeting place between the unfathomable sea with its tides and depths with the ocean shore and beach.

It rules over the mysterious creatures of the deep, especially those that are poisonous as well as those who travel by the seas like mariners.

While its physical manifestation is the beach, it can also represents the tides of passion, the depths of memory, and their meeting in mind and soul.

The spirits found in this Kingdom have a strong lunar and Venus oriented connection.

This Kingdom is also found on the shores of fresh water as much as salt water and so the lake and river can be seen as extensions of this Kingdom.

These spirits are called upon for matters of purification, for love, inciting passion, lust, and erotic thoughts, for attraction, bounty, and healing emotional wounds.

This Kingdom is ruled by Exu Rei das Praias and Pomba Gira Rainha das Praias.

They preside over:

Exu dos Rios, Exu Sete Cachoeiras, Exu Sete Pedras, Exu Marinheiro, Exu Mare, Exu do Lodo, Exu Bahiano, Exu Gerere, Exu dos Ventos, Exu do Coco, and Pomba Gira Calunga Pequena has a relationship to this Kingdom.

These are the seven Kingdoms found in Quimbanda, and while there are some slight variations they are the Kingdoms recognized by the traditional Houses Of Quimbanda, etc.

Many of the major Pomba-Giras fall under these different realms, but under the rulership of their Queen, though the Queendoms tend to be more fluid.

In addition the Lines, the Kingdoms are the best way to see the Hierarchy of the Spirits / Elementals / Exus / Pomba-Giras / Fae and how they relate to one another, and more importantly how they relate to the World of Magic and Life / Existence.



SKY of PADILLA also known as PADILLA a.k.a. Padilla Of Ashtoreth, of the Mayoral Queen Astarte of the Seven Crossings, of the Mayoral King/Queen Astaroth of the Seven Crossings, of ancient Pagan Horned God Baal a.k.a. dear Mayoral Baphomet a.k.a. Mayoral Belzebu, of Quimbandic Exu Lucifer, etc. 

Also known as JD Aeon (JDAeon)

Sky também conhecida como JD Aeon – Trans-Pagã-Sacerdotisa Hps Yalorixá / Yayá / Olorisha Witch Hexe Magicienne Bruxa Feiticeira Macumbeira Shaman Ocultista Consultora GLBTQ+ Pagã / Wiccan & Quimbandeira Pagã


Sky aussi connue comme JD Aeon – Trans-Prêtresse Hps Yalorixa' Yaya' Sorcière Magicienne Chaman Occultiste Conseillère GLBTQ+ Païenne / Wiccan et Quimbandiste Païenne


Sky also known as JD Aeon ( JDAeon ) – Pagan Trans-Priestess Hps / Yalorixá / Yayá / Olorisha - Witch Hexe Sorciere Sorceress Shaman Occultist Consultant GLBTQ+ Pagan / Wiccan & Pagan Quimbandist




The fact is, no real conversation about Pagan Quimbanda nor about Pomba-Gira / Exu-Femme (Elementals/Fae) is ever complete and satisfying, without discussing the famed and very dear Maria Padilha a.k.a. Maria Padilla, also known as the Queen of the dear Pagan Candomble, also beautiful Queen of my dearest Pagan Quimbanda.

Maria Padilha is sometimes considered to be the ultimate proto-type of Pomba-Gira a.k.a. Exu-Femme ( Elemental / Fae, etc. )

In Brazil, She is one of the most famous of Spirits called upon and over the years Her ability to come through for her Devotees/Followers, it has increased Her fame.

The historical root of Maria Padilha ( Padilla ) can be found in the beautiful Mistress of a Royal King; a Woman of humble origins, She combined Witchcraft / Sorcery with Enchanting Beauty to ensnare the affections of the King.

Though the king was married to another, the Mistress soon became highly popular and the Mother of his illegitimate Children.

Though She did not wear the Crown, She became a Power/Force in Her own right, even controlling who had access to the king.

Other legends mention that she made a trip into the heart of Africa/Nubia to learn the Witchcraft / Sorcery of the Pagan Angolan Muslims and the Pagan Congo Ngangas and therefore mingled/mixed/melted together the Power of Seduction with the Powers of Magick, Witchcraft / Sorcery and that of many Ways of Divination.

Therefore, Maria Padilha is the Ultimate Manifestation/Aspects & Expression of Pomba-Gira ( Exu-Femme / Elemental / Fae ) : also, a Spirit with historical and legendary roots, tied to the Powers of Seduction, to that of ancient European Witchcraft / Magick, and also to the Pagan Witchcraft / Sorceries of Africa / Nubia.

She is the irresistible seductress who embodies/represents the Free Woman, rejected by society for her unabashed acceptance of her sexuality and the threat which she poses to male-dominated society, she is a Witch and the Force of Nature who offers Power, Freedom and Wisdom to those who call her and seek her out.

