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Elspeth commented on William J. Coblentz's status
"There seems to be computer glitches all over the place, at the minute William."
Dec 4, 2019
William J. Coblentz commented on William J. Coblentz's status
"Guess I should've realized it when the flash drive port wasn't working..."
Dec 4, 2019
William J. Coblentz commented on William J. Coblentz's status
"...pass up giving him a little something in appreciation. The computer I was on didn't let me see how much of my comment went through, so I'm finishing it up now. B|"
Dec 4, 2019
Elspeth commented on William J. Coblentz's status
"Blessing in disguise?"
Dec 1, 2019
William J. Coblentz posted a status
"Some might call this a miracle, some might not, but one who was really a hard case was doing something to help the community, so I couldn't"
Dec 1, 2019
Linda M. commented on William J. Coblentz's status
"That's why you have to really be on your A game, and not forget.  I have to do this for my autistic daughter on a near daily basis, and here I thought when she graduated highschool I could have a rest.  Nope, as it turns out it will…"
Nov 1, 2019
William J. Coblentz commented on William J. Coblentz's status
"That may be, but a bureaucracy which takes so long to do things that petitioners lose their interest during the interim defeats the purpose... B|"
Nov 1, 2019
William J. Coblentz posted a status
"Well, though I enjoyed the vacation, I've got a Lifeline phone again - amazing, they took 8 months to cancel my LAST one, OI!!"
Oct 8, 2019
William J. Coblentz posted a status
"SUCCESS!! Got the deposit check and deposited it (the mgmt company sent me duplicate checks - aren't they glad I'm honest?) B|"
Oct 2, 2019
William J. Coblentz posted a status
"This is ridiculous. I JUST got the Thinkpad to where it doesn't fight with me that much, now the disk drive failed. Glad I backed up files."
Sep 29, 2019
William J. Coblentz replied to Linda M.'s discussion HAYRIDE
"Happy Birthday, SunKat,          Sorry it took me this long - the guy who's letting me use his couch is a narcoleptic, so I don't get out all that much these days. Many happy returns. Bill"
Sep 24, 2019
William J. Coblentz posted a status
"HUD has not responded as yet - because I have no phone as yet? I left them a msg # AND my email. I may have to start dialing numbers locally"
Sep 20, 2019
Linda M. commented on William J. Coblentz's status
"that's right, keep plugging away."
Sep 18, 2019
Linda M. commented on William J. Coblentz's status
"Yes, I did. Visit both offices with all papers, personally.  It's harder to spew crap when looking you in the eye."
Sep 17, 2019
William J. Coblentz posted a status
"HUD may take a little longer, we'll see. Have a good day."
Sep 17, 2019
William J. Coblentz posted a status
"ADMIN: Please disregard the password reset rq, thx, wrong P/W attempted. Complaint filed in the Greenville, SC BBB site, we'll see. Ciao."
Sep 17, 2019

Profile Information

Gender, any & all.
Area location: Country with Optional State, Province etc.
Denver, CO, USA
Why I wish to join The Temple & how I found out about it...
I wish to join to acknowledge that this is a journey of enlighten-ment intended for all of humanity. While I began as a mainstream Christian, I like to follow Yeshua's example by finding as much reason to agree with others as I reasonably can, and I think we would all agree that we need all the help we can get with that.
About Myself & My Interests..
My favorite activities include just about any sports (in which I am playing,except hunting), reading, religion as a spiritual path (not dogma), and using my IT skills (in which I will also be searching for employment soon, I hope). It doesn't matter the "label" of the spiritual path, I am at least willing to compare notes but will reserve the right to my own decisions, thanks.
My Teachers & Influences, What was it about them that influenced me?
Yeshua ha-Mashiach; MacGregor Mathers; Spirit Ways Metaphysical (local area store). Well, I'm not ditching Yeshua after all THIS. As for Mr. Mathers, he filled in a few blanks for me in my own version of "Leonardo's puzzlebox" (the one always with me, that is). Spirit Ways Metaphysical filled in some blanks for me concerning Solomon's commentaries on the nature and properties of various herbs and minerals - I understand that the Jews removed a lot of that info about 1,000 years ago - to avoid persecution from the Catholic church, of course, but there may have been subsidiary reasons.
Authors and/or Books I appreciate
Feist, Raymond: Eddings, David (& Leigh): A. C. Clarke: R. A Heinlein: Isaac Asimov & the other Foundation authors: Lawrence Watt-Evans: the Teachings of the Buddha: Sun Tzu's the Art of War: the Bhagavad Gita: Maya Magee Sutton's Druid Magic: D. J. Conway's Mystical Dragon Magick: the Bible (with apocrypha, both old and new testaments): Paul Edwin Zimmer: Paul Hazel's Finnbranch saga: Michael Berg's The Way (Qabalah): Israel Regardie's A Garden of Pomegranates: Max Handel's The Rosicrucian Mysteries: Silver Raven Wolf's Solitary Witch (periodic reference): MacGregor Mathers The Knights Templar/Key of Solomon (trans.): Dan Brown's The DaVinci Code and Angels and Demons (movies and books both): D.J. Conway's Maiden, Mother, and Crone: Kenyon & Sion's The Magdalene Manuscript: Uri Geller's Life Signs: Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes: The Mystery Religion (forgot the author's name): Robert Feather's The Secret Initiation of Jesus at Qumran: The Manual of Discipline (trans.): Naomi Pasachoff's & Robert J.Littman's Hebrew History in 100 Nutshells: (uncle) Richard Crane's The Johannine Code: (have to add more later)
Musicians and/or Music I appreciate
Not rap, but just about anything else
Films and/or Film-Makers & Actors I appreciate
Quite a few, BUT please note that while I appreciate any performer's individual ability and/or roles which they have played, this in no way indicates approval of any performer's personal proclivities. I HAVE noted, though, that some seem to show taste and individuality in that they only choose to participate in films with which they either agree or acknowledge that more awareness is needed in certain areas - Jurgen Prochnow, for instance.
Artists and/or Art I appreciate
Don't have time today.
Website: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest or any favourites?