In Brazil, there is no Spirit / Exu-Femme / Pomba-Gira / Fae / Elemental more famed than Maria Padilha.

Her fame springs from her ability to effectively carry out spells, especially those of love.

Like all Pomba-Giras ( Exu-Femmes / Fae / Elementals ), Maria Padilha is Legions and under Her Name are Hosts that form the various paths/ways of Manifestation/Aspects & Expression which contain Her Force, Her Power.

Maria Padilha’s Power is irresistible and She can swiftly resolve any matter.

To the heart broken Woman's yearning for her wandering lover, she offers solace and the swift return of the lover, to the man competing for love, she ensures victory.

But the most important lesson that she teaches is the dear Majesty that it is Womanhood.

She is the Victory of Beauty, Love and Woman over all the Forces that attempt to restrain, limit, censor, define, and control Her.

Society / Mainstream Religions, they may treat Her like a Whore and marginalize Her, and attempt to discredit Her.

But Her Force cannot be restrained, Her Power cannot be denied, and Her Lessons cannot be ignored.

Though, she is called the wife of Exu and of the soc-called Devil LOL, she belongs to Nobody / No One, but to Herself.

However, not all the lessons of Maria Padilha are so easy or so lite, for She also represents the Power of Obsession and the Decent into the Darker Strains of Sexuality.

Hard lessons of having to learn from the consequences of/from all past inflicted harm and pain upon others, being brought back upon the doer so that he or she learns the meaning of what they did and willingly, freely resolve to evolve from their past choices of ways of conduct, values and their past belief and language.

Indeed, like many of the Spirits / Exus / Pomba-giras of Quimbanda, Maria Padilha, while certainly "not the devil at all" ( because that is but an absurd men-made mythological invention of Judeo/Christian Mythologies and their Spiritual Dualism ) she is made out to be.

She is neither a fluffy Spirit to be trifled with.

To those who do not respect her, she has harsh lessons, but to those whom she walks with, she can offer great bounties.

Among the many things which Maria Padilha is given as her offerings, she takes anisette, champagne, lipstick, perfume, red / black candles, ribbons, jewelry, thorn-less roses, and fruits.

At Houses of Quimbanda, dear Maria Padilha is one the Pomba-Giras which is called upon to carry out the Spells and Works of Macumba / Real Magick.

She is honoured for all that she does and all she has done for the Houses Of Quimbanda, for the real Wisdom she offers, and for the Hope to continue to spread Her Name, Her Presence & Evolutionary Interaction to Others who may benefit from me.


Salve - Cheers - Muito amada / very much loved MARIA PADILHA - Laroye


2nd Editing / Sharing / Appended & Edited by Skya.k.a. JD Aeon a.k.a. PADILLA

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon a.k.a. PADILLA a.k.a. Padilla of Ashtoreth, of Astarte, of Astaroth, of Baal a.k.a. Mayoral Baphomet a.k.a. Mayoral Belzebu, of Quimbandic Exu Lucifer, etc...

1st Editing - House Of Quimbanda .Org




Evolution comes to all, to everybody sometime.

The MARIA PADILHA / PADILLA stories and attempts to find validation in this species' past and its many history versions written/invented/modified-to-order by 1% of the population and for the other 99% of the population who will have to either take it as reality / fact or to question it and to find a more suitable version of the scripts a.k.a. facts.

All having been said and written before this, I myself see Maria Padilha bare-naked and free from the fanciful clothes / mythologies appended to her.
Cave men did not need any (invented-by-this-Species) RELIGION in order to worship a Supreme Being Creatress Goddess a.k.a. our present version of a pathetic, vengeful, misogynous, anti-GLBT, patriarchal, spiritual-dualistic / zoroastrian and monistic (simply nasty to the core so-called) God.

I do not believe that the actual Maria Padilha and Her essence / light bow down to no religion of our times nor any of their mythological characters, their different versions of their invisible man in the sky.

Maria Padilha is larger than this evolutionary denser Time/Time-band and this version of the Elemental Earth/Place.
People try hard to make their Versions of anything, to be more relevant, to seem as the final word, but it never is.
We're all made of changes and all of our adventures from cradle to grave are made of changes as well.

Evolution is made of changes.
The only radical constant is change.

So I leave it to each human being to find the version of Maria Padilha that best suits their personal evolution and what they need and can handle in order to grow, to evolve beyond the wilful ignorant and/or intellectually dishonest inventions of the 1% of the population who controls everything for the other 99% of the rest of the folks.
THINKING is gold.
Individuation is desirable.
Empowered Freedom with Wisdom is the Law.

Cheers to All Marias, specially dear Queen Pomba-Gira Maria Padilha / Padilla and to All Padillas / Padilhas of the World & also to all Her many Falanges, To all Fae / Elementals / Pomba-Giras / Exus – Salve – Viva - Laroye!