"Credo ut intelligam; et vos vestros servate, meos mihi linquite mores."

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William J. Coblentz's Blog

Windows - AGAIN!?

Posted on April 12, 2019 at 2:38pm 2 Comments

System Installation Process for Tightened Security…


What Started the Nonsense of “Today”?

Posted on May 19, 2017 at 9:10am 0 Comments

     Readers of my prior installments will know that I’ve already elaborated upon why Exodus does not seem to align with “world history” and why the Gospels have most likely undergone manipulation upon seemingly-minor points of “history”. What I have not elaborated upon are certain facts pertaining to theology.

     The following points of reference are items which a Wikipedia article on “The Tower of Babel” mentions:

  1. One source mentions the author’s opinion that…

The Truth(?) of the New Testament

Posted on May 19, 2017 at 9:08am 0 Comments

        OK, folks, for those who have been following these installments, I had written last installment that I would delve into the question of “What started all this misinformation and disinformation?”, but it seems more reasonable to me at this point to explain what I meant by the quoted question “What difference does it make?” pertaining to the “hypothetical” marriage of Yeshua haMashiach (or more properly perhaps, Yeshua bar HaShem) and Mary Magdalene (or more properly, Miriamne Magdal…


On the DaVinci Code, etc.

Posted on May 19, 2017 at 9:06am 0 Comments

As I had finished my blog on why no one has been able to align Exodus to a specific date in world history, I had said that this would be my next installment in this “great work” in which I am involved. Were he still alive in this world, my oldest brother might be gratified that I’m finally taking his advice about “farming it out a little at a time”. Look, first I’ll cut to the chase and issue my decision, then I’ll delineate the whys and wherefores, etc. As to Dan Brown’s The DaVinci Code,…


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At 11:32pm on May 18, 2019, Sweet DA said…

As of now, I have not chosen one, I choose to remain open and see what resonates most with me. So far, I find my interests include tarot, the tree of life, Egypt, and more recently Norse traditions.  The last two days, I have felt pulled into a direction I never expected!  Perhaps I will share more as I get to know you :) Consider me an eclectic seeker? LOL

At 11:26am on March 25, 2019, SunKat said…

Thank you for the friendship request! 

Have a wonderful week :)

At 7:14pm on March 5, 2018, SunKat said…

At 6:12pm on March 5, 2018, Linda M. said…

At 10:48am on March 05, 2018, Rosey gave William J. Coblentz a gift
Happy Birthday Blessings!
At 4:48pm on March 5, 2018, Rosey said…

At 6:41pm on September 2, 2017, Linda M. said…

I have to type in Temple Illuminatus, almost every time.  After awhile it will come up as you type.  I can only assume it's fb being a pain.

At 5:26pm on June 29, 2017, Rosey said…

Congratulations William for being a Featured Member for the month of July! We are so appreciative and grateful for all you share herein!

At 8:13pm on March 5, 2017, Rosey said…


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