Maria Padilha a.k.a. Padilla and Her freely visible Tangibles left on this Earth / Planet / Elemental Realm & Time-band, they have solely arisen/come from Inspiration of those people who loved Her enough to express Her in their Art/Works, whether they be, Paintings / Drawings and/or Statues / Statuettes, or yet, via electronically ( Software / online / virtual ) Art-oriented created Images.

Location for these Artworks may vary as much as their Owners & Artists have chosen to prefer the Peace & Protection of Anonymity.

A Final Note:

MARIA PADILLA / PADILHA - Her Human Remains, it was posthumously transferred...
Maria Padilla / Padilha - She was actually buried in a (Christian) Monastery of the Lady-Saint Clara of Astudillo.
Later such a Location/place was also attributed to Her in 1353.
However shortly after Her staying, Her passage in that Cemetery, Her Human / Elemental remains, it was taken, following the Royal Orders of King Peter, and moved to the (Christian) Cathedral of Seville, where it remained to this day!

Mind you, different Religious Mythologies, they try, and they attempt hard to paint Maria Padilha as some subordinate / subservient / inferior Lady / Female / Woman to their fanciful Mythological Patriarchal/Men-oriented Characters!

However, in fact, I can assure you 100%, Maria Padilla a.k.a. Maria Padilha was never a Slave of, nor under any absurd Mythological Christian, and/or, any other Religions' Mythological Nonsense and pure Rubbish!

I bar, abhor and despise the way that some belief systems and chiefly mainstream rich/big Religions shamefully attempt to cover up Pagan Mythological Values and Ways and also in that same nasty process, to discredit and to subordinate Anybody/Anything under their ( invented/men-made ) mythological collection of absurd patriarchal, misogynous, monistic, spiritual-dualistic/zoroastrian, anti-Women, anti-GLBTQ, anti-Humanity, wilful-ignorant and wiful intellectual-dishonest Mythological Poop!

I am quite pleased to set the records right after a 100% Pagan way!


In re of Maria Padilla / Padilha - After taking firmly into consideration all of what it is available by different writers who rode the Maria Padilha bandwagon of books, etc...

Since the very first MARIA PADILLA / Padilha, there have been many, many, many Marias and amongst them all, many, many Padillas / Padilhas.

My experience and understanding is the fact that there are many lifetimes, many Groups, Phalanges of Marias Padilla / Padilha. Different Souls, different stories, different experiences but all of them from the same LINE, from the same FIRE, from the same ELEMENTAL Family which had begun with the Soul / Spirit of the very first Maria Padilla / Padilha.

One could say the very same of the spirit of my dear Ze' Pilintra and many Pilintras / Different stories, etc...
It does not change the fact that if it is Padilla / Padilha, then it is the sacred family and royal elemental house of very first MARIA PADILLA / Padilha.

It would be a waste of time for anybody to attempt to discredit this writer or that writer, or that story, or this story and simply because it is not the same and it defers.

It is, it was and it will always be ONE MARIA PADILLA / PADILHA FAMILY & ROYAL HOUSE, but it will always be many, many, many different PADILLAS / PADILHAS volunteering to do the work of EVOLUTION in different Elemental Realms & Time-bands such as this one, folks!
If you did understand my comments, blessed be you by all Padilhas / Padillas!

If you did not understand and/or disagree! Just be patient, be dignified because EVOLUTION comes to everyone and to everything and change is what we all are made of.

No right, no wrong at all, it is just whatever people can handle to become aware of.
Cheers to all Padillas / Padilhas!


SKY a.k.a. JD Aeon a.k.a. PADILLA

Sky a.k.a. JD Aeon a.k.a. PADILLA a.k.a. Padilla of Astaroth, of Ashtoreth, of Astarte, of Baal a.k.a. Mayoral Baphomet a.k.a. Mayoral Belzebu, of Quimbandic Exu Lucifer, etc...

Trans-Pagã-Sacerdotisa / Hps /  Yalorixá / Yaya' / Olorisha - Witch Hexe Sorciere Bruxa Feiticeira Macumbeira - Shaman - Ocultista Consultora GLBTQ+ Pagã / Wiccan & Quimbandeira Pagã
Sky aussi connue comme JD Aeon - Trans-Prêtresse Hps Ialorixa' Yaya' Olorisha Sorcière Magicienne Chaman Occultiste Conseillère GLBTQ+ Païenne / Wiccan et Quimbandiste Païenne
Sky also known as JD Aeon – Pagan Trans-Priestess / Hps / Ialorixa' - Yaya' - Witch Hexe Sorceress Shaman Occultist Consultant GLBTQ+ Pagan / Wiccan & Pagan Quimbandist


